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The Benefits of Installing a Solar PV Setup

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It’s safe to affirm that solar panels have been blown up over the past few decades. They’ve gained a lot of popularity among homeowners, business owners and now even the governments are recognizing their worth.

Yet we’re all asking identical question … Why?

What’s great about solar panels?
Why are they so popular?
Should I be getting solar panels? Or is this just one big hype?
Are they worth the price?

The simple conclusion is that yes. They’re worth it and I’ll reveal the reasons.

We must remember the principle of balance. There is probably a disadvantage. In this instance, it’s very true. You may not think it, but solar panels do come with some disadvantages.

So let’s jump straight in to find out about the benefits of solar panels.

What is the purpose of solar Panels Are They Used to do?

Government and big business corporations are also one of the biggest consumers of solar panels to produce green, sustainable energy. Businesses will make use of solar panels to slash their operating costs and create funds to invest into their businesses.

All governments around the world are making a major step by using solar energy. It is utilized to power vehicles, trains and even the space station.

For homeowners, the requirement of solar panel installation is becoming more popular over the years. This is because solar panels can be used to generate electricity at your home.

Many are becoming aware of the many advantages of solar panels on rooftops. It’s exciting to observe how popular it’s been over the years.

This electricity can then utilized to supply power to your electrical appliances within your home. Solar can power anything electrical including your TV and refrigerator to your iphone or game console.

Essentially homeowners can become less dependent on the grid. In addition, you can save a significant amount of money on electricity bills every month.

Energy can be stored by solar cells…

The power generated by solar panels could be stored using solar batteries.

These are ideal for homeowners and companies and can be expanded. Storing power will allow you to enjoy complete independence from the grid, which means that you can only generate and use your own energy.

Solar batteries are becoming more affordable, as well as more popular for people or businesses who use most of their power at late at night. Furthermore, more and incentives for solar power are being offered too.

Why are Solar Panels So Popular?

In the last 20 years, solar panels have been extremely popular among homeowners, businesses and the agricultural sector.

There are numerous reasons why people are interested in solar but we’ve narrowed them down to three main motives.


The first reason why solar is so popular is due to the fact that it is a source of income.

Solar panels can give homeowners a huge savings on their energy bill (if they are not able to reduce it all).

When people catch wind of their neighbors slashing their energy bill to half, they just want a piece of the pie. By having a reduced energy bill, it is likely that you’ll be able to free up cash flow each month to purchase things that you enjoy or your family.

The financial aspect in solar energy is the main reason it is popular in this day and age.


The third most frequent reason is due to the environmental.

Solar panels are being constructed to help take a stance against climate change. People are eager to invest their money in something that doesn’t pollute our planet. Solar panels can help to generate clean energy that is also able to be used for selling.

It is far better than burning fossil fuels and oil which can have a negative impact on the planet. We are gaining awareness of the sustainability of solar panels and this makes them more popular.

The Government Incentives

Thirdly, solar panels are getting an image by way of government incentives.

It’s hard to ignore when government is offering to purchase back any excess solar energy that you produce…

In addition, there is the huge reduction in upfront cost, an interest-free loan that can help lower the cost and finally, an STC certificate that can be traded for cash!

Even with commercial solar for firms, there are rebates as well as grants offered as incentives to help with the move to solar.

What is it that makes Solar Panels Worth It?

In areas such as Australia & America the sun is shining more often than it does elsewhere. This means that we can profit on the sun’s light to produce our own electricity. This endless amount of UV light makes getting solar panels worth it.

Government loans and rebates assist with the upfront cost, and solar is extremely affordable for homeowners on any income.

New technology in solar panel efficiency means that solar panels are built to maximize the use of the sun. That means you are able to get the most benefit of creating your own energy in the knowledge that you’re getting the most efficient performance. This makes solar cost-effective since you will be able to generate more energy over long periods of time. Brands like SolarEdge are leading in technology in solar panel technology.

16 Advantages of Solar Panels

1. Lower the cost of your energy bill

One of the most popular benefits of solar panels is that they lower the cost of your electric bills.

