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The Importance of Hiring a Professional for Your Floor Sanding Needs

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What is Floor Sanding? Refinishing?

In order to put it simply, floor sanding is where you strip the upper surface of a floor. Refinishing is when we repair or apply this finish. However, in this post, we do not talk about the precise definition of sanding. At this point, reading this, probably you are already familiar with the process. The more intriguing thing is why you should do it? Really, in addition to the more attractive design, what are the benefits from it? Let’s be honest here, floor sanding and refinishing isn’t that cheap and the average person may be left wondering what the reason is? Is there a practical benefit in this? It’s much easier to lay down a carpet or something and then forget about it.

The Reasons This Whole Process Is Recommended?

Let’s look at it for a second. Why should we invest in hardwood flooring? It’s probably the most expensive option that is available. The reason is that it is an organic product that looks good in pretty much any space. It’s comfortable, simple to clean and brings a certain sense of cosiness into a room. People generally like hardwood and this fact, when combined with its high price it makes for a very elegant and fashionable component of your home. That’s fine.

In truth, the principal benefit of wood flooring that is solid is the option to sand and polish the surface. It is possible to purchase laminate or vinyl, and in the event that they are of high quality, can last for a several years or so. After that, it is time to throw them in the garbage.

Hardwood, on the other hand is able to be sanded and refinished again and again, and over and over. Depending on the depth of the floor the process can be repeated as many as ten times. There are wood floors that have lasted at least 300 years and counting. A contemporary floor can be able to hold up to 100 lbs. under appropriate conditions. Certain prefinished floors, that have been prepared in the factory with a special aluminium oxide finish, have the warranty of 50 years. Sanding such floors isn’t easy but is feasible. Strip it of its old finish and apply a high-quality polyurethane replacement. Congratulations! You’ve added at least 10 years of longevity to it!

Refinishing transforms hardwood flooring into something great. The durability added and the aesthetic enhancements are a major benefit.

The real benefits of floor Sanding

A pound of prevention is worth a pound cure.

It is not always easy to see the damage. Not every possible source of damage is evident. Sanding not only removes any existing damage, but it also helps prevent the appearance of any new issues. There are many issues which can affect a wooden floor , but ensuring that everything is safe and works correctly, could one day give us many future headaches.

A smooth surface is a clear surface.

A common misconception about the benefits of floor sanding is how easy it makes the cleaning. This is especially true for a material that is already popular due to this characteristic. A smooth surface without scratches or dents doesn’t leave no space for dust or dirt to build up which makes it very effortless to keep clean.

Allergies are now a thing of the past.

Do you know what is equally great about a good cleaning? No dust means a lot less chance for allergies to show. This won’t be the case in the event that the surface wasn’t maintained in a way that is safe and clean. Sanding is an integral part of this maintenance.

It’s good to keep our wooden floor in good shape.

The appearance of a person is important. But what happens if we decide that we no longer care about appearances? What if , instead, we wish to sell our home and move to live somewhere else? A hardwood floor that is in good condition will assist you in selling quicker, more easily and for greater cash. At least, this is the opinion of estate agents, and who better than them? Naturally, any damaged and damaged surface can have negative effects, so plan ahead.

All those pretty colours!

The ability to customize is an excellent thing. It allows us to design the world around us. Flooring is no exception. Some people prefer staining their floors and keep up with trends in fashion. White, grey, dark washed and etc. However, those colours aren’t permanent. You can change them whenever you’d like … as long as your flooring is thick enough to allow sanding. Without sanding, you can never remove the old stain in order to apply your new stain.

Do you prefer to change the flooring on your home completely?

If the floor you have is dirty and worn out, what should you do? Refinishing the floor isn’t that cheap but it’s much better than replacing your flooring entirely, isn’t? Less expensive alternatives that don’t offer the possibility of being sanded need to be replaced approximately twice as often than hardwood. So why not buy the product once and then stick with it for the rest of your life?