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What are the benefits of Homekit when building a smart home?

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Over the course of the past couple of years of building my assortment of HomeKit products, I’ve been able to say that the benefit of HomeKit is the capability to integrate several products from different manufacturers into one application which makes it simple to use. After installing my alarm system a couple of weeks ago it clicked for me. While I was setting up my automated systems and a few other things, it was clear to my brain that the primary value of HomeKit is that it can leverage automations from all the devices that are part of the HomeKit ecosystem.


In the past my HomeKit setup was mostly smart outlets linked with our lights. Since our schedule is often different so I didn’t put them up with timers that automatically according to the times of the day. I utilized Home to switch on several lamps at the same time.

When I began expanding my homekit smart switch range with products like such as August Door Lock, Fibaro Water Sensor and abode’s alarm system along with Eufy cameras, I began to see the benefits of automations. For instance. I make use of the motion sensor on my house alarm to increase my Hue bulbs to 30 percent brightness when it senses motion between 5:15 AM and 7:07 am when I wake up to prepare my first cup of coffee. Before I was able to program this automated feature I had to leave my bedroom, close the door behind me, launch the Home app and switch on the lamp. Then, it happens by itself.

Another way that I am taking advantage of the advantages of HomeKit automation is in how I manage my motion sensor lights in the outdoor. I use the Eufy cameras to monitor motion in the front yard. If it detects motion in the night, it activates my Hue floodlights and lasts for about a few minutes. In my backyard I’m doing the same thing, however it’s using the backdoor’s touch sensor from abode to serve as the trigger. It’s set to only to turn on the lights in the backyard at 6:00 pm, and after 7 am.

Summary of the advantages of HomeKit

These examples are provided to demonstrate the true advantages of HomeKit. It’s not only about being able to access “everything Apple.” It’s not just about the ability to eliminate the applications of the manufacturer. The main advantage of HomeKit is not limited to the automations of one particular manufacturer.

It’s about the ability to build anything you’d like with the tools that you have. It isn’t an issue that Philips does not have sensors for doors to activate their floodlights. It isn’t a problem that Eufy does not make an HomeKit appropriate floodlight. Since both have HomeKit support It doesn’t matter what they do. With HomeKit it’s all the ability to accomplish together, which is the main benefits of HomeKit and developing your home’s smart features on a platform rather than only a few devices.