By producing your own power by using the sun’s energy, you’ll eventually pay less through the grid. This allows you to save money on energy , which means you save even more money on your electricity bill.

Since the sun’s power being renewable and free it means you will not be paying for the energy you create from your solar panels.

There are endless benefits which come from having cash each month to invest in your family or other items. The ability to save money is among the main benefits of solar.

2. Renewable energy source

Solar power is an energy source that is renewable. Renewable energy is a source for power which is not used up.

The sun generates an enormous amount of energy every day that can be harvested through solar panels and not being able to use it all up.

The benefit of solar’s renewable energy is that everybody can benefit of the energy free provided from the sun.

We don’t have to worry about the sun’s power fading out, instead we can take advantage of the sun’s sunshine that hits the solar panels and create the energy that is free and clean.

Since it is a renewable source, solar power is also clean , meaning the energy doesn’t produce any greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Increase your property value

Because solar panels come with many advantages for homeowners, installing them on your property will add its value.

Solar panels on homes are more valuable than houses without them.

This is because one home is dependent on the grid , while the other is generating its own energy. Enjoying being free from the shackles of increasing prices for energy.

Also, solar panels have a high upfront cost and are an excellent investment asset.

The money you invest on solar panels can be invested into your home as well as you could see an excellent return on your investment by installing solar panels at your home.

4. Eco-friendly

Energy that is produced by solar panels is pure renewable, renewable and produces zero emissions. Solar energy does not contribute towards greenhouse gasses or fossil fuels, unlike other coals and oils.

Essentially this means that solar panels are eco-friendly items that won’t cause harm to the environment.

Being eco-friendly means a lot nowadays as well as gaining acceptance in communities for being a proponent of the effects of climate change.

It is among the top reasons for people choose to switch to solar, and is definitely one of the biggest advantages that solar panel systems offer.

Homeowners can be rest assured that their energy consumption isn’t affecting the planet.

5. Many solar products to choose from

Another massive advantage of solar panels is the wide range of different solar panel types that are available.

It is possible to find solar panels that are made to last for individuals who want the highest quality system to last for a long period of time.

For those who are searching for a budget-friendly system, there’s plenty of options to perused.

Solar panels with thermal technology are accessible to those who spend most of their energy on heating and would like to utilize solar panels to lower the cost.

Solar panels are sold with an all-in-one battery system for those who want to store their power to make use of at night.

The wide range of options is an immense benefit for homeowners since they can choose solar panels tailored to their specifications and needs.

6. Low maintenance costs

With new technologies readily available, maintenance of solar panels is getting easier and easier.

Warranties are also included for long periods of time, which makes the need to maintain solar panels becoming less and less.

This is great because homeowners are able to purchase solar energy without having to fix or test the system every week. In addition, low maintenance means lower cost.

There is no need to invest an extra amount on your solar panels system to keep it running at its top.

Every now and then it’s recommended to get those solar panels clean in case they’ve taken on any dust or soil.

7. Homeowners can turn their homes into energy-efficient

Installing solar panels in your home could allow you to become totally energy independent.

If you have a reliable system, you could generate enough energy enough to supply your household with electricity, without having to purchase energy through the grid.

Not only is this an amazing achievement, but it is also a sign that homeowners won’t need to worry about increasing electricity costs again.

Producing your own power can be a huge savings amount of cash. Additionally, you would not be affected by a power cut or any maintenance performed by the grid on your power lines.

Many who are energy independent say solar panels are a huge benefit. solar panels.

8. Excess solar is able to be sold to the grid

Any energy surplus not utilized by your home could be sold to the grid for more cash.

Additionally not only that, but you’re providing your local community with renewable, clean energy. This ensures that both your community and yourself to get greener energy available to your grid, by drawing energy from the sun.

Some homeowners will purposely upgrade their systems just to sell excess energy back the grid.

The government offers useful Feed-In Tariffs for homeowners who want to earn a reward for any excess energy they don’t consume.

These tariffs usually vary between states. Two main tariffs are fixed rate, and time varying. The cost per KW is decided through these two tariffs which is a great method to make sure you to pay off your system faster.

Once the system is paid off you will begin to see the returns from your solar panels. Solar panels can actually earn your money for free that is an enormous benefit.

9. Return on investment

Solar panels are an extremely great investment and homeowners are likely to get the money they have invested back over time.

Although solar panels have an upfront cost of investment however, the money saved every month on energy bills will help toward paying off the cost to install the solar system.

An easy way to look at it is to say that if you’ve saved a substantial amount of money on your energy bill, then put that money towards covering the cost to run your home.

Once your solar system is fully paid off, you’ll benefit from lower energy bills. Therefore, you are now making a return from the initial investment made on your solar panels.

10. Get rewarded by the government

Government rebates are a great advantage from solar panels.

Being able to sell electricity back to government in exchange for money is appealing to homeowners to move to solar. With pressures on governments to move towards greener solutions and a better environment, the future is promising.

Rates may start to increase in value and rebates become easier to get. But, this will not last forever.

Although the rebates may differ from state to state they all provide a significant reduction in cost. Many will also have a zero interest loan program.

These incentives from the government actually make solar energy more affordable. This is a significant step in the right direction and helps first time buyers secure solar energy.

11. Power can be stored in the battery and used at night

Certain all-in-one systems have solar batteries that are included, like Enphase. These solar systems let you conserve the power you produce in the daytime and use it at night instead.

This would benefit homeowners that consume the majority of their power in the evening. Similar to commercial businesses like schools or supermarkets.

If you store energy, you become disconnected from the grid. Instead of purchasing energy, you can make use of the energy you have stored.

This could result in additional savings for homeowners. You should invest in premium solar panels to reap the full benefits from solar batteries.

High end solar panels typically have better performance and can produce more energy that means you are able to keep more power for longer.

12. Solar panels come with long-lasting warranties

Companies who design, test and manufacture solar panels offer warranty coverage for their products.

This indicates the fact that solar panel manufacturers have lot of confidence in the solar panel’s performance and they’re assured of achieving an acceptable level of performance for the duration of.

Warranty coverage that lasts for a long time is an important benefit of solar panels because they prove that they will not fail or cease to function within the first 10+ years of the installation.

Homeowners might feel that the move to solar is not as risky since they are covered by the warranties of solar panels.

This also means that they will be able to calculate their expected savings given that there are no problems with the solar panels.

13. Solar panel technology is becoming more sophisticated

I’ve seen this quite a bit over the past 5 years. It’s been a while since solar technology has started making huge leaps in advancements to create some incredible features. One of the most notable particularly is the possibility for flexible solar designs.

The reason I enjoy this so much is because you can create an entire system around your energy cost. Based on the time of day you consume the most energy, you could place panels to catch the maximum amount of sunlight and maximize your energy consumption while delivering the best savings.

Other features include complete visibility and monitoring of your system so you are aware of its performance, as well as Smart features that learn how you are using the most energy and begin exporting this data to the grid or to other locations like a battery , electric car.

14. Solar panels cost are decreasing year by year

Solar panels are becoming more and cheaper every year. There is a rush towards making solar panels affordable whilst making sure that the quality remains of the solar panels.

15. Options to charge your electric vehicle from your solar panel system

It will become the main benefit of solar panels within the next six months. At the end of 2022 we’ve noticed a significant increase in the need for home EV charging devices that connect and charge from your solar panels.

Amazingly, you can set this up to maximize the returns from solar panels and your electric vehicle.

16. Solar energy was declared to be the most affordable form of electricity in history

Wooo! Go solar. It’s true, solar energy has been rated as the cheapest source of electricity ever. There has never been a lower cost method to create high-quality, green energy. This was discovered through the International Energy Agency back in October 2020.

It was noted that solar energy is significantly cheaper than gas and coal. It’s safe to saythat solar panels have a very positive future in the near future, as they are the least expensive form of energy in the world right now.

Don’t miss the rush, become part of the community and benefit of the most affordable form of electricity. It’s more affordable than your energy provider.