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Why Are Good Camera Lenses So Important?

Camera lenses are often more important than the camera that they are attached to. A great lens on a DSLR entry level camera will produce great images, but a bad lens on a professional camera at $10,000 will result in terrible photos. Here’s why.
Cameras are simply really great

Cameras are no longer important because even entry-level models have excellent cameras. Just think about how much your smartphone’s camera has changed over the last decade. You can see the difference even more clearly with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that have a larger sensor.

If you shoot with good lighting and post your images online, there isn’t much difference in the quality of images from both cameras. Although there are many other advantages to expensive cameras, the main benefit is image quality.
What Gets in the Path of Light Matters?

Let’s get to what the real issue is: any interference between the scene and your camera’s sensor will affect the quality of your image. You can easily test this by simply looking through any window. While you can clearly see through the glass, your quality photo will be affected.

Multiple lens elements make up a 相機鏡頭. Every element changes the way light passes through them. High-end lenses are made with the best materials and techniques to minimize distortions, chromatic aberrations, or vignetting caused by how the elements interact to the light. The same goes for expensive lenses. They tend to be sharper across an entire image. The manufacturers are unable to spend as much on materials and research for the cheaper lenses. Although they try their best, there are always compromises to be made. The result is poor image quality.

While I don’t mean to be negative, there are many great and affordable lenses available. Check out our articles on Nikon and Canon lenses. However, they still run between $150 and 600. You can expect poor quality and a decrease in image quality if you buy a cheaper lens.

You can shoot many different subjects and situations with the various lenses that you have. You will need a wide aperture if you wish to photograph at night. Telephoto lenses are ideal for wildlife or sports photography. You will find the most beautiful landscapes and portraits with completely different lenses.

Although it is possible to shoot different subjects using the same lens, I shoot a lot more sports stuff with a wide angle lens. It makes life much more difficult. It is important to choose the correct focal length lens to suit your subject.
Lenses Last

Cameras become obsolete every few years. New developments, new technology, and so forth. Lenses, however are less often updated. Your lenses will last for as long as you take care of them. This is why we recommend that you consider buying lenses with crop sensor.

It’s a good investment to buy quality lenses. Spend $500 on a new camera and $1000 to buy good lenses. They are more likely to have an impact on image quality and can help you decide what you can photograph.