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What are the Canadian passport photo requirements

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What’s viewed as an acceptable photo

In case you’re applying for a protected status card or maybe want to renew and replace one, you have to submit acceptable canadian passport photos.

Acceptable pictures are generally in colour or even white and black and may be taken by anybody but must be:

clear, clear and in focus
used with a neutral facial expression, that’s, eyes wide open and clearly visible, mouth closed
taken with consistent lighting, with no shadows, glare or perhaps flash reflections
used straight on, with experience and shoulders centered and squared towards the camera
taken in front of a basic gray or light coloured background, with a definite difference between the background as well as the face
must represent 100 % natural skin tones
must be originals but not taken from a current photo
taken within only twelve weeks before the day you publish the application program as well as reflect applicant’s current appearance


prescription eyeglasses may be used so long as the eyes are plainly apparent and there’s no reflection or maybe glare on the eyeglasses
sunglasses & tinted eyeglasses are unacceptable
photos with the red eye effect or red eye alterations are unacceptable
head coverings aren’t acceptable, unless used for medical reasons: or religious beliefs
the total face has to be clearly noticeable and the head covering mustn’t cast some shadows on the face
hair is used down

How about kid photos

For kid photos, the exact same specs as those indicated under What’s viewed as a suitable photo apply.


photos should clearly show the child’s head & shoulders only:
parent’s or perhaps child’s hands mustn’t appear in the photo

For newborns, the picture might be considered as the kid is sitting in an automobile seat, so long as a white colored blanket is positioned over the seat behind the child’s mind.

Right now there ought to be absolutely no shadows across the face or even shoulders, around the ears or even in the history.
Small variants in a basic phrase associated with a newborn are recognized.

The best way to publish the photos of yours
If submitting printed photographs with the application of yours

You have to supply two identical and unaltered Canadian passport style pictures that meet these specifications:

Fifty mm wide x seventy mm high (two inches wide x two 3/4 inches tall) in size
length of the facial skin should be between thirty one mm (one 1/4 inches) and thirty six mm (one 7/16 inches) from face to all natural upper part of head
printed on plain, high quality photographic paper

You have to provide on the backside of only one of the photos:

complete address and the name of the photographer or even studio
the day the picture was taken, not the date the photo was printed

Your guarantor should sign and date print on the other side of only one of the pictures and obviously write: “This is a genuine likeness of [title of adult applicant or maybe title of kid or maybe dependent adult]”.
If submitting a picture with the SCIS Photo App

You are able to right now take your own personal picture when requesting a protected Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS), or maybe protected status flash card, and also distribute it together with your guarantor’s name, signature and e-mail address directly from your smartphone with the SCIS Photo App.