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Shed Buying Guide

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If you’re looking to purchase the Garden Building, we recommend you go with the best builder that you can manage to afford. It’s usually an error to go for a less expensive option in the event that you have to replace it before the deadline or pay a significant sum of money to maintain its maintenance. We are committed to providing the best value for money by making use of only the best high-end materials, which makes your garden structure a lasting life-long investment.

Here are our top 10 items to think about before making a purchase:

Delivery & Installation

Does delivery come in the price? Do you have to build an initial base and then building a shed supplied as a kit? Every single one of our structures is delivered and set up for free within our complete end all-to-end service. Our skilled installers will ensure that you have your structure in good condition before leaving your home, so that you can relax and enjoy your time while we do all the work.

Reliability of the Company

If you are buying what is likely to become the extension to your house it is important to ensure that the seller is trustworthy. Are they skilled in custom construction? Are they open to your ideas and thoughts? The best company will have a long tradition of providing high-quality gardens and a staff of helpful professional who are reliable and trustworthy.

Quality Construction

A strong, durable timber is vital to the endurance and durability of your structure. Most sheds are constructed using an larchlap-clad or cladding. It can provide people with the best value for money however, as a cheap option is it unlikely to last more than the span of a few years. Choose a building made of redwood pine, instead of whitewood spruce since it’s less prone to knots slipping out. We make use of sustainable FSC(r) certified wood and we are aware of our environmental responsibility seriously.


A concrete base that is solid and professionally laid base is the best foundation for any garden construction. Paving slabs can also be an option for smaller structures.

A well-constructed floor

For a sturdy and long-lasting flooring, we suggest 19 x 125mm the tongue-and-groove floorboards placed on 38 x75 mm planarised floor joists tanalised at a minimum of 500mm (from the center of floor joists) away. Man-made flooring used in inferior sheds bow, bend and then begin to begin to rot. We also give our customers with the possibility to have their floors insulated in particular if they are planning to spend much time in their garden structure.


Joinery-made windows are more durable and have a lower chance of leak than the equivalent. Glass that is toughened is less likely to break , and should it ever fall it is safe to break; that makes it an ideal choice for children if they are in the room. It is also worth considering whether you’d like to open the windows especially during warmer seasons.


Doors made of joinery are stronger and are designed specifically for your home and, as a minimum, we suggest a frame of 75 x 75mm of planed. The ability to select the manner you would like your door to be hung or even having options for your door, like a double or glazed doors, is always desired.


A roof that is deteriorating is among the most obvious signs of a weak shed, therefore you must select a sturdy construction. We suggest 19x125mm tongue and groove boards on a the frame 38 x 75mm. It should be covered by an extremely strong felt like 35kg of roofing felt made from mineral. Another option for roofing include cedar shingles and roof tilesthat look beautiful and are can further increase the lifespan of the roof. A green, sedum roofing is also attractive and will certainly help to improve the natural environment and climate control for your shed.


The finish of the paint is among the most prominent and thus important elements of the exterior of your shed. Be sure to choose an appropriate color that matches the aesthetics that you want to create in your yard. A high-quality paint finish significantly cuts down on the amount of maintenance required. Check you have a garden shed that is treated with a preservative in order to keep woodworms and fungi out. We have a variety of paint options, including Farrow & Ball, Sikkens and our exterior paint System which provide an extra level of protection from the elements.


Garden Sheds are commonly used to store objects which are worth. So, security must always be considered. Security Packs Security Pack addresses this need and includes bar security, high-quality anti-pick lock, and screws that are not returnable around hinges of the door.

I hope we’ve explained the important aspects to consider when buying the cheapest shed. For any questions you’re not able to answer, don’t hesitate to reach out.