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The Benefits of Regular Valeting

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A few of our clients have their cars cleaned each month, and some even get it done each week. On the other hand, when we speak of regular valeting, we are talking about frequently enough to manage how well your car to stay on top of issues, prepare your car for the season and ensure that your paint protection is kept with protection. This is 3-4 times per year. Between these dates, you must clean your car by your self, not using auto-washing machines! A clean, waxed, valeted car is easy to wash.

So what are the advantages?

Our goal is to increase its value car and to keep it in good condition to make you appear attractive. It is important to have a vehicle that is in top shape and not just because it was removed when it’s the time for you to dispose of it. But throughout the entire time you own it, it will always look new. When it comes time to selling your car, the car will remain in perfect condition and will fetch the best value for a vehicle older than it is. In this case, you will get the money you paid for cleaning.

What are the main things to consider:

The most common thing people do when buying an automobile is to begin with great intentions. However, we live hectic lives, and, after a while, the washing and waxing process turns into a simple wash. The interval between washing becomes more and more time. If you don’t regularly wax your paintwork, it gets oxidized and possibly stained. If the paintwork becomes being dull and flat, it is difficult to clean, and it is a tedious task. Your car will be filthy more often. The dirt is a source of contaminants and road salts that adhere to the paintwork, and then further damage the paintwork. Some of these harmful pollutants can eventually make their way through your paintwork , eventually reaching the metalwork and create rust, particularly where the paintwork is damaged through stone chips, and the kinds of scratches and scuffs you find in car parks at supermarkets. There are always more of them and they don’t be a big deal anymore. This is just the outside.

Before you know it , you have your car being called ‘my taxi’ or ‘my old banger’ and you think you should trade it in for a brand new one. However, when you decide to sell your car, you discover that it’s worth thousands or hundreds of dollars lower than similar vehicles similar to yours that are in good working order. It is then that you begin to contemplate calling an agent.

and how we see things should be:

We suggest that you bring your vehicle to us as new. We offer protective coatings to protect your painted surfaces, as well as coatings for your carpets and seats even mist and rain impervious coatings to your windows! With all of these coatings, your car will be easy to maintain, take it back each and every so often to check up and top-up. Also, on sunny days (should it cease to rain) there’s not much to do except clean, rinse, and wash off. With the ability to keep your paintwork polished, this is an enjoyable task, with every wash leaves a stunning polished look.

However, unless you do a lot to clean your car, you won’t ensure that your vehicle is completely free of dirt. Dirt will build up in those difficult-to-access areas where your sponge can’t be able to. There is also an accumulation of road traffic film. you’ll often notice this in the form of an oily layer that appears on your windscreen. By bringing your vehicle in for inspection frequently allows us to get rid of the build-up using special chemicals as well as our high pressure washing machines.

Dirt can cause damage and age your vehicle, which can devalue your car. The outside dirt has harmful substances and pollutants that harm paintwork. Dirt and grit inside behaves like sandpaper and is incorporated into your fabric which causes wear. Regularly removing it keeps wear and wear to the minimal. You’ve probably been told this before, but if you maintain your vehicle (house or garden or whatever) well-maintained and in good shape and in good condition, you will take more care of it and maintain it better. There’s been a whole new type of television show that focus on houses, such as “How clean is your Home and House Doctor’. The same principles that are taught in these shows regarding maintaining cleanliness and maximising the value can be applied to your vehicle. Without doubt, the time when your car is at its most aging is during those wintertime months. It’s wet all the time, and the council puts salt and grit onto the roads, which can be extremely damaging to your vehicle. The mud that is wet gets into your car , making it dirty and damp. It remains wet for long periods. This can lead to the growth of the growth of bacteria, germs and mildew.

We suggest that you visit us during the autumn months between October and November and let us prepare your vehicle for winter. This is when it is essential to repair the damaged paintwork, and then apply a nice thick coat of long-lasting wax. Also, we would like to visit your car around March to conduct a spring clean so that we can get rid of the winter elements from your vehicle and address any issues that were that are caused by the harsh weather. We’d also prefer to meet you in July, as the summer months are not without their own issues. The sun’s heat burns away the wax off of your car and exposes it for UV radiation. The warm winds that come originate from Russian or even from Africa are accompanied by fine dust that gets deposited on your vehicle (the dust that comes from the East is gray and it is pink from South can be pink) The dust creates small scratches across your car that require polishing to eliminate the. Another thing to note about summer is that the cold drinks are known to are prone to ending in splashes on the seats.


That’s it. We believe that it is important to bring your vehicle to us as new and return it at least three times per year. It’s not as expensive as you believe, not just because we let you avail special offers and discounts when you make reservations frequently, but also because if you let us to take care of your issues that way, there won’t be too much for us to complete and you don’t have to purchase a valet each time you come in to us. However, every penny you invest will be an investment that is repaid to you once it’s the time to sell your vehicle. We have proven that vehicles maintained in A1 condition sell for many times more money than cars in poor or average state. This alone is a the reason you should regularly use a car cleaning company. Maintaining your car in top condition for the entire time you have it is a bonus!