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What exactly is car remapping? What Can I Expect?

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Remapping of cars, also known as ‘chipping’ has become popular with drivers who value performance.

The procedure alters a vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to alter its speed of acceleration. Typically, car makers restrict a car in its factory configurations. Remapping will overwrite those.

But, is it secure? Is remapping a car legal? Can it invalidate insurance coverage or affect resale value? Here, we’ll look at the pros and cons of remapping cars, along with its cost in the short and long term.

What is the term used to describe car reconfiguration?

As previously mentioned that car remapping is a procedure which alters the functions of the car’s ECU. The ECU is the one that controls the performance of the engine and is able to limit how much power the engine is using.

Manufacturers employ the ECU to customize the experience they wish or to conform to the driving rules. The use of an ECU can prolong a vehicle’s life, because it protects that the vehicle from driving excessively. Also, it prolongs the durability of the engine. If your engine’s efficiency is restricted in a specific model, it is able to be used in a subsequent model that has less restrictions on it.

Sometimes, though this can be just a bit too slow for certain drivers. This is the reason why car remapping is so important.

Before we discuss the importance of car remapping it is important to note that it should be handled by a trained professional. Doing it yourself could cause damage to your vehicle and put you at risk when driving.

Remapping is a lengthy process, but in simpler terms, it’s changing the microchip of the engine of a car. This change eliminates the restrictions on the engine, which means that the driver can create the perfect driving experience for the vehicle. In all, there are three major stages:

Modifications and tweaks, making small adjustments to the experience of driving.
In addition, you can make physical changes such as spoilers and coilovers.
Fully optimizing the engine to ensure the best performance.

Remapping cars can be compared to tuning, and the process is typically provided as a service in it.

How much does remapping cost?

The cost for remapping varies on the car’s model and make. model.

Prices may change when you choose to use an auto map switch. There are times when drivers are split over the level of remapping is desired and may decide to install an option that switches between maps.

The true price of remapping the real cost isn’t just the upfront cost It’s the amount you’ll be required to pay in the long run.

Does remapping affect insurance?

Most insurance companies will tell you that changing the car’s registration will impact the cost of insurance. Insurance companies don’t like the idea of changes, and swapping is a major alteration to the car’s overall security, speed, etc.

However, the expense of this insurance can be increased by other aspects. For instance, if you are a new driver and you want to remap your car, it can increase your insurance more. In itself an increase in the cost of insurance could be fine, however, If your insurance rate is already very high, you can expect to see a significant increase.

Remapping your car is considered as a modification. It means that if you don’t notify your insurance company regarding the change, it could cause your insurance to be cancelled. In the event of not telling them, it could result in you driving under a policy that’s invalid.

It’s important to remember that changing your car could alter your loan If you have one, therefore you’ll need to consult with your finance company prior also.

Is remapping a vehicle a crime?

“Is it legal to remap a car?” is a common inquiry from novice car modifiers. At present, there is no law prohibiting the remapping of cars, however it is advised to be handled by an experienced professional.

The only thing that you have to do following the remapping process is inform your insurance company about the new policy.

Benefits of car mapping

Performance is the primary reason people modify their cars. However, there are additional benefits as well.

Sometimes, remapping could boost fuel efficiency as well. If the car is naturally speedier and more efficient then the requirement to press the accelerator less. This improves the vehicle’s mpg as well as its performance on the road.

Remaps do not always are about speed or acceleration neither do they concern acceleration or speed. Sometimes, a remap will enhance handling, making cars more enjoyable to drive.

The improved performance could improve the ability of a vehicle to tow which makes it ideal for holiday getaways and stays.

The disadvantages of car remapping

In addition to the cost of insurance, reconfiguration can come with a number of negatives. The disadvantages of remapping your car are:

Remapping can only benefit turbo engines. There are significant losses when you remap a non-turbo engine.
The strain on engines from cars that have been remapped is much greater, due to the increased performance, speed and power of the engine.
The speeding process is much more easy in a car that has been remapped.
Sometimes, drivers will have to buy higher-octane fuel to operate their vehicle and is generally more expensive.

Like the tuning of your car, deliberating if the remapping process is worthwhile is entirely up to you. For the majority of drivers, however they’d be better off using an unmodified, basic vehicle.