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The Middle Atlas Mountains

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A vacation in Morocco is able to have a journey into the Middle Atlas Mountains region which sits between, and may be seen from either, Marrakech and Fez. It’s an area much less trendy with visitors than the High Atlas but includes heavily forested slopes. A variety of fascinating Berber towns and villages to see and definitely the renowned waterfalls of Cascades Ouzoud. The cooler mountain air is a stylish help out of the summer time heat of huge Moroccan towns and cities inland.

The Region

The Middle Atlas range addresses a great region, lying just south of Meknes and Fez and working south towards Marrakech. Frequently covered in forest that is heavy, with oak and cedar common in the north, it’s home to lakes, the Barbary “ape” (really a macaque) as well as countless Berber towns, a lot of which are small frequented by visitors.

It’s probably the most fertile of the Atlas ranges and also runs from for around 350 km south of Meknes and Fez. Although reduced as well as typically much less craggy than the High Atlas range, it’s numerous peaks more than 3,000 m and features probably a highest peak at Jebel Bou Naceur (3,340 m).

The Middle Atlas mountains lie inside a great area between Marrakech and also Fez in the center of Morocco.

Because of the breadth of theirs and somewhat slow road system, the number is very accessible from (we provide excursions to both these places from the locations noted):

Meknes or fez, the interesting Imperial cities, around one hour from the north into the northern foothills; or maybe Marrakech, the bustling centre of Morocco for many guests, around 2.5 hours from the south into the southern portion of the mountains.

Sites in the Region

Ouzoud, 2.5 hours north of Marrakech, known for its waterfalls and scenic olive groves and surrounds; quite a spot to be.
Midelt, we suggest staying near to this particular industry town to eliminate the adventure of yours between the Meknes or Fez and the Saharan dunes at Merzouga.

Little things to do or even see
The Northern Middle Atlas, used from Meknes: or Fez

The charming Berber towns of Bahlil, Azrou and also Sefrou are great bases for an Atlas mountains trek.
The incongruous Alpine style resort of Ifrane, established in amazing surroundings and also frequented by Moroccan high society and also house of the King’s summer palace, on account of the less hot summer weather within the area. In wintertime the area has snow along with skiing is feasible, most notably at nearby Mischliffen, but is quite minimal when compared with resorts of Europe.

The Southern Middle Atlas, used from Marrakech offers:

Cascades d’Ouzoud, that are undoubtedly the most incredible waterfalls in Morocco.
The recently designated M’Goun Geopark, covering almost 12,000 sq km is centred on nearby Azilal; it has many characteristics appealing to geologists – primarily of Mesozoic era – along with dinosaur footprints, natural arches and pyramids.
Whitewater rafting on the river resulting in the extremely scenic reservoir lake Bin El Ouidane is an exciting possibility whenever the river rises with spring meltwaters between March and early May.