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Should I give myself a new style?

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There are two kinds of people on the planet those who have worn the same hairstyle since they were six an age, or those who change their hairstyles often enough that when they meet a person with new hair colors, they’d like to give it a go just for fun.
The moment that you decide to change one’s hairstyle, it generally a major event. Although I enjoyed the length of my hair I became bored of the same hairstyle during my high school time. I experimented with bangs and layers to keep it fresh.

But, I was determined to go for something more dramatic following graduation. It was the final chapter of an era , and being at a school that didn’t permit me to dye my hair was extremely exciting for me to experiment. I dyed it a more light than I did, but it definitely made my feel as if I was a different person. I’ve been trying the same color of hair since then however having tried it feels more powerful.

Even if you’re not ready to change the change, altering your hairstyle is a huge decision. Making the decision to dye it blue or cut off a portion of your hair says something about you personally. One of my most favorite things is seeing people with hairstyles that are different that make me think that they’re courageous and intriguing. It doesn’t matter that you do not want to accept the style, but the way your appearance will say a lot about your personality.

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Therefore … to be able to decide on how you wish to be perceived You must carefully choose the next step.



*Bangs look amazing. Have you seen Zooey Deschanel??? She is adorable and adorable. They can enhance certain facial features to make them look more attractive.

*You decide on how you will wear your hair- straight or moved away. They can be worn in a variety of ways. It is possible to have a completely various hairstyles based on the occasion.

They can also cover up pimples that appear on your forehead. I did this frequently while I was growing my bangs and they were really useful prior to puberty hitting.


*You must be clear with your stylist regarding the length you would like your bangs to be. You could end up with a hair that covers only the width of one centimeter on your forehead if not attentive enough.

If you’re not consistent you may see it grow over some months, and then you’ll lose it. Long and straight bangs can cause a lot of eye ache … actually.

Living in an area that’s typically humid and hot can make having a blitz very stressful. Making sure they’re maintained in the way you want them to be can be a time-consuming process.



Short hair can help you appear more elegant.

It is simpler to maintain. Do you have to spend many dollars on conditioner and shampoo? Don’t anymore!

Short hairstyles are very fashionable today. It’s trendy!


Short hair can restrict your choices. It’s almost impossible to braid or tie it up or make any other use of it. It is contingent on the length you’d like to cut it.

It’s possible to feel weird initially. If you’ve never cut your hair short previously, I’d suggest you cut it small at a time until you’re at ease. ALSO ensure that you pick a style that is in line with your face’s shape.



It’s a subtle method to modify your hairstyle. It’s is a great way to start when you’ve never tried changing it before. You can keep the same length but have the new look.

Layers can give the body and volume for your hair. If you’re the kind of person who cut her hair straight This is a great method to alter your hairstyle without having abandon your hairstyle altogether.


Like with shorter hair it’s difficult to style hair that is with layers. The hair looks messy. The process of tying your hair takes excessive Bobby pins.

If you don’t natural straight hair, then layers can create excessive volume to your life. If you’re not seeking volume, you could have tiny layers.

Dyeing your hair


Try an ombre or balayage style before coloring everything, but it will still be an entirely different hairstyle.

If you’re brunette, you may find yourself more comfortable as blonde than brunette or reverse.

Experimenting with colors outside of the usual palette (pink blue, red and gray) will make you appear more daring. You’ll feel like a different person.


The process of dyeing your hair could cost you a lot. For one it could be first time at an establishment for hair, so it could be costly. You may also like to keep the color. If you don’t want your blonde hair to turn into an balayage, you’ll have to make a trip to touch it.

The color you got might not be the one you had in mind at the time of your purchase.

Bleaching and keeping the color may cause damage to your hair if frequently do it.

You should think about the shade of your skin to make sure that the color matches. If you are a fan of the color you have and want to experiment with it take a leap of faith!

OTHER ways to change your hairstyle

It is always possible to alter how your hair looks. If you’re used to having it straight, try to curl it for a few days. It is also possible to do the reverse.

You can braid it at times. There are many braids that you can attempt, and they generally appear beautiful!

You can change the color using Crayolas. They’re not long-lasting, and you may also want to test an alternative color to use for reference in the future.

*Try to do overnight tutorials. They don’t employ the heat that can prevent the hair from being damaged and it will look different.