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5 reasons why you should consider a walk in wardrobe

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The walk-in closet is fast becoming a huge trend! It’s now a must-have for homes with a middle-class lifestyle. They’ve long been an emblem for luxury and their practical features will ultimately give the sense of calm your life.

A stroll through your wardrobe could feel like entering Narnia. Attractive and luxurious, walking through wardrobes can bring a sense joy into your house. These wardrobes can help make your home look more attractive and increase the value of your house.

If you’re similar to Carrie Bradshaw and dreaming of having a walk in wardrobe, here at City Wardrobes the fitted furniture company, we’ve come up with our top five reasons why you should think about the idea of a walk-in wardrobe.

1. To stay organized

A walk-in wardrobe inside your home will allow you to look over every item you buy. They are spacious enough for storage of all your possessions. Consider hanging space first and then every detail, including ways to store your jewelry collection.

A designated space for your clothes and accessories can make it easier to get dressed. Be aware of the KonMari method of keeping similar items in one spot that is easily accessible lets you take note of everything you own, thus preventing you from accidentally purchasing additional items of the same type.

2. Create a multi-functional space

A walk-in closet can provide a multi-functional space. The dressing room you have created can provide a quiet and private space. Other features like an dressing table or an island for dressing will give an additional function to your space as well as creating a space that is comfortable. Mirrors allow you to view your clothes from different angles, and make the space appear larger.

3. Take care of clothing

Walk-in wardrobes are a great way to aid in ventilation and the deterrence of mould and mildew. The extra space allows your clothes to breathe and since everything isn’t clogged together, you’ll be able to minimize the likelihood of creases which can lead to more ironing!

Our wardrobes fitted with tops with backs, sides and sides, which makes the furniture more durable and also preventing your clothes from becoming dirty.

4. Beautifully display collections

Present your treasured items with the different interior designs that you can pick from your walk-in closet. Make use of the many racks, shelves, hooks as well as other display units to take pride in what you have.

5. Make use of spaces that are awkward

A well-designed wardrobe will make the most efficient use of space. They can be designed to meet your storage requirements, in order to maximize every space that’s not ideal or overused. If you’re thinking of expanding your house upwards and into the loft, it could be an ideal place for a walk-in wardrobe.