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Golf club custom fitting: Why it’s more important than ever

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For many golfers, the main problem with having a custom-fit is time. Spending an hour of your time to see a fitting professional can be very unfavorable for certain. Shopping for golf clubs on the market is not just quicker, but also significantly easier. However, it isn’t the most efficient method to spend your money.

The most recent golf equipment is brimming with cutting-edge technology that is constantly promising to enhance the power, forgiveness and adjustability however, it is useless unless it is it is custom-fit. To fully appreciate the benefits of technology, making the most of expert advice regarding shaft flex, loft, and weight distribution can help a lot.

The most significant benefit of the custom fitting will be the confidence. Being confident with the clubs you are using can alter how you approach your game. Knowing that the clubs you are using were designed specifically for you and are suited to the way you swing will help you to improve your mental side of golf.

A custom-fit is offered free for those who purchase an entire collection of golf clubs. That means the return on investment is enormous. If you’re spending the cash on new equipment, it is sensible to use an opportunity to check for free sure that your investment is suitable for you.

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Beware of being biased towards a specific model, but being open is the ideal outcome for a fitting. A lot of golfers are influenced by brands and will therefore like to fitted into a specific brand. Making an effort to fit into the same brand is your first error when you attend an appointment to fit. Test every brand. Do not even consider the brand the person who is fitting you. You should base your decision on information and the feeling of the club.

Don’t get too caught up in distance. It’s possible to play with a TaylorMade P790, which is 20 yards higher than the 7 iron you currently have. However, the lofts of every club differ and simply because the loft of a club isn’t marked at the base of your head doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t consider the possibility of it. It is evident that gaining distance after being fitted is among the major advantages golfers seek however, it is important to consider the model that has raised its loft.

To ensure a precise fitting, make sure that you have an even swing. For instance, if, for example, you typically slice your ball but when you fit it you’re hanging it. The truth is that the fit isn’t correct because your swing isn’t following the same trajectory as you do when you play.

Being honest with your fitness professional is crucial to achieving the most effective results. The fitter will not be offended if they don’t enjoy a certain club, so don’t feel that you must lie in order to please everyone. If you don’t think a particular club is appropriate for you, inform the fitter. The fitter’s honesty will only improve the overall experience and result.