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Tips for best utilising the London Pass

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If you’re hoping to visit a lot of major tourist attractions while you’re in London Then purchasing the London Pass may save you some cash and a little bit of time too. However, for some, it’s not worth getting the pass, and could end up costing more money then it’s worth.

Here’s how to determine if it’s worth the London Pass is worth it for you and your travel needs.

The types of people who should receive the London Pass

If you have a certain preferences and style of travel and style, it is worth the London Pass is worth it. You should get this London Pass if:

You’ll love the popular tourist attractions

The London Pass is the best way to save much money when using it to get into some of London’s most popular attractions. It’s because they typically have pretty steep ticket prices, so having the pass to gain entry to the most expensive places means you’ll benefit more from your money quickly and conveniently.

You don’t mind having little idle time

If you’ve bought a one day, 2 day or 3 days pass, to get it to be worth the money you spent generally, you’ll have to see at least three attractions a day. If you consider eating and traveling time, you won’t have much leisure time between them all. There’s more room to play with this when you purchase the 6-day or 10- day pass as the daily price drops quite a bit. For instance, the daily cost of the 10 day pass is £17.90, which more than covers the price of tickets for several attractions in London, so even if you just go to one place each day this pass will help you save money.

It isn’t a good idea to deal with tickets or money

If you’re thinking you’ll skip on certain attractions due to the cost of each ticket, the London Pass will make you feel like you can do it all because it’s technically “free” in the moment. It can also be easier to get passes for yourself and your traveling companions rather instead of worrying about changing currencies, working out where to purchase tickets, etc. It’s the convenience aspect.

It’s important to note though that there are certain attractions and tours that require advanced reservations, such as View from the Shard.

You’re traveling as a family

A lot of families enjoy their London Pass because not only can it save them money but it can also make the process of visiting attractions easier. Everyone is able to manage their own passes, and should the family decide to split up they don’t need to fret about providing the kids enough money to purchase tickets to their own attractions as they’ll just flash their pass at the entrance.

Who should not be able to obtain the London Pass

If you are in one of these categories, the London Pass probably isn’t worth your money.

You prefer to take in things slowly

As we’ve mentioned, if you’re purchasing a 1, 2, or 3 day pass, for it to be worthwhile you should be seeing at least three attractions per day. If that seems like too much for you opt for an 8 or 6 day pass, or you can just not take the pass.

You’re not interested in the popular activities

There are quite a few less well-known tours and attractions that are included in the London Pass, but the true value comes from visiting the city’s most well-known places, such as Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. If you’re not into that type of thing, then this isn’t the ticket for you.

You’d like to enjoy an experience that is local

Most of the attractions listed in the London Pass are extremely touristy. It’s perfectly fine to check them out however, if you’re hoping to get to know the locals and live like the typical Londoner The pass isn’t going assist, and for the most part it’ll steer your direction in the opposite direction.

The positives you can expect when getting London Pass include: London Pass include:

Saving money

You can really save some money sightseeing in London by purchasing the ticket if you plan well. For example, if one day you go to The Tower of London, View from the Shard, St. Pauls and purchase an Uber Boat one-day roamer pass for £103, you’ll be charged £103 if you buy tickets during the day. On a one-day London Pass, you’ll save yourself around £32 and more for the longer passes if you consider how much they’ll cost each day- and you’ll save even more.

Free hop on hop off tour

When you purchase your pass, you receive one free ticket for a day’s “hop on hop off” bus tour. This is an excellent option to take along with your trip and adds to the savings of the pass because day-of tickets are priced at the hefty £41 to adults.

There are places you would not normally consider

There are many lesser-known attractions involved with London Pass. London Pass that you might find out about because it’s free. So why not? Explore the things you wouldn’t usually paid the entrance fee for. Additionally, there are interesting excursions you can sign up for on a free basis with The London Pass.

Passes and attractions that are interesting to think about:

London Bike Tour
Brit Music Tours
Brit Movie Tours
The Garden Museum Garden Museum
Wembley Football Stadium Tour
Jason’s Canal Boat Trip

Pros and cons for using the London Pass

It’s crucial to think about that…

There aren’t all places to visit in London are included

If you’ve got a specific list of things you want to visit while in London it is important to carefully review the list of included attractions within the pass. If there are many attractions that aren’t part of the pass it is possible that you will spend a significant amount of money more on tickets to attractions for the things you’d like to experience.

A few of the listed attractions aren’t located in the city center.

Examples are Kew Gardens, the Wimbledon Tennis Museum, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. It’s still possible to visit them, but you’ll likely have a difficult time fitting in two or three other attractions on the same day. Remember that, and if you’re keen to explore these farther-out attractions, only do so if you purchase the 6 – or 10-day London Pass.

How do you know whether you should purchase the London Pass

Make use of all the information I’ve offered you previously, and then you can…

Are the included attractions ones that I actually want to visit?

This is the main aspect to take into consideration when you’re thinking about purchasing London Pass. London Pass.

Tips for the best use of the London Pass

As mentioned before, the London Pass has great sample plan for the three-day pass that includes attractions that are within close proximity to one others and will ensure that you’re getting value from your pass.

Be sure to check the closing and opening times for all attractions prior to making plans for your days. Certain attractions are closed on certain days, and many close around 5pm, so you might need to begin your day later than you planned in order to ensure you’ve got enough time to accomplish. This information is on the London Pass site and the application.

I recommend that you wait until one of the final days of your pass before you take advantage of the hop on, hop off tour ticket. It is likely that you will be tired from all your travels and will enjoy a smooth bus ride through some of the city’s most well-known iconic sights and landmarks.

Do you need to purchase this Oyster Card add-on?

You don’t need to. The only benefit to having it is you will receive it ahead of your trip. In other cases, you can use a credit or debit card with contactless, Google Pay or Apple Pay or collect the personal Oyster credit cards from the airport or train station when you arrive.