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Reduce Your Volume for Eco-Friendly Moving

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Everyone has their own good intentions but I know what you’re thinking “moving your home can be stressful enough and now I must make sure that it’s a green move! ?” Well, if I was to say that making your home move more sustainable would increase your efficiency and help you save money will you be more willing to listen? It’s now that you’re listening. You may not be aware that certain routines you’ve developed for moving can be considered unsustainable, as well as inefficient. So, I’ve provided the following tips so that you can not only make the most eco-friendly choice but also boost efficiency and save money.

Reduce Your Consumption for a Greener Environment Moving

The first step to making a long-lasting house relocation is to limit the number of belongings you’d like to get rid of. Although it may seem scary to let go of some of your most loyal objects, I can assure you that the process can be rewarding in numerous ways.

Firstly, by reducing the size of your move you are decreasing the weight on the truck. This means that the smaller load can warrant a smaller van and lighter moves require less fuel to transport. This will greatly decrease the emission generated by transit. Also, in the event that you’re unable to solve the problem that a smaller moving distance means a cheaper move!

Here’s a crucial question. What will your do with every one of the things you have decided not to take with you? If you’re reaching for the bin bag, STOP! There are plenty of other options that are equally efficient and sustainable than throwing everything away.

Garage sale

You can assist in reducing the cost of your move by selling your used furniture to the local community or family and friends. This could lead to a more “circular economic system” and cut down on the number of new items people buy. Be sure to purchase your new furniture from second-hand stores at your destination to keep your commitment to the circular economy. This will decrease the amount of garbage in the world and could save you some money! Green moving is a win-win

Donate to charities

If you have the money one, another option to get rid of furniture that isn’t needed is to donate it. Small pieces of furniture can be donated to thrift stores, like Oxfam. If you’re trying to increase your sustainability impact, you could even donate profits from furniture sales to an environmental organization such as ClientEarth.

Donate Food

The UK throws away 4.5 tons of food each year! That’s a crazy amount of waste. If you don’t want to throw food waste away during the process of moving, we invite you to think of new ways to cook. Try new recipes that incorporate ingredients from the most deep shelves of your cupboard. I am sure that the Heinz Tomato soup has been kept in the back of your cupboard for months, and you did not plan on having it anytime soon however, throwing it away is not the most sustainable choice! Once you’ve eaten everything you can, and are left with just a few sachets of fajita mix and tins of tuna, it is still not the best time to put it in to throw it in the garbage! Food can be donated to food banks, and help get food on the table for those in need.

Pack Smart

Ugh, packing. Nobody likes packing but guess what? You have already reduced the amount you have to pack by selling and donating unessential things (bet you like your past-self now!). Your packing process is now going to be much more efficient! Furthermore, you’ll also use less packing materials and create less waste!

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Sustainable Boxes

The first step in packing is finding boxes. There are various ways to acquire boxes in an environmentally sustainable manner.

You can ask your local supermarket to give you the boxes that they have left over from deliveries. They’ve got plenty of boxes that would be thrown away. Give them a new purpose and re-use them!
Rent reusable packing crates. Companies like CrateHireUK offer services that allow customers to lease plastic boxes for packing your possessions. When you’ve moved, you return them and they can be used again in the future for someone else’s move. These types of services can greatly reduce the amount of garbage and also the usage of single-use materials.

Need more information on a Green Move?

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll love knowing more about the best ways to ensure that your elimination is environmentally sustainable. Just click below to keep studying!

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Pack creatively to further reduce wasted space and reduce waste! We have all seen those amazing “packing hacks” on the internet, so have some fun and give them a go! Optimise all your spaces by putting small objects into larger hollow items (like saucepans, drawers or even shoes). Do you have any delicate items? Don’t rush to buy materials like bubble wrap or cotton wool to cushion your boxes. Instead, you can utilize the clothes you already have or towels to adequately cushion your boxes. Be creative (ha!) and explore ways to optimise your space for less waste!

Bio-degradable Bubblewrap

Bubble wrap isn’t the most sustainable option for a mover’s companion. It’s a disposable plastic that is frequently used up for moving homes. The majority of the items you consider to require bubble wrap could be secured with just a few layers of clothes. Therefore, reserve your bubble wrap only for items that are extremely delicate. If you are in need of bubble wrap, choose green “bio-degradable” bubble wrap. This wrap is just as effective but has the benefit of decomposing faster than standard bubble wrap. This can help decrease your environmental impact!

Green Cleaning

When you’ve packed and ready to go, you will have to clean the house from top to the bottom. Stains you never knew existed have appeared suddenly and you have to rush to the store to purchase the most trusted cleaning supplies. However, did you ever think about the effect that the making of these products caused on the natural environment? A lot of the ingredients are produced in a way that is not sustainable and the manufacturing process could produce toxic chemical emissions. When you are shopping, you should consider purchasing “green cleansing products”. They’re usually made more sustainably and left with a lesser carbon footprint as compared to conventional products.

Select a company that is eco-friendly

In the wake of all your sustainability efforts is only appropriate that you take your time to select an environmentally friendly moving firm! Check to see whether the company is involved in any environmental programs or a foundation. Furthermore, do some research and search for companies that hold the following ISO certifications:

Use technology, when you can, to communicate with companies that move remotely. For instance, you can conduct a moving survey via video conference. This will spare movers the hassle of driving to accomplish a task that can be completed online!

Are you ready for your eco-friendly move?

I hope now you not just see the benefit of doing a more sustainable move but you’re also motivated as well. At the heart of it an eco-friendly house move is about being creative and making more from less. Therefore, consider this as an exciting challenge or project next time you move house!