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Can I use different floor tiles in different rooms?

How do you choose the right bathroom tiles

In the past, the process of choosing bathroom tiles was straightforward, but now there’s an infinite choice of tiles from.

Do you prefer a pattern? What about the size of tiles? Colour? We’re familiar with the stress which is common when you’re trying to find the right tiles for your bathroom, and we’re here to help. From top trends to top tips, we have everything you need to create your perfect bathroom space.

What is the best way to select bathroom tiles for a bathroom?

Make a budget, this will determine the tiles you select. There are a wide variety of tiles which vary greatly in cost, ranging from costly natural stone tiles to inexpensive ceramic. With your budget in mind, take into account samples. These samples allow you to see the actual tile in your space. While removing samples can be lengthy, once you find that perfect tile, we guarantee you’ll be happy.

Alongside setting a budget, we recommend choosing tiles that match your personal style. That doesn’t mean that you should play safe, it’s about understanding the styles that you will return to and are a source of inspiration. Your home can serve as a guide however, don’t let it stifle your. Make mood boards, join on Pinterest, and look at styles to get ideas. Once you know what look you’re looking for You’ll be more confident in selecting the right tiles.

Can I use different floor tiles in different rooms?

There is no set of rules that say that tiles have to match throughout the home. If you are planning to build an open-plan living area, it is possible that your bathroom needs to have the same flooring tiles as the rest of your home. In simple terms you should select the right tiles to match the area. This might have the identical tiles that are used elsewhere in the house or something totally unique to the room. It’s always a good idea apply porcelain tiles to a floor.

Are the bathroom’s wall and floor tiles match?

Like the previous question it is not a rule that says that wall and floor tiles have to match. A uniform look across the entire wall can create a feeling of greater size and more spacious, while different floor tiles can create a sense of space. But, why not mix and match? Installing two kinds of tiles in the same space is an excellent way to make a statement.

Which tiles would be ideal for a small bathroom?

There are many misconceptions regarding tiles and small bathrooms, which is why we decided to provide some insight into the entire situation.

The first myth is that small tiles should not be used in tiny bathrooms. Generally, larger tiles will make the bathroom appear larger and having fewer grout lines makes them easy to clean. However, if you’ve found smaller mosaics or tiles that you are in love with, don’t be afraid to make use of these! Combining large and small tiles can help your room appear larger because the smaller tiles will provide definition and depth, tricking your eyes into thinking that the space is larger than what it is.

The other myth is that you should stick to lighter shades. Light colors will create a feeling of greater size by bouncing light around the space. But, just as mixing large and small tiles can give a sense of depth and dimension, so too can pairing dark and light colors. If you’re leaning towards darker colours utilize the darker hues in spaces with clear lines, like showers and splashbacks.

One thing that is often advised to stay clear of in small bathrooms is patterns. While we don’t recommend covering your bathroom in the pattern of tiles, every tile is needed in the bathroom and patterned tiles are no exception. Use them in small areas and as accent tiles and let the design be as vibrant and colorful or as darkly classic as you’d like, but make sure the rest of the tiles are basic.

What are the latest trends in bathroom design?

We’ve identified the top designs in bathrooms to help inspire you.

Patterns are back

On the floor, the wall or shower floor, patterned tiles are everywhere. And you can understand the reason. They can be found in vibrant hues or soft shades they’re the ideal way to enhance any space including the bathroom. They offer you the chance to experiment and bring some character to your home. 2021 sees a surge in popularity for encaustic patterns tiles as well as wow-factor mosaic tiles. These tiles are available in both ceramic and porcelain and are available in stunning geometric patterns.

Who said neutrals are boring?

Neutral tones usually get the wrong impression as dull and boring, however this year is a time of a fresh revival. The minimalist style is favored by the nude colors like beige and cream, while modern bathrooms are mixing beige and grey to create gorgeous, relaxing atmospheres which are modern and timeless. Alongside these are the classic black and white neutrals. They can give your bathroom a bright lift, a striking appearance or even blend with the classic monochrome look that will always remain trendy.

Dimension Jumping

Put aside the traditional tiles, 3D tiles are entering the scene. As the market becomes saturated, the manufacturers have to think outside of the box. The result? Unique, beautiful tiles that will inject the spirit of fun and personality into your bathroom. These tiles vary from the subtle to the stunning, but all of them provide a sense of movement and texture in your bathroom. This is not a new trend but one we think you should keep your eyes on.

Wood, within the toilet?

Wood isn’t often the material of choice for bathrooms, however ceramic and porcelain tiles have now perfected the wood-effect look and we’re in awe of it! From maple to oak the tiles have acquired the aged, weathered and white-washed look down. This implies it is possible to enjoy the beauty, rustic charm of real wood is finding its way onto bathroom floors and walls without any of the hassle. The majority of homeowners are installing wood-effect tiles in their bathrooms in 2022.

Think Pink

Pink bathrooms are making a comeback, and we’re ecstatic. The shade isn’t restricted to any gender and the range of shades are a perfect match for any interior design. Fresh, vibrant, and trendy, if you’re doubt arises, think pink.

Meet us at the Metro

Metro tiles aren’t an original design and have been around for years. Recently, they’ve received an innovative twist however. The traditional white look has been replaced by an explosion of vibrant shades. Homeowners can mix and match their metro tiles by laying different colours in various patterns, creating an appearance that is truly their own. There are endless possibilities with metro tiles and we don’t see this trend going anywhere other than up.

Other suggestions and tricks for creating your perfect bathroom space

If you’re in a tiny bathroom play with how you lay your tiles. A diagonal pattern can trick the eye into thinking that a space is larger than it is by drawing the eye to the longest size of the room. Chevron and herringbone patterns can do this too! In the event that you’re not a fan of diagonal patterns brick bond may be the better choice. It breaks up the grid-pattern and gives the illusion of more space.

If you’re looking to tile a tiny bathroom, try glossy, metallic or mother-of pearl finish tiles. These can improve the space by giving it much grander proportions than a simple light tile.

There is no longer a time when grout is only available in one colour. Nowadays, grouting is an extra design element within your bathroom. A dark grout paired with white tiles creates an accent. You can even make your tile and grout match colors! This will give your bathroom an elegant, seamless look as well as the illusion of larger area.