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How Blinds Are Versatile

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You’re planning to change your window treatments, and you want something that’s not the same as those ugly blinds in white, that are hard to lift? Perhaps you’ve used low-quality vertical blinds that you’re now thinking you’ll never want to do the same thing again. No one can blame you. However, window blinds really can be a fantastic and flexible solution for nearly any home.

Light Control

Blinds with slats are the most effective window treatment for light control because the slats can be tilted either up or down, and can be opened and closed; they give the most customizable light control and privacy. Curtains can be opened or closed, however light will only enter through only a tiny patch of light, which leads to pinpoint light that isn’t properly diffused, which leaves the edges of the room dark. Blinds and shades don’t have this problem.

Blinds also provide a large deal of privacy. We’ve all peeked through the blinds to check who’s on the other side of the door but more than that window blinds are able to be tilted upwards to allow sunlight to enter without letting anyone inside.

Energy Efficiency

Window blinds, like most window treatments, can help improve the effectiveness of the home. They trap air in windows, acting as an insulation, protecting your house and making it more easy to cool or heat. You’ve probably read that windows are one of the most energy-efficient drains within the home, and they are true! In the summer, heat and light are trapped inside the windows, making easier to cool homes, and in the winter cold air is sucked in and makes it much easier to warm the home.

Blinds are cost efficient and also, they are the most affordable alternative for window treatments in the home. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, well within any budget.


Recently, a large amount of attention has been directed to window blinds, claiming they are risky for pets and children. They can get caught between the cords and slats and can’t get themselves unstuck and can result in accidents or even death. But modern window blinds are constructed with strict safety standards to guard your family members from harm.

Blinds with cordless technology have been popular recently, along with motorized blinds which can be operated by a remote. They can even be set to raise and lower as you would like them to. Hunter Douglas, in particular is a top name for this.


As the public becomes more aesthetic conscious, so window blind makers have updated their designs to meet the latest trends. It’s not difficult to find blinds that are made of wood or synthetic materials designed to look like wood. Wood blinds are a way to take what’s typically thought of as an unappealing window treatment option and make it elegant and timeless. Metal window blinds are a stylish, industrial and edgy appearance.

Wood blinds are at risk of becoming old with the sunlight coming in through windows, however synthetic blinds do not have this issue and are more flexible. But, they are greener. Visit your local window treatment store to discover the best option for your home.


Since all window blinds require to be cleaned is dusting and a spot cleaning, they’re among of the most clean forms of window treatment. Without the hassle of having to take them off to clean or the risk of wiping paper down with a wet towel, window blinds are a great choice for cleanliness and convenience. Make sure to dust your blinds at the very least every few months or with a dry cloth or a feather duster.


If you’re still not convinced that window blinds are the right choice for you, there are some similar alternatives you can consider. Gliding panels act much like vertical blinds but are larger, and look much more elegant. They’re laid on top of the window when they’re closed, and when open they fold together to give maximum visibility. This design is ideal for windows that span a large area or doors for porches that require an unique window treatment. They can also be used as stylish, minimalist room dividers.

High Performance Blinds

Honeycomb shades or cellular shades are also a fantastic alternative to blinds. Although they’re less customizable to control light, they are much more private and much more efficient in insulating. There are also top-down or bottom-up movements for maximum privacy. Roman shades are a beautiful and timeless alternative to blinds for windows. They blend the beauty of blinds with the elegance of curtains, however they don’t let the same amount of light into your home as blinds do. Both of these window treatments aren’t so easy to clean as window blinds are, because the cellular shades are usually composed of fabric that isn’t washable, and Roman shades aren’t dismantled to wash. They both offer many advantages as alternatives.

Whatever you decide to do We can assist you in locating the best window treatment solution for your home today. Contact us today…