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Can I Get Paid For Completing Surveys?

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Cash, gift cards or pre-paid credit cards as well as sweepstakes entries – these are the principal rewards options that survey companies offer their customers to complete online surveys. At first glance, cash may seem like the most rewarding option, however you may be shocked to discover that it’s not always the best option.

Cash is the king isn’t it?

Cash payments made directly to PayPal PayPal account can be the most well-known method to earn money for taking surveys. Cash is versatile , and it’s great to to to spend it however method you want – thus its popularity.

However, cash-based payments may also come with some disadvantages, particularly when it comes to charges. If you’re looking to use cash for your payment Try to locate survey websites that don’t charge cash redemption fees since PayPal payment specifically may incur an additional 2% fee for withdrawal for some survey sites online.


There are no restrictions: Cash can be used however you want – whether it’s to pay a bill or repay a loan for a college student or to pay off a student loan, etc. You are able to spend your cash however you wish and not be restricted to a particular retailer or payment method (online as opposed to offline).
The convenience is due to the same reasons as mentioned above. Particularly for