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You Croydon boiler installer – what to expect?

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Many people are in a rush to purchase a new boiler and get it installed. It’s not that the boiler is broken down, but rather that it’s being replaced by the homeowner. This happens when it is cold and you can’t wait to get your central heating or hot water back.
Even if your new boiler is fantastic, you’ll regret it down the line. The right installer is just as important as selecting the right boiler.
Tips to find a qualified boiler installer

An installer who is qualified in boiler installation must have knowledge of electricity, water appliances, and gas. Gas Safe registered heating experts are people who have the right skills. These engineers possess 3 key skills which make them the best gas boiler installers.

Installation skills
Customer service skills
Sales and marketing skills

These tips can help you to find the best possible installer for your job.

Do Online Research. A website’s quality may not matter when assessing the abilities of a boiler. However, it will provide you with a solid understanding of the background and credibility of the company. Don’t just trust the information on the website. You can verify the address of the company to find out where they are located. Reach them using their landline number.

Do your homework. Hire competent boiler installers. Installing a boiler that isn’t properly installed can cause serious damage to your home and make it inefficient. Learn as much about your local company as possible, including their reputation and credibility and their after-sales services.

You can ask for recommendations and feedback from family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. They might recommend a trusted local installer. They might be able to refer you to a local installer, but it is not enough. You need to do your own research and evaluate the work of that particular installer.

Call them for more details. This will give a good idea about their services.

Talking to people and asking them questions will give you a better picture of their services. A picture of their professionalism will be provided.

You should note the time it takes to contact the concerned person. If it takes long to connect with the right person or get an explanation to your query, there is a good chance that such a company cannot provide emergency services adequately.

Ask About CP12 Certification: A qualified installer will always be able to provide a CP12 certificate. This certificate can be used for all gas appliances within the property (fireplace, cooker, boiler). The certificate must clearly identify any defects or other advisory works according to gas safety regulations.

Get a Quote. It’s important that the price of installing your boiler is reasonable. An engineer will visit your house to inspect the heating system and assess the work involved in installing a boiler. After inspecting your heating system, the engineer will provide a quote and a price for the installation. It is important to get the quote in writing.

Consider Comparing Quotes from Three Different Providers. The rule of thumb is that you should get quotes from at most three different providers. While it is time-consuming, comparing quotes from three sources can save you money. Free quotes are available and you do not have to hire any engineer who visits your property to perform an assessment.

Do not be fooled by low-priced quotes. They may not always be the best. Compare your options, and find the installer who offers the best value for your money.

You can start a relationship: It is worth it to get to know a heating engineer. When the boiler stops working, you’ll have someone to depend on. This is a win-win situation for both the customer, and the installer. Keep at least two qualified boiler installers on hand in case one becomes busy.

Check the final details: Before hiring an installer, ensure that you confirm the following.

They must have gas safe registrations
They need to have public liability insurance
They must be able provide references for previous boiler installation jobs
They must have an active telephone number and a trading address.

You get the added benefit of hiring a professional boiler installer. If the boiler was installed correctly, the boiler manufacturer will send its service engineers to repair the boiler.
There are certain traits you should look for when choosing a boiler installation company

Gas Safe certified engineers are essential for any boiler installation. The only thing that makes a boiler installer a good choice is their Gas Safe certification. They need to have excellent interpersonal skills. They need to be able and willing to help others in order to do a job well. While their boiler installation is perfect, customers demand more. They want to hear from the engineer about the process and tips for how to use it efficiently.

These are the qualities that make a good boiler installer great at his job.

Communication is key, even when it comes to boiler installation. Most of the work that engineers do is technical. It’s not easy for laymen to understand. But if you explain the process using simple language it can build rapport.

Polite, pleasant: Heater and hot water need not be stressful. Good installers put customers at ease. They work with them in a professional and kind way.

Good listener. A good installer should also be a good listener. Customers value engineers who listen and act on their concerns.

Here are some things you should avoid when selecting a boiler installation company

Knowing what to avoid is key when you are looking for a boiler installer. This will help to you find a great deal. Don’t make these mistakes.

