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Experience the Ultimate Luxury at The View At The Palm

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The observation deck at The View Palm is one of the main tourist attractions located on Palm Jumeirah Island, the famous island with the shape of an palm tree. The view is situated on the 52nd floor, at a an elevation of nearly 250 meters within Palm Jumeirah’s highest building which is it’s the Palm Tower.

From this vantage point, you can enjoy the most stunning panorama view of the Palm island, and you are able to see just how unique the island of palms is. From the View located at the Palm you get an unobstructed perspective of the Persian Gulf, the unique skyline of Dubai and the Blue Waters island. On the shores of the Blue Waters island you will view The Ain Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel in the world.

If you decide to visit The View at the Palm your experience begins at the rooftop plaza of Nakheel Mall. There you can enter an elevator that is interactive and takes you to the view on the 52nd floor an elevation of 240 metres. In the 45 second ride up the elevator, you’ll be given a 360-degree interactive sea, sand, and sky experiences by using the screens on the floor, walls and ceiling.

If you are at the 52nd floor you can take in the stunning view of Dubai the Palm Island along with the Persian Gulf on the outdoor terrace. It is also possible to visit the interactive museum, where you can learn about the process by which it was that the Palm Jumeirah island was built. It is also possible to enjoy drinks in The View Cafe located on the 52nd floor with views of the entire city of Dubai. Do you want to keep a memory of your trip to The View at the Palm? Visit the gift shop of the attraction to purchase exclusive souvenirs.

The Palm Tower

The Palm Tower is the highest structure within Palm Jumeirah and is part of the Nakheel Mall. The Palm Tower is located next to the viewpoint. The Palm Tower also houses the lavish five-star Hotel The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm. The hotel has 289 rooms and is located between the 1st and 18th levels of the building. From the 19th to the 47th floors are 432 luxury apartments within The Palm Tower Residences.

On the 50th level on the 50th floor of Palm Tower is another of its attractions. It is The Aura Skypool Lounge which has one of the largest swimming pools that are infinity in Dubai and around the world. You can relax and enjoy a refreshing swim with a panoramic panorama of Dubai. The 51st floor is where you will locate the SUSHISAMBA restaurant, where you can enjoy unique dishes from Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. SUSHISAMBA already has restaurants that are successful located in London, Miami, Las Vegas and Amsterdam.

Tickets are available for The View at the Palm

If you’re planning to go to The View at the Palm you must purchase an admission ticket. It is possible to purchase tickets via the internet or purchase it at the ticket booth at the entrance. Because of the popularity of the attraction, it’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance online. So you don’t have to worry when the attraction sells out the day you wish to go up the tower. There is a limit to the amount of visitors are permitted to go to The View at the Palm during a time period, so it’ll be crowded inside the attraction.

There are two kinds of tickets that are standard that are valid for The View at the Palm. The difference is between visiting during high-traffic hours (prime hour) and during non-rush hour (non-prime hour). The attraction is open between 10 AM and 10 pm. The peak hours are 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The hours that are not rush are between 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM and from 7:30 pm until 10:00 PM.

Tickets for high demand:

The price is 158 AED (about43 US Dollar) for individuals older than the age of 12.
111 AED (about 30 US Dollar) for children aged 4-12 years old.
Children who are younger than the age of 4 are admitted free.

Tickets for visits during non-peak hours:

100 AED (about 27 US Dollar) for individuals older than twelve years of age.
The price is 69 AED (about 19 US Dollar) for children aged between four and twelve years of age.
Children who are younger than the age of 4 are admitted free.

If you purchase a regular ticket, you are able to access The observation deck at the top of the 52nd, as well as the theater and the interactive museum as well as the exhibit.

Fast track ticket

Alongside the regular ticket, you may also purchase a fast track ticket that allows you to skip the line at the entry point as well as the elevator exit. Fast track tickets outside of times of peak will cost:

175 AED (about 48 US Dollar) for individuals who are over twelve years of age.
120 AED (about 33 US Dollar) for children aged 4-12 years old.
Children younger than of four are free to enter.

Do you wish to purchase fast track tickets at peak times? Tickets cost:

– – 275 AED (about 75 US Dollar) for those older than 12 years.
– – 195 AED (about 53 US Dollar) for children aged between 4-12 years.
Children younger than of 4 are admitted free.

VIP experience

Are you looking to experience the vantage point at The View at the Palm as a VIP? You can reserve an experience for VIPs on the internet. Along with fast track accessibility to an observation deck at the 52nd floor this also provides access to the luxurious VIP lounge, glasses of champagne or another beverage of your choice, as well as Arabic snacks.

These tickets for VIP experiences are more expensive than regular admission tickets for the view from the Palm. Palm:
350 AED (about 95 US Dollar) for individuals who are over twelve years of age.
200 AED (about 55 US Dollar) for children aged between 4-12 years old.

Are you looking to have an experience that is VIP? If so, you can select a more complete VIP experience, where you will not just visit the 52nd floor, but visit the 53rd floor and the 54th floors. The 54th floor is where you’ll find yourself on the topmost level on Palm Tower. Palm Tower. The most luxurious VIP tickets include:

The cost is 425 AED (about 118 US Dollar) for those who are who are over the age of 12.
245 AED (about 67 US Dollar) for children aged four and twelve years of age.

Breakfast or Drinks Tickets to enjoy the view at The Palm
You can indulge in a buffet breakfast or two beverages from the house at The view at The Palm’ with this observation terrace ticket. Pick a breakfast selection or a choice of to enjoy two beverages in the lounge. Breakfast is a delectable selection of a cheese-crusted croissant, sandwich with ham and cheese and Bircher muesli accompanied by a piece of cake. Drink a refreshing cup of coffee or tea as you eat breakfast.

How do you get there? View at the Palm? View on the Palm?

The Nakheel Mall with the entrance to the View at the Palm is easy to access due its location on the island, which is located next to the major road. It is easy to get there via vehicle and park in an underground garage at the shopping center, which is able to accommodate for 4000 vehicles. It is also possible to use a taxi to get to the shopping center. Nearly all taxi drivers in Dubai knows the location of the center. Have you finished shopping? You can then hire a taxi at the pick-up location for taxis.

Palm Jumeirah Monorail

Nakheel Mall is located in Dubai. Nakheel Mall is also accessible via the Palm Jumeirah Monorail. The mall also has an own station for monorails, which is the Nakheel Mall station. By using Nakheel Mall station, from the Nakheel Mall station you can stroll right to Nakheel Mall. Nakheel Mall shopping center from the monorail station. The impressive Palm Tower is situated on the top of Nakheel Mall shopping center. The tower lets you take in the stunning panorama from the 240-meter elevated viewing area.

The monorail’s route traverses the island of palms all the way until it’s destination, the Atlantis hotel. The station that starts the monorail is Gateway Towers station which is situated on the main land just next The Royal Mirage Hotel. The terminus of the monorail can be found at Atlantis The Palm. Atlantis The Palm hotel at the southwestern tip of the island. From the starting station the monorail takes you to the station at the end located at Atlantis The Palm in about 10 minutes. Further information on the monorail is available at our Palm Jumeirah monorail station. Its Nakheel Mall station is in between.

The monorail isn’t part of the day ticket and NOL cards for the public transportation system in Dubai this means separate tickets have to be purchased. Monorail tickets are sold from Gateway Towers and Atlantis stations as well as on the Palm Jumeirah Monorail website. A return journey on the monorail until the final station in Atlantis Aquaventure costs 30 dirham per person (about 8 US Dollars) A single trip to the station at the end cost just 20 dirham(about 5.50 US Dollar).