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Advantages of Quartz Countertops

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Picking the best material for the counters of yours could be a challenging undertaking. But there are countless alternatives, each with their very own disadvantages and advantages. Like each home improvement project, it eventually boils down to individual preference and budget. But with a lot of choices to wade through, it could be difficult to find out exactly where to begin.

2 of the most popular options are quartz and granite. They are both beautiful, long-lasting, and add a quality of luxury to bathrooms and kitchens. In case you view some amount of HGTV shows, you are likely informed that individuals are fans of 1 or even the other person.

I am noticing that even more homeowners are picking quartz over granite nowadays, and I needed to share several of the reasons of theirs. I certainly would not to tell anyone what they need to or shouldn’t choose for the own home of theirs, but as you have most likely guessed from the title of the post, I am a huge fan of quartz. As I notice it, there are plenty of quartz countertop pros without a great deal of cons.

Let us jump in and take a better look at the way these 2 materials compare.
Quartz versus granite: What is the distinction?

Before we begin, it is crucial to know the fundamentals of both these countertop materials. Granite is an all natural stone which is mined, milled, plus polished creating tiles and slabs. Granite is able to vary in patterns and colors. There are no 2 granite countertops which are identical, because nature does not repeat itself.

Quartz, on another hand, is not completely natural. It’s ninety five % ground natural stone mixed with 5 % polymer resins. Basically, it is ninety five percent natural stone versus one hundred percent, so it is an engineered stone rather than a pure one.

So, exactly how may an engineered stone be better than a pure one? Let us enter 10 benefits quartz has over granite.
10 quartz advantages

Here are a few benefits which quartz has over granite: one. It is more uniform

Unlike granite, quartz could be produced to get a uniform look. If you would like the countertops of yours to get an even and regular look, this’s an obvious edge for quartz.

  1. Repairs are easier

Due to the uniformity, repairs are far easier. While it is extremely improbable for a quartz countertop to chip, in case it does, replacing a busted piece is very simple. With a granite countertop, you can have a rough time matching patterns or colors making repairs.

  1. There is a broad range of colors

On the subject of colors, you are able to find quartz counters in almost any color you would like. And so no matter what the roof of yours and house color combinations are, you will have the ability to uncover a quartz countertop to complement your aesthetic.

  1. It is friendlier towards the environment

Since granite is mined from the ground and typically transported long distances, it is pretty rough on the planet. Quartz, on another hand, could be produced from recycled and local minerals so it is often far more earth friendly than granite.

  1. It involves much less maintenance

Granite must be resealed yearly. It is also essential in order to clean granite counters with a gentle cleanser each day to stay away from staining and also to promote longevity. Quartz, on another hand, does not need to be sealed and does not involve some special care.

  1. It is much more durable

While both substances are long-lasting, quartz is more difficult compared to granite, and it is virtually indestructible.

  1. It is antibacterial

Because quartz is not porous, it resists bacteria. Granite, on another hand, is porous and also should be resealed and consistently cleaned to stay away from bacteria build up. Quartz’s non porous nature causes it to be an ideal countertop option for both the bathroom and the kitchen.

  1. It is able to mimic some material

As I pointed out, quartz is available in a number of styles. It is able to mimic the look of various other stones, also. Thus, in case you like the appearance of marble or granite, but like the quartz advantages, you are able to buy both with quartz. You are able to actually design your quartz counters are like white great surface countertops, except unlike Corian, quartz carries a depth along with complexity to its look that good surface cannot mimic.

  1. It is listed similarly

Despite all the benefits mentioned here, quartz is listed similarly to granite. Thus, you will spend about the exact same for both supplies even though quartz is much more durable, reduced maintenance, and also much easier to restore.

  1. Quartz has a tendency to employ a longer warranty

Due to the durability of its, companies usually present an excellent guarantee on their quartz countertops. The likelihood of you being forced to use it are extremely small, though you will get it in case you want it. Actually, many quartz counters include lifetime warranties. Granite counters do not usually boast exactly the same kind of warranties because damages are much more typical.
Picking out the correct countertop for you

These’re 10 reasons quartz counters may be better than granite counters. Naturally, granite has a set of benefits, also. Ultimately, the countertop information that is right for you personally are going to come right down to a variety of variables. Budget, maintenance, aesthetics, and installation are elements to consider. Plus, countertop area is also a component to think about.