Don’t give estimates over the telephone. After an extensive evaluation, an engineer must visit your residence and give you a fixed quotation.
The boiler installation skills of the chosen engineer must be demonstrated.
Do not trust any engineer who does not provide a CP12 certification
Avoid installing a contractor who offers a low or insufficient guarantee for their services.
Automated answering services should not be trusted. It will take far too long to reach your concern person.
Non-accredited boiler installation professionals should not be hired. These individuals may not know the ropes.
Employers without public liability coverage should be avoided. If they cause property damages and you hire them, then you will need to pay out of your own pocket.

The Reasons to Hire a Local Boiler Installation Expert

It is safe to hire a national company’s installer but it is expensive. It is possible to save lots of money by hiring local boiler installers. They are equally skilled. The service charges of local companies are much lower than those with large overheads.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why hiring a local plumber is the right decision.

Around the clock availability: Nothing is more frustrating than receiving no response to voicemails. Also, waiting in a phone queue is not a fun experience. Local companies do not have busy customer service lines. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions. You can always get in touch.

Quick Response: Every customer desires a boiler installation that is completed in a timely manner. Local engineers are fast at their job. They work according to your schedule. Book an appointment today! You might even get same-day installation services. Boiler installation could take several days depending on the work involved.

Additional Tips and recommendations: Local boiler technicians go above and beyond to make sure that their customers are satisfied. The installers will offer tips for maintaining your boiler once they are done. Many recommend adding boiler cover to your boiler insurance package to avoid paying unexpected bills in the event of a breakdown.

Consistent Service: If you’re dealing with national businesses, there can be variations in the level of service. This makes it more difficult to trust the reviews. But, if you’ve hired local contractors, you might be able request the same engineer every single time you need their assistance. This ensures that you will receive consistent service.
What you need to know to ensure the best boiler installation

To get the best boiler installation, you should have a conversation after you have chosen the right boiler installer. Discuss your hot water and heating requirements with them. These are just a few of the questions a heating engineer would be interested to hear:

How much hotwater do you use each day? Do you require hot water at more than one tap?
Does your hot-water usage change often? Is it common for friends and family to come over to your home?
Do you want to use the power shower? You cannot use a combination boiler to power a shower. It won’t work with these types of showers.
Are your heating systems working well? Tell your boiler installer if you have any problems with your heating system.
Are you looking to make improvements to your home in the future? Your boiler installer will be curious to learn if you plan to add an addition such as a second bathroom.

Checks after Boiler Installation

Once the installation is completed, the installer must carry out safety and performance inspections. The installer must register your boiler to verify its warranty.

If the heating system is not heating up quickly or you notice cold spots, it could be a sign your heating system needs attention. If such an issue occurs, immediately contact the installer. They will inspect and recommend a solution.
Do I need to install the boiler?

You might have considered installing a brand new boiler on your own. It is illegal. Gas Safe regulations state that gas boilers should be installed by an engineer who has a Gas Safe Certificate. A Gas Safe engineer will be able to safely repair your boiler. They ensure the boiler is installed to safety standards and meets quality requirements.

You can install the boiler yourself if you’re competent enough, but a certified engineer is required to test it. Your boiler warranty will be null if you do not have a Gas Safe Certificate. Installing a boiler yourself is not as easy as it would be for a professional engineer. An unsafe boiler installation can cause serious injury to your family.

A Gas Safe certified heating engineer is the best choice for a boiler installation.
How do I ensure the engineer is Gas Safe Certified

If you are not sure or want to feel at ease, ask the Gas Safe registered engineers to show you their Gas Safe Registration card. They must have it with them at all times.

Gas Safe ID cards include a list indicating the competences that an engineer is certified to work on. You can also call the Gas Safe Register helpline and verify the license number. You can then hire the engineer once you are sure about their accreditation.


If you hire a Gas Safe certified heating technician to do the job, you can be sure of a successful boiler installation.

Ask for feedback, get recommendations, do your homework, and get at minimum three quotes in writing. Be sure to verify the boiler installer’s technical competences. Also, ensure they are able to communicate well with others. Look for a qualified boiler installer in your area.

When they have completed the installation, a skilled installer will help you to operate the boiler. After the job is completed, the installer will give you a CP12 Certificate.