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Who should consider buying LED bulkhead lights?

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If you’re looking to get involved in the LED revolution, you may not be aware of which LED light is most suitable for your requirements.

To help make it easier to decide which light will best suit your requirements , we give you all the details you should be aware of.

The most popular option includes the LED bulkhead. What is the reason these lights are getting bought and what benefits are they bringing? Let us explain.

What is what is an LED Bulkhead?

The bulkhead lighting LEDs are named for the bulkhead fitting. It is an item that connects the light casing to a wall or surface. This robust, durable lighting option can withstand difficult situations and busy areas and is ideal for outdoor and indoor lighting alike.

They may not be known for their stunning designs or stunning glamour however, LED bulkhead lighting are extremely practical and efficient.

A bulkhead light with LED is an excellent way to take advantage of the many benefits of LED lighting, and also save on energy costs.

What type of LED Bulkheads are there?

The range of bulkhead light bulbs is the 2D type bulkhead. Made with white or chrome polycarbonate, these light fixtures have an IP rating IP65. This is the rating method that is used to assess the extent to which solid objects or water into fixtures. An IP65 rating means the light can be used in indoor spaces like bathrooms and outdoors due to its design that prevents penetration.

Our LED bulkhead lights also come in a selection of choices to meet the needs of your particular needs. The lights come with a microwave sensor, meaning the light will only come off when there are people nearby. This means that even less energy can be used in comparison to the norm, saving owners money.

There are also 3 hour emergency options for specific areas like fire escapes, and an option that combines microwave sensor with a 3 hour emergency.

These lights also have a corridor function, which means that the light will only be in use only when it is needed and will shut off when not.

Another option that is popular is our 16W LED die-cast bulkheads. They’re a contemporary outdoor wall light featuring a sleek aluminium casing and an opal polycarbonate diffuser that allow for even distribution of light throughout a room.

This model has 36 inches x 0.5W LEDs, these LED bulkhead lights only consume 16W of electricity, but put out an impressive 1700 lumens when used. This makes them a fantastic option for anyone looking to reduce their energy consumption.

We offer a circular, die-cast option as well as an eyelid version which may be suited to certain areas and needs like those in gardens that are suitable for low-light.

These LED round bulkheads come with three options – conventional, microwave sensor, and emergency. Microwave sensor means the light turns on instantly when movement occurs, while emergency is when an output of 120lm can be continuously triggered for three hours.

LED bulkheads that have PIR are a popular choice at present. These feature an infrared PIR sensor which means that the lights are activated via the movement of your body. If you’re looking for efficient, movement-activated LED bulkhead lights for outdoor spaces like gardens, side entrances or even parts of your office the 7W LED bulkhead outdoor wall lights fit the bill. With 140 degree beam angle and a dusk-to-dawn choice, those who require high-quality outdoor lighting will find a wonderful alternative here.

Also, LED wall packs with an internal 40 watt Phillips led driver. This is a multi-faceted lighting solution that includes an aluminum fin heatsink designed to draw all the heat off of pack’s electronic components, and using the Phillips LED driver improves the durability of the light.

LED bulkhead lights are also an excellent choice when it comes to marking the exit routes to escape from an building. Many suppliers have 4.5W LED Exit Bulkhead lights that include 3 hour emergency settings , as well as four self-adhesive decals for legends. These are running man left, man running right, arrows and exit doors. This means that the light can be installed inside buildings and decals are able to be added depending on their position. There are both maintained and unmaintained versions that are available. The lights also come with been given an IP65 rating, meaning they can also be used outdoors.

Who should look into buying LED bulkhead lights?

Anyone who is looking to set up the office or to upgrade their workplace must look into the LED route as those savings from energy costs are worth the investment.

Businesses owners seeking to join the LED revolution should take into consideration LED bulkhead lights to their workplaces, since safety procedures can be improved through precise, concise lighting and the lighting available can also be used to fulfill different requirements.

Homeowners who want to add lighting to their backyards, garages or driveways should also consider LED bulkhead lights. They’re a cost-effective way to reinvent these spaces by providing crisp, effective lighting alternatives.

In addition, our collection of LED bulkhead lights can be purchased in large quantities. Therefore, if you’re a retailer such as an outdoor shop or garden centre or an office supply store and are looking to purchase LED lighting for your customers, our collection is the perfect place to start.

Need more reasons to buy LED Bulkheads lights?

LED bulkhead lights generally cost less to run as compared to other types of light due to their LED design. This is because they use up less energy and resources than the other types of lights.

The reliable light fittings feature a modern design, meaning they meld beautifully into the overall look of the room. They’re also easy to install, meaning that once purchased, there’s minimal to no difficulty.