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Romantic Getaway: Why Honeymoon Safaris are the Perfect Choice

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An African holiday is in its nature, an adventure. Travelers can get close and close to lions, elephants and a variety of other species during game drives or walking safaris. Couples who are newlyweds can go to traditional communities such as Maasai as well as Batwa to experience how they live. They can also go to cities such as Nairobi as well as Cape Town. Do you want to boost your adventure factor? Consider a hot air balloon ride across the Serengeti or leap over Victoria Falls bridge. Victoria Falls bridge.

However, that doesn’t mean that romance should go unnoticed. At certain honeymoon safaris camps, newlyweds can indulge in couples massages as well as romantic outdoor baths and private bush dinners with candles. If they arrive in the evening, they could receive a special turndown service, which includes chocolates and champagne before snuggling in a cozy duvet in their tent under the stars-lit African nights, and listening to the roars of lions and hyenas. The morning birds’ calls signal the beginning of a new day.

If relaxation and rest (and love) on the sand sounds appealing There’s many “bush as well as beach” alternatives to stay in post-safari including locally-owned beach resorts to luxury resorts such as The Four Seasons. Locations like Zanzibar and the Seychelles and Mozambique offer beautiful white-sand beachfronts and warm turquoise waters and an array of leisure activities ranging from relaxing by the pool and swimming with the ocean, to swimming, snorkeling and fishing.

If you want to ensure that your honeymoon is exactly what you want Keep these suggestions in your head.

Location location, the location

East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda) is ideal for experiencing huge herds of wildlife as well as trekking for gorillas Chimpanzees, and other primates; learning about traditional culture; and stunning beaches. Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, and Mozambique) is best for: up-close-and-personal wildlife experiences; private reserves; and non-safari activities like golf, wine tasting, and luxury train trips.

Make a strategic plan for the Time of the Year

The best time to go for viewing wildlife in the majority of safari parks are during the winter time (June to October) The weather generally cooler, sunnier and dry. For East Africa, the months between December and March could be ideal for seeing many animals, while November and April are the most rainy months (consider not visiting them unless lower costs and fewer crowds are important to you). In the southern part of Africa the period from November to May is considered to be the “green” and shoulder seasons. It is characterised by more precipitation and warmer temperatures. There is a notable exception in Cape Town, which has mild temperatures (and is a highly sought-after tourist destination) from December through March.

Pace Yourself

A lot of honeymooners believe that they’ll travel to Africa only once and wish to “see all of it” over the course of a two-week vacation. in reality, for a lot of people the first trip to Africa is only a catalyst for future trips. We recommend choosing only a couple of regions or countries and traveling in a more leisurely manner to ensure that all experiences will not be stressed. The continent is massive and travel between places can be lengthy and exhausting.

the right Camp is Everything

If you’re looking for five-star luxury or a simple adventure camping experience, Africa offers a variety of tented camps, hotels and lodges ideal for couples on their honeymoon. Imagine staying the night in the star beds of Elewana Loisaba with a treehouse platform, where four-poster beds are set under the open skies or beneath thatched cover. If you’re looking to see the magnificent Victoria Falls, newlyweds can stay at the Victoria Falls River Lodge’s Island Treehouse Suites, located on an island which has swimming pools on the deck, and hippos below. Aqua lovers can enjoy the night at The Manta Resort’s underwater area situated right off Pemba Island, Tanzania. The options go on and on.

Remember -Now is the time to celebrate!

There are a variety of creative possibilities for couples who want to create something special during their honeymoon. For instance you could go to Kenya you could take part in the traditional Maasai wedding ceremony that is characterized by a warrior who escorts (spears in hands) as well as an elder or chief to officiate the ceremony, and a traditional roasting celebration. Do you want to enjoy a couple spa-like bath with a view of the savannah? Or perhaps have an exclusive wine tasting, learn to cook or feed giraffes from the window of your morning meal? There are endless possibilities.

Keep these suggestions and suggestions in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy an exciting and romantic honeymoon trip. Better still, let a professional take over the task and handle the multitude of details. We’ll assist you with planning your dream vacation.