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Bathroom Tap Finishes

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Picking the right bathroom taps is as individual as selecting your next car. They’re a practical steady, reliable, and dependable element of your daily life that’s going to be at home for a significant amount of time. How can you be sure you’ve made the right decision? It’s easy: weigh all of your alternatives!

This is a beginner’s guide to the various kinds of bathroom taps as well as their finishes so you can be absolutely certain that you’ve made the right choice.

Important Considerations:
Water Pressure

The pressure of your water determines the faucets you’ll find in your bathroom. Therefore, it’s important that you’re aware of this before you start.

If you’ve installed a tap which requires a high tension to operate, but have low water pressure within your home, you’re likely to get only a tiny rain, which isn’t a good thing.

Before choosing between the various kinds of bathroom taps, you’ll need to make sure you select one that’s appropriate for the pressure system you have installed for it to function properly. If your home has the minimum pressure that is required by the new faucet, then you’re good to go.

Tap Holes

If you’ve got your hands on a beautiful brand new basin (lucky you! ) or simply replacing an old tap, it’s vital that you take note of any tap holes that are pre-drilled. If your basin has only one pre-drilled tap hole, then you’ll require a mixer faucet so you can get both hot and cold water through the same spout. in the case of more than one tap hole, you’ll need some pillar taps – traditionally one for hot water, and one for cold water , or alternatively an articulating deck mixer tap.

If an enthusiast of looking contemporary and possess a bathroom that has no tap holes pre-drilled You can opt for a wall mounted tap you can drill as many holes as you’d like, based on what style of bathroom taps you’d prefer. It’s almost too much freedom!

Bath vs Basin Taps

Be sure to ensure that when buying your faucets that you’re looking at the right ones. In most cases, you’ll be able to get your hands on a matching set of basin and bath taps, or even a pair that’s bundled together. If you’re considering the two separately, you need to ensure you purchase each a particular basin and bath tap because they’re not a one-size-fits-all deal. Be cautious not to try to connect an existing bath tap in a basin – you might lose precious cash and time due to an error.

Types Of Bathroom Taps

Mono Bathroom Mixer Taps

Mono mixer taps are largely straightforward once you’ve discovered their clever name. Mono is a singular tap and mixer, which means a tap that mixes both your hot and cold water into a steady stream.

They’re the most well-known style of bathroom sink taps and come in a huge variety of styles and colors. They’re perfect if you are blessed with a already-drilled tap hole, or even if interested in sleek and minimalist style. Mono basin mixer taps certainly won’t disappoint.

Mono-basin taps are also available in a range of sizes that’s why if you’re adding a smaller basin in your bathroom and want the mini mono bathroom tap to go with it, you’re bound to find one!

Pillar Tap Pairs

Pillar bathroom taps or pillar tap pairs are most often associated with more traditional bathroom style – and you may have perhaps even had one of these stunning taps in your home as a child! They’re an iconic style. Additionally, they’re being offered in more modern designs If you’re looking for more modern styles of bathroom taps.

These amazing taps give you a great control over the desired temperature of water due to the individual hot and cold handle styles. This can be a useful feature when you’re taking in a bathing session for heat sensitive little ones as well as for pets too.

The only drawback to these beautiful basins is the location: if you happen to have two tap holes or can make two tap holes, then you’re covered However, if you’ve chosen a basin that has only one tap hole, it’s best to select a single basin tap. Luckily, many of our taps are offered in a range of designs so it’s likely if you’ve found “the one” however it’s not the right style, there might be something that is similar to your required style available anyway.

Bathroom taps that are wall mounted

These gorgeous bathroom taps are ideal for the person who loves modern design because they stray from traditional basin-mounted taps; although, like any good type of bathroom taps, wall-mounted taps can be found in traditional and modern styles.

One of the benefits of wall mounted taps is easy maintenance of your bath and basin. There are no deck-mounted taps for you to awkwardly try to clean to maintain your deck as clutter-free and tidy as you wish.

While there are no tap holes to stop your ideas for design, it is important to note that you’ll need to put these taps in a practical situ to your basin or bath. Don’t save the top-of-the-line placements for your stylish shower head!

3 hole bathroom faucets

People who want to make a statement will surely be drawn by a striking 3 hole faucet for your bathroom. It’s similar to a two hole tap in that you have both a hot and cold lever as well as the third outlet being the one that is the spout itself in the centre.

These basin taps are suitable for virtually any bathroom style since they’re available in modern and traditional designs. In addition, to make it a multi-faceted tap, 3 hole bath and basin taps come in both wall mounted and deck mounted versions, so you’ll be able to use them no matter your orientation preference.

If you’re blessed with an undrilled basin, it’s possible to alter the location of your three hole taps also. A few people put all three in the centre of their basins, whereas others have the spout in the middle and the hot and cold tap handles near the edges to create a more interesting design.

Tall Bathroom Taps

When you are choosing the faucets for your bathroom you want to have, there are often other aspects to take into consideration aside of the obvious aesthetic desires that we all have. For instance, what type of basin you’ve got. If you’ve opted for an exceptional countertop basin, a lot of standard styles of basin taps don’t have the right height to allow for a flawless flow of water and this is where tall basin faucets are available! High rise mixer taps are beautiful in appearance and perfect for any taller, exquisite countertop basins you may have.

They’re all in mono mixer form and a variety of both modern and traditional designs. As always, be wary of your water pressure when buying a bathroom faucet that is tall, because there’s more space for the water to travel , and you might require a slightly higher pressure than normal.

Bridge Taps

These fabulous bathroom mixer taps have two tap holes, one for the hot and cold handles, which then meet and blend at the spout. This allows you to achieve the ideal water temperature. Bridge taps are more suited to the more traditional people in our lives, often boasting a long spout as well as two crosshead tap handles. But don’t allow their classic appearance deceive you. These gorgeous bathroom basin taps use the latest technology to make sure you get the highest quality products.

Different types of Bath Taps

Bath Shower Mixers

Bath shower mixers provide you the greatest bathroom tap flexibility. They permit you to use an old-fashioned bath filler along with a shower handset stretching from the tap. They are perfect for showers where space is at a premium or to rinse hair while at the bathroom.

Deck Bath mounted Taps

Deck mounted taps can be attached to your bath using holes in your bath rim. Deck mounted taps are the most well-known style of bath taps that you’ll encounter since they’re easy to set up and provide the appearance of a minimalist, clean design.

Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Bath taps that are mounted on the wall are stylish ways to reduce the clutter around your bathtub. The taps are fixed to the wall above the bath, and then extend so that they can fill it. They are ideal for people who prefer simple lines and provide versatility as they can be set up at the foot or alongside the bath. However, wall-mounted faucets are more challenging to install since drilling through the walls are required which also means accessing pipes for maintenance could be harder.

Mono Bath Taps

Mono bath taps make a beautiful simple bath accessory. They have just one handle for controlling flow and temperature and one the water outlet, these faucets are perfect for people looking to create the perfect minimalist bathroom.

Bath Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are ideal for those who want to build an old-fashioned bathroom. They come with separate taps for cold and hot water, they are easy to set up and provide precise control over the temperature.

3 Hole Bath Taps

3 hole taps offer simple control over hot and cold water. These bath taps come with 3 holes, one for control of hot water as well as one for cold-water control, and the third one for a water outlet.

4 and five hole Bath Taps

Our 5 hole and 4 hole bath taps feature warm and cold water control & outlets that come in different combinations. Alongside an ordinary bath outlet, they also come with shower heads that provide the sensation of a relaxing shower at the bathroom.

Bathroom Taps Finish

Black Taps

There’s a chance you’ve seen the latest trend in monochrome bathrooms in Instagram, Pinterest, magazines and even in your neighbors’ homes, and there’s no secret as to the reason why it’s extremely popular. Black bathroom taps offer an elegant and timeless look that immediately adds a touch of class on your property. Sometimes, it’s all about the little things that’s why we’re such big fans of black bathroom taps. It doesn’t matter if you’re all out monochrome, or if you simply fancy some black-style We have the faucet for you.

These stunning taps are available in a multitude of styles. Whether you’re after a bathroom basin tap or a shower in the bathroom mixer tap or both, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself in love with any (or the entire collection) or all) of our taps that are black.

Gold Taps

Making your bathroom an entirely new standard of luxury is pretty much the best reason to invest on a gorgeous gold bathroom tap. Brass bathroom faucets that are polished offer subtle golden tones that will turn your guests green in envy. Mix them up with your bath taps and shower head to create a luxurious bathroom style, or just include a hint of gold with the help of a faucet that is a basin mixer.

Brass Taps

The beauty of brass bathroom taps is the diverse designs and the finish. If you’re looking for an modern look, this Crosswater MRPRO Industrial range is your best bet. The unlacquered brushed brass is made to patina and age over time, whereas an ordinary brushed brass faucet retains its golden hue. Some people prefer things to be a bit more shiny, in which case polished brass taps might be better suited for your house.

Chrome Taps

Sometimes, simplicity is the key and if you’re in love with a subtle design element in your bathroom Chrome bathroom taps can be an absolute game changer. The minimalist taps have an elegant chrome finish that complements every bathroom style, and promise a long lifetime of reliable quality.

With a wide range of different styles, our entire collection of chrome taps will tick every box, making it possible to complete your bathroom with no hassle, regardless of your tap holes or the absence of them!

Something a Little Different

Although chrome taps are a beautiful elegance, there are equally as striking contenders that can add a few hues to your bathroom. For example, copper faucets, rose gold taps, as well as the stainless steel faucets.

Copper bathroom taps will provide a distinctive touch to your bathroom, particularly if you’re a enthusiast of industrial designs and the latter provides an alternative that is slightly more brushed to chrome taps. If you are a fan of the minimalist look of chrome taps but you’re not looking for something quite so sparkling, stainless steel provides another traditional look that can add modern appeal to your shower taps.

As always, each finish can be found in a variety of styles. This means you’re not only limited by the number the tap holes. Be sure to keep on top of the water pressure that is required in order to avoid any installation problems!