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From Novice to Pro: Tips for Scaling Your 7 Days to Die Server Hosting

Video games about zombie apocalypse have long been popular, and “7 Days to Die” is one of the most engrossing and difficult. With its open-world sandbox, crafting mechanics, and undead hordes, the game has a loyal following. You need a functioning server to play the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode. In this article, we’ll explore 7 Days to Die server hosting, how to choose a server, and the best hosting companies.

Server hosting: 7 days to die?

7 Days to Die is a zombie survival game where players traverse a wide post-apocalyptic landscape, gather resources, establish bases, and fight zombies. Players can host their own servers on their hardware or with a server hosting provider to improve multiplayer.

7 Days to Die server hosting involves renting a dedicated game server for you and your buddies to play. Eliminating the necessity for a player as host makes the experience smoother. Server hosting improves performance, uptime, and gameplay customization.

Selecting a Server Hosting Company

The correct 7 Days to Die server host is essential for a fun gaming experience. Consider these crucial factors:

Performance: A server needs powerful hardware and a fast network connection. Look for providers with SSDs and strong CPUs to reduce lag and smooth gameplay.

Server Location: Server location affects latency and ping. Choose a server near your group to reduce lag and increase gaming.

Scalability: As your player base expands, you may need to scale your server. Look for suppliers with easy scalability for extra participants.

DDoS Protection: DDoS attacks can crash your server and ruin your gaming. Ensure your hosting provider offers DDoS protection to secure your server.

7 Days to Die mod support has a large modding community that improves gameplay. Choose a hosting company with easy mod installation and management.

Customer Support: Rapid response is essential. A helpful support crew can save the day if you need help with server management or technical concerns.

Price: Choose a hosting service within your budget. Finding a good value provider is important, but cost shouldn’t be the only factor.


Hosting own 7 Days to Die server lets you explore the post-apocalyptic environment with friends and like-minded survivors. When picking a hosting company, consider performance, server location, scalability, DDoS protection, mod support, customer support, and cost to maximise your server hosting experience.

The correct hosting service can make your 7 Days to Die zombie survival journey smooth and exciting, keeping you and your pals one step ahead of the zombies. Gather your resources, create your base, and face the zombie apocalypse with confidence in your hosting decision. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article exploring 7 Days to Die server hosting.