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A guide to choosing your NFL team

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I MAY SUPPORT the Oakland Raiders, but that does not prevent me from hating them at times. In the fifteen years I have been following the trials of theirs (literally) & tribulations, they have created the playoffs 3 occasions, the final of that came eleven years back & finished in marvelous, unavoidable, failure in Super Bowl XXXVII.

In a half and that ten years, they have blown draft picks, made bad trades & typically broken the heart of mine in ways that I did not think achievable for a group I decided to help strictly on the foundation that they’d a great logo.

Which, sadly, is the danger regarding simply being an NFL fan on this aspect of the Atlantic, having zero hometown affiliation would mean you’ve to think of various ways of picking which team you support. A lot cleverer methods when compared to a (for a 15 year old in the 90s) awesome logo. And so at the suggestion of a viewer last week, here is The Redzone’s manual to choosing the NFL team of yours.
Would you choose the letter A or perhaps N?

This’s the greatest area get started on when the NFL is broken up into the AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference), creating your primary option a somewhat basic one. Choosing which letter you want halves the amount of teams you’ve to consider supporting.

What is the favourite path of yours?

Today you have selected a convention, you are able to bring down your choice headache even more by selecting a favorite path as each convention is broken up into 4 divisions, south, north, east as well as west.

This’s a somewhat simple one for Irish folks as you are able to easily select your division based upon what province you reside in, Ulster representing the north, Munster the south, etc.
Do you like animals?

Nearly one half of NFL teams are named after pets or birds of some kind. Some tend to be more intimidating compared to others. Me personally, I believe a lion is a lot better compared to a ram, though you may encounter a history in farming so I am able to comprehend when you select St. Louis over Detroit.

If animals are not the thing of yours, different team names center around different forms of pirates, native Americans and outlaws. And also the Jets.

Consistent colour

This may seem a stupid explanation though I am aware one individual who supports the Ravens due to the purple uniforms of theirs also he managed to celebrate the Super Bowl of theirs win season that is last as the majority people stared on in horror at Ray Lewis mugging it in place for the digital camera.

You can base this choice on the county colours of yours, and the jersey of what ever soccer/rugby/netball staff you support.

A sure fire approach to enjoy the NFL experience even more is supporting a winning team. This season the Super Bowl champions are most likely going to come through the Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers or maybe Seattle Seahawks. When you would like to brag to the friends of yours just how amazing the brand new staff of yours is, get aboard one of those franchises.

When long-term glory is exactly what you are after, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, moreover San Francisco 49ers would be the best teams in Super Bowl history.
Football hipster

Even during the NFL, winning is usually far too mainstream so you can continually select a group that are not likely to win a great Bowl this decade. Of the thirty two NFL teams, ten haven’t won a great Bowl with 4 (Lions, Browns, Texans and jaguars) do not ever actually getting as much as the Championship game.

When you are likely to go down this path, I recommend supporting the Jaguars. The home games of theirs may be much closer than you believe within the next couple of years.
Some other reasons

When I requested on Twitter how folks ended up supporting the chosen staff of theirs, the responses had been varied & fascinating. Many people had shot a staff to a Super Bowl win in Madden which was sufficient while others had happened upon a group while seeing the town of theirs on a J1 visa.

The way you try picking out an NFL team to support, do pick one. Do not be one of those individuals that’ just loves football, not specific teams’. When you do, you will certainly not encounter the highs which accompany unanticipated victory or even the painful, crushing lows of a 2 or perhaps 3 win season.

Anything you do however, do not pick the Raiders. Honestly, no one is deserving of that.