The pros and cons of building your own home

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A lot of us dream of building the very own homes of ours. Nevertheless, while it is a typical aspiration in the UK, we are less prone to self build here than in different places across Europe.

Self-build accounts for between seven % and ten % of all the brand new construction across the nation, around 12,000 houses per year, based on a home of Commons briefing paper. By comparison, that figure is eighty % in Austria.

But a 2011 survey by the structure Societies Association discovered that over 50 % of Britons (fifty three %) would consider self build when the chance was offered to them. As a result, the federal government has caused self build recently, wanting to increase housing supply.

You will find both risks and rewards with self build Kent houses. What’s a fantasy may quickly turn right into a nightmare as price and complexity derail self build projects. Allow me to share the main advantages and disadvantages of self-build:


Because you are creating your own personal house (or more likely, having to pay somebody else to carry out the real work), you are needed at each phase of the meditation process.

That means you are able to tailor the layout and surface to all of your unique desires and needs. For instance, you are able to build a super green home that is extremely energy efficient you do not get some electricity bills. Self-build homes are bespoke, which means you are able to find precisely what you would like from a home.

Perfect plot

Typically when purchasing a house you will have to compromise on the plot. The building might be what you’d in mind, though it is not in the best setting.

But when you are self building, you are buying the land also. So you are able to select a plot fitting the wants of yours, like overlooking the ocean, or even in a remote countryside location.


Theoretically, and sometimes in practice, self-build could be less than purchasing a ready made home. The price of land along with construction can, with thorough preparation and study, are available in less than the subsequent property’s current market value.

Thus not merely would it be less than purchasing a comparable property that is currently there, though you might generate cash off of the end result, also. What is more often, you are able to claim back VAT on the building.



There is usually the chance things fail or that you were not stringent plenty in your preparation beforehand.

Budgets can easily spin out of hand as unexpected issues come up during construction and in case you are depending on a mortgage, the cash will often be introduced in phases, that can produce cash flow issues which delay and disrupt the project.

You have to make sure you’ve cash that is plenty of saved up to watch the self-build task through to the end because or else you will wind up staying within an empty shell of a home without any utilities.

An additional potential risk is the fact that you may make the home a bit too bespoke, which means it is very different that the resale market is compact, impacting the probability of yours of reselling the home in case you ever needed to.


Self-build is simply not for the faint hearted. These tasks are able to may take weeks, often even years, before the house is completed. Which involves a great deal of determination, particularly in case you are being forced to lease in uncomfortable or awkward accommodation while work takes place.

You will also need a great head in case things go wrong. Additionally, you have to become a great project manager, or get a great one, that is difficult in case you are being forced to work out a full time task alongside overseeing the building.

No construction project is ever simple. In reality, self-build is extremely demanding. There is a great deal of cash – and the home of yours – at stake. Do you’ve the mettle for doing it?