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The Pros and Cons of Botox in Glasgow

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If you’re worried about skin lines and wrinkles, you probably have heard about Botox. Botox is a brand of a toxin created by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum plus was the very first drug to take injectable botulinum toxin. Botox is a drug which doctors primarily utilize to treat wrinkles. Botox injection therapy block synthetic indicators from the nervous feelings in the specific area, which indicates the muscles to prevent contracting and unwind. Botox may additionally be utilized for treating different health conditions like persistent migraines, neck spasms, sweating and other things.

We provide Botox injections to patients desiring to help avoid and improve face lines and wrinkles. In case you’re contemplating getting Botox Glasgow, we let you to continue reading to find out more about it and find when it’s best for you.
Pros of Botox

Based on the pros, botulinum toxin injection therapy, like Botox, could be used to:

Smooth crow’s legs, frown lines, forehead furrows, lip lines and bunny lines
Diminish neck bands
Enhance the look of epidermis dimpling of the chin
Lift up the sides of the mouth
Soften a square jawline
Fix a gummy smile

Who Should Get Botox?

You may wish to consider Botox in case you’re worried about facial wrinkles or fine lines. Lots of licensed health professionals recommend getting Botox when apparent wrinkles or maybe lines are seen when the face of yours is relaxed.

An authorized doctor may recommend you’re a great candidate for Botox if:

You’ve moderate to severe face wrinkles
The wrinkles of yours are placed around and between the eyes, on the temple and across the neck
You’re in good general health
You’ve expectations that are realistic for improvement

In order to protect the health of yours and get your desired outcomes, you need to see an authorized doctor with expertise in these aesthetic procedures. Injecting Botox might look simple, but in depth medical knowledge of the way the body functions is necessary for the procedure to be accomplished safely.
Cons of Botox

Botox is frequently considered healthy. Nevertheless, there are actually chances of botulinum toxin injection therapy, like Botox, to be conscious of. The unwanted side effects and complications include:

Bruising and discomfort in the injection site
Flu-like symptoms
Temporary skin weakness or perhaps drooping
In situations that are rare, the botulinum toxin might spread outside of the treatment area, leading to botulism like signs and problems like breathing problems, difficulty swallowing, muscle weakness and slurred speech

Furthermore, with preventive Botox, you risk “frozen” facial expressions, that results from the procedure’s muscle relaxing effects. When you do not have some wrinkles to start with, you may wish to thoroughly weigh the unwanted side effects and results of Botox. Be sure to consult with an authorized doctor prior to getting the therapy to verify this therapy is right for you.
Who Shouldn’t Get Botox?

Those people who are expecting or even intending to be pregnant, breastfeeding, sensitive to cow’s milk protein or even enjoy a neurological disease shouldn’t get Botox. If you’ve any concerns or questions about the health background of yours, you need to talk with the physician of yours prior to experiencing a Botox procedure.

Besides, it must be noted that Botox by itself doesn’t focus on each kind of wrinkle. You will find two main categories of wrinkles – static and dynamic.

Dynamic wrinkles: created by muscular movement, like smiling, squinting or laughing
Botox is a great choice because of this kind of wrinkle
Static wrinkles: the result of a loss of collagen and suppleness in the skin
Fillers or a mix of Botox and fillers are a far more effective option because of this kind of wrinkle

The Procedure

Throughout this particular process, a small needle is going to be utilized to inject Botox into the specific area. The amount of injections will likely be based upon the dimensions of the spot being treated. You are going to be ready to resume regular activities after having this particular procedure. Nevertheless, patients are urged to stay away from rubbing or touching the spot, stay away from heavy exercise for twenty four hours and stay in an upright position for 6 hours.

Results are able to last between 3 to four months. We recommend scheduling follow up injections to maintain the results of yours.

Cosmetic Botox

In case you’ve questions about Botox, do not hesitate to contact the knowledgeable staff today of ours.