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Why Switch To AWS?

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AWS cloud platform offers a variety of advantages to businesses. One of the most significant benefits is accessibility and ease of use, as well as managing the IT infrastructure, and optimizing the operational costs through the paying per usage. AWS provides security and security of your business data by using the highest-quality security configurations and networks. AWS offers in-built features to back up resources and scaling. It is a cloud-based program called AWS CloudWatch for resource and monitoring of application. AWS provides compute instances similar to EC2 which are accessible for a variety of operating systems like Windows as well as Linux. Furthermore, AWS offers server-less computing advantages through its service known by the name of AWS Lambda.

Benefits of AWS

Amazon Web Services provides a array of features that makes it distinct from other companies. These include:

1. Access to mobile-friendly services

It comes with two options: AWS Mobile SDK and AWS Mobile Hub.

AWS Mobile SDK

AWS Mobile SDK is compatible with Android, React Native, IOS, Unity, Web and more. With this feature, it’s possible to connect to various Amazon Web Services such as Lambda, DynamoDB and AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service).

AWS Mobile Hub

This Mobile Hub allows you to access the right and compatible features for your application. The Mobile Hub allows you to build tests and monitor your application with the console that is available in the app. Other features, such as push notification of messages as well as delivery of content are also offered through AWS Mobile Hub. AWS Mobile Hub.

2. Simple to use

As compared to other platforms AWS is a more user-friendly platform where a beginner can also benefit from it. This is because of the simple documentation and the user-friendly console Amazon AWS cloud services offer.

3. Secure

Amazon Web Services provides a safe and standard infrastructure that the user pays just for services that they utilize. It offers a broad range of security services. Identity Access and Management (IAM) can be one of these services that manages access for users who use AWS services. Today, Amazon Web Services introduced tools to evaluate security risks in a way that is automated. Additionally, it offers tools for encryption (both software and hardware) and Transportation Layer Security certificates, security against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, as well as a filter of malicious traffic from applications. The tool called Amazon Inspector is used to evaluate the customer’s Amazon Web Service cloud deployment automatically, allowing it to recognize security risks and weaknesses. In the same way Amazon’s private cloud allows users to make instances public or private based on their needs.

4. Storage

AWS offers high-quality storage that can be used independently or combined. The EC2 instances with high storage will assist users when they use high-input or output applications like Hadoop, Data warehousing, etc.

Amazon provides a variety of storage services like :

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Block level storage that can be utilized in conjunction with Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, which help in keeping the data savable.
Amazon Glacier is used primarily to store long-term data, in which data not often used is kept. This is, in other words, storage to backup data and archive.
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a service that helps provide storage using an interface that is web-based.
Amazon Elastic File System: This storage system is utilized for applications and workloads that are located in the cloud public that is part of Amazon Web Services.
Storage Transportation Devices For commercial reasons, Amazon provides certain storage devices like Snowmobile and Snowball which can be moved from one location to the next. Snowmobile is able to transfer large quantities of data via trucks, which contain a number of hard drives to save petabytes of data. Snowball aids in the transfer of data into and out of AWS at a cost that is 1/5th of the cost of using the internet to transfer data.

5. Pay per use

Contrary to other platforms Amazon web services does not require users to pay for every service available within the service. The user is only charged for the storage and resources and the amount of bandwidth they use. This is the primary characteristic of businesses that attract AWS as compared to other types of.

6. Multi-Region Backups

Amazon offers a variety of regions in which users can save their instances and data. These regions contain zones of availability that are shielded from the possibility of failure in other zone. The primary purpose behind Multi-Region Backups is to launch the EC2 instances from any location in order to safeguard users’ applications. When the two zones reside within similar regions, then network latency and price will be lower. Regions may be separated into geographical areas, counties and so on. Users are able to pick the region based on their preferences. Furthermore, a third party service Cloud Ranger (third party service) automatically backups data across different regions.

7. Reliability and Scalability

Amazon provides an infrastructure that can scale depending on the use. Because of this, the cost of use can be lower when the user reduces the instances they use. This is already covered in the feature ‘pay for usage’. Scalability is now the most effective solution for large enterprises because they don’t require any additional resources when they’re running low on storage.

8. Management and Monitoring

To monitor and manage Administrator, they can carry out tasks like

Keep track of the resource and the application health and cloud resource configuration
Automated infrastructure configuration
Retain user activities

All of this is done by using certain equipment.


Amazon Web Services is a cloud-based platform that provides options that can be useful across a wide range of industries. Pay per usage and scalability, as well as location backups are just a few of the major attributes that differentiate it from other businesses. The advantages of AWS are covered in the section above in depth.