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A Beginner’s Guide to Drone Mapping Software

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This particular resource was produced to enable you to better know how drones are being utilized in mapping and land surveying these days, to offer a few pointers about the mapping software program these days, also to typically help you started when you have been thinking about adding mapping to the list of yours of drone pilot skill sets.

Nowadays drones are helping people in order to map large areas in a fast, cost effective manner and to provide tough data that can help expedite workflows in an assortment of commercial settings.

Only a several years back, the sole method to obtain an aerial photogrammetric map of excessive resolution and also reliability was flying the spot of attention with a manned aircraft – or even have a chance to access a spy satellite! But the developments in drone capabilities and their reducing costs have made high-quality aerial maps readily available for a wide range of industries and individuals.

Drone Mapping Use Cases by Industry

The building industry additionally significantly benefits from drone mapping. Maps will be utilized to routinely update clientele in the building market on the improvement of the projects of theirs, analyze stockpiles of raw materials including gravel and dirt, or perhaps produce 3D versions of construction sites. These maps assist construction managers get the “big picture” and also help in strategic decision making.

Acreage Surveying

Land surveyors are a clear beneficiary of aerial mapping. The role of theirs is taking exact measurements on portions of land to establish boundaries. The information they collect help in the development of maps, legal documentation, and plots. With maps like an essential part of the work of theirs, there’s little doubt that drone photogrammetry could be useful to the career of theirs. Surveyors are able to get a very precise map with photogrammetry which can effortlessly be converted into a 3D topographic map with contour information – a method which was once very tedious. With the experience of theirs and also the possession of quality gear that is high as RTK GPS devices, surveyors are able to deliver incredibly precise maps for the customers of theirs, as well as the effectiveness drones present allows them to expedite the workflow of theirs and improve the profits of theirs.

A word of warning for drone service providers: Many drone mapping remedies might be effective at “survey grade” quality maps. Nevertheless, we suggest you Don’t promote you are able to offer “survey grade” outcomes unless you’re a qualified surveyor, or perhaps working with/for one. For even more info relating to this, meet your state’s farm land surveyors board to find out about the laws in the area of yours.

Actual Estate

Aerial maps are helpful for aiding in the purchase of land. For all those thinking of buying large areas of property, an up-to-date aerial chart could be of substantial value in seeing whether the home is ideal for them. If you’ve ever checked out a regular satellite image, you already know that the detail is typically lacking. Drone mapping could fix that clarity issue. A very detailed aerial map provides insight into the home details without needing a customer being there in person. With the assistance of an authorized land surveyor, correct borders and contour lines may possibly be overlaid upon the imagery. DroneDeploy is an excellent application choice for property, since of the ease of its of use also, since it had been made (in part) because of this work type – skip forward to the application portion to look it over.


One sector which has already been embracing mapping by drone will be the mining industry. Up-to-date and detailed maps are used-to manage stockpiles, erosion detection, water drainage, plus pit and dump management with a multitude of various other applications. Regularly updated maps are able to provide managers better situational awareness that will help in decision making.


As you likely already know, inspection is now an immensely important component of the UAS business. Drone pilots mainly use cameras to visually inspect equipment, but photogrammetry also can help in inspection. On a tiny scale, drones are able to help develop a comprehensive map of any roof, and IR and RGB sensors are able to make it possible to detect areas with poor insulation coverage or leaks. On a larger scale, for instance, the power industry is able to work with aerial maps to inspect sun farms, spotting problem areas in the solar power panels using infrared imagery. Dronemapper or raptor Maps are excellent software alternatives to think about for inspection work – skip forward to the application portion to check out them out there.


The market together with the most capability for drone mapping is agriculture. Presently, farming is forecasted to function as the biggest use case in general for UAS. Maps give farmers the capability to easily evaluate the crops of theirs and also provide essential information to guide decision making. Using NDVI imagery, a farmer with proper training is able to identify saving the area of his and make crucial decisions in time that is real. Rather than walking the entire crop or even traversing the industry with a tractor, a drone can semi autonomously create a map and also point out places of difficulty. What this means is that those in agriculture is able to save time, boost crop yield, and eventually, improve the profits of theirs. A number of main drone firms that are concentrating on agriculture include DroneDeploy with the Field Scanner application of theirs, Precision Hawk’s Precision Mapper, and Pix4D’s PIX4DAG software and propelleraero –


Drone mapping may likewise be useful to the forestry industry. With comprehensive maps, illegal logging could be detected and tracked, tree count may be decided, as well as the wellness of the forest could be administered. Using NDVI imagery, places of dried out vegetation is monitored, that may help with forest fire prevention. Maps can additionally help identify old trees, revealing whether a disorder may be impacting the forest. The list passes and on.