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How To Choose An Antique Mirror

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It is no doubt that antique mirrors are an ideal accent piece for any elegant home, but a carefully chosen one can elevate an otherwise simple and modern area to a new degree, making it stylish modern, elegant and fashionable.

Mirrors with antique features

A lot of businesses today provide an antiquing service for mirrors. In this case, they create a fake age for a contemporary piece. If you’re looking for antique mirrors available for sale There are some characteristics to look for to aid you in determining if you’re buying an original antique mirror or one that has been given transformation!

Antique mirror frames

Even the best-preserved antique will exhibit the signs of aging, which can add to its beauty and appeal. Beware that you have found the ideal frame! A sign of authenticity is the darkening of wood frames staining and chipping. It is important to note that antique mirrors could have backs made of wood.

Antique mirror screws

A mirror from the past cannot be secured by modern screws. Therefore, you must examine the screws with care. An authentic antique screw is hand-crafted and thus irregular in form and the screwdriver slots at the top could be off the center. Also, check the spirals around the screw, which are perfect in a machined screw , but irregular in the antique. However it is possible that the screws have been replaced in recent times, therefore make sure you consult the seller.

Antique mirror glass

The glass of antique mirrors is the most reliable indicator of the ages of the mirror. You can look for bubbling that may be absent from modern mirrors or a slight wavy appearance. It could also be spots of cloudiness or yellowing or greying on the surface that the glass has. This is due to oxidisation that occurs in the course of time when the mercury or silver back of the mirror wears down. The pattern of the mottling shouldn’t be uniform, and if it is, it could be an indication that the mirror is artificially aged. The color of the glass could have changed to grey or yellow as it ages and a glass that is colorless indicates the existence of a modern mirror or replacement. The thickness of antique glass is greater than contemporary glass, but without access to the glass, it may be difficult to determine. But, you can take an object like a key and put the point up to the reflection of the mirror. There will be a distance between the mirror and its reflection when the glass is very thick. However, the two appear to touch in modern mirrors.

Antique mirror detailing

It is said that the devil’s in the details, so take a take a close look at the frame is finished. A frame that is old will have been made by hand, so an even and precise design could indicate a contemporary mirror.

What should I look for in one that is antique?

Beyond its practical application an antique mirror can bring instant glamour, style and class to any room Consider what role the mirror could serve. If you’re decorating an unnaturally dark or dull room, you can use a wall mirror.

It will let it open up and give it instant brightness, and at the same time, even in smaller rooms it can create the illusion of more space.

For the greatest impact, you should group mirrors together. For boutique hotels or any other interior with a wide area of wall, like a commercial building A collection of mirrors make a dramatic statement and is a great method to fill up a large area.

Like every antique purchase, make sure you are guided by your own heart and your budget, as well as the place you’re buying to, and only purchase from trustworthy dealers whose products can be assured as authentic.