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What To Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth For A Party

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The DJ is second only to the photo booth Second only to the DJ, photo booths are quickly becoming the standard entertainment options for guests at events. But it’s not just an issue of searching online or calling around some booth vendors and settling for the lowest cost.

There are some things you should consider when you go with photo booth hire Darlington. In this post, I’m going to provide you with a list of the most important aspects to look at when you hire a photo booth at your next celebration.

Things to take into consideration include:

The Size Of Your Booth

Does it fit into the right space for the venue you have chosen?

Are you able to use it as an improvised booth that can easily be moved between floors and later assembled on site?

Can it accommodate enough persons? Some seating that are only able to cope with one or two people. Others can handle between 10-12 people. Ask the potential supplier

Your Visitors

What kind of crowd are your guests? There’s a vast distinction between guests at an 18th birthday party or a 25th anniversary party.

It is important to inquire with your booth provider to determine how durable the booth will be , and whether they’re willing to design the booth for this type of event. 18-year-olds can be exuberant!


As a direct link to the part that was mentioned above regarding the size of your venue is also the possibility to request an example of these:

Make sure the booth is fireproof including the curtains, etc. Be wary of booths that use components such as MDF to cushion seating.
A Test of Portable Appliances (PAT) certificate

WiFi – does your establishment offer free access to wifi connection? This will be required for live posting of photos on Facebook in the event that a hard wire Ethernet connection isn’t in place (and typically, there isn’t one).

Social Media

In the spirit of the previous point , ask your service provider whether the booth provides the possibility of live posting of your images to Facebook This doesn’t need to mean that all of the pictures will be automatically posted to Facebook however it allows visitors the possibility of posting to post photos from inside the booth.

In many cases, you’ll also be able to share your posts on either your personal Facebook page or the one of the booth vendor.

Share Pod Do you have a booth provider who offer sharing pods for social media? It’s an interactive stand which is placed outside of the booth. It allows guests to share and view images outside the booth at the time of your event. It also offers additional options like posting on Twitter or pin it to Pinterest.

The Photo Booth

I’ve already discussed the dimensions of booths, as well as safety as well as social media. Other factors to think about when you are hiring a booth for your event include:

The color – do need a simple white booth that is frequent for weddings? A booth in black? Are you content with your booth to bear the logo of your booth’s vendor on it?

Do you wish to have your own logo, images or even messages displayed in the booth? While it is it could be an extra expense if you’d like and can afford, it’s worth asking your booth provider whether this is something they offer, whether it’s you need a single panel or a entire booth.

External Screen Do the booth you’re planning to book have A screen that is external? They are ideal for guests who are mingling or waiting for the entrance to the booth to look at the pictures of people who are in the booth highly recommended when you inquire with the booth vendor.

Green Screen This is the feature that lets your guests to select the background they want to take photos in front of. Your booth is basically panels or a green curtain inside, and your guests will be presented with a selection of backgrounds available on the touchscreen. These backgrounds will be displayed on the picture in lieu on the screen behind them.

Digital Props props are an excellent way to entertain your guests, but there’s an limit to the quantity and types of props your booth provider can supply. Digital props, on the other hand allow guests to select from a an array of props that , with the help of facial recognition, can be placed over or on the sides of their mouths, eyes head, or even the entire face.

Digital props are among the most recent developments in photo booths for parties. It is certainly worthwhile asking the booth provider whether their booth is equipped with the option.

Photo Booth Options

If you’re thinking of hiring a booth to take photos for your event, you must be aware of some possibilities available or as included in the price

Guest book and a second set of prints Do you have a booth service provider who offer this option? If it is, I’d suggest it since it can provide you and your loved ones with many months, weeks and perhaps even decades of wonderful memories from your event.

Time of use and delivery is it limited to the times that your booth’s owners will say they can set up the time frame they’ll provide the booth? If there’s a specific period of time during which the room will be used prior to the event i.e for speeches, presentations or even sit-down food that you do not wish to be interrupted by the set-up of your booth, inquire about the possibility of a earlier arrival and setup time. This is also commonly called in the business as “idle timing”.

Keyrings – they are an excellent option especially for guests to take home with them. Based on the vendor you choose for your booth, you may be in a position to purchase a variety of keyrings within the package that your booth attendant will create using photos from guests, or permit your booth vendor to give them out to guests as a gift they can purchase during the event.

When hiring an event photo booth to host the occasion have been known to sign an arrangement with the vendor of the booth where the keyrings are bought by guests. A portion of that revenue is credited against the price of the booth. It could be worth asking.

Costume Props for Dressing Up – I’ve talked about digital props, However, physical props may be a great way to entertain your guests. Make sure to check if they are included as part of your hire, or are an additional option.

If you’re having an event themed to your theme, ask for a set of themed props are available or if the party host would be happy to bring your own. One thing be aware of is using green screens – it’s not a good idea use props that have green in them, though it could lead to some interesting photos.

Your Photos

I’ve mentioned greenscreen backgrounds , but there are many other things to consider prior to your celebration:

Photo layout – do wish your guests to have an option between layouts i.e. just one image or a layout with two, three or 4 photos on it. When you are using multiple photos, you need the photos to be square to the edges of the photo or in different angles.

Background – Do want an individual background for your photograph? The image of your guests be placed? What do you prefer to see to see on the background? You can create an individual background for your photograph as a whole and to allow guests choose the background using a green screen for their photo during the session.

Text – Do want any text overlayed onto your images i.e cara’s 21st Party, Rob & Ali’s 20th anniversary etc? Where would you like this text to be placed – in the middle, or elsewhere on the image?

All of these must be discussed prior to the time you meet with your vendor when you hire a booth for a celebration. The final thing you’d like to find out is that you’ve got last-minute adjustments which need to be completed but will eat into the time you have to hire or, in the worst case cannot be completed at the end of the night.
Your Photo Booth Participant

If you’re hiring an event photo booth for your event, it is likely to come with an “photo booth host”. This could be a trained professional or the owner of the booth. The things you should confirm with your vendor prior to your visit include:

Dress code: Most people dress smartly in a formal manner. However, do you have particular dress requirements? i.e the dinner jacket color, theme dress, etc .? Make sure you discuss these requirements in advance with your vendor.

CRB Do you need to check this for your event? Does your supplier have an attendant who is CRB-checked? If it’s a requirement, make sure that you confirm this prior to the event to confirm that a the right person is present for your party.

Other Booth Styles

Are you in search of something different in the photo booth for your event? Are you planning a theme for your party? Always ask whether your vendor has other types of booths they can offer. The options include Taxi Cabs, Rickshaw Booths (tuk tuk), A-Team Vans, VW Campers and Retro Caravans.

I hope that this article will provide you with a helpful checklist of questions to think about and ask your vendor when you’re considering hiring an event photo booth celebration or any other occasion.

You are welcome to use it as a guideline and forward it to anyone who may be considering or are interested in hiring a booth for their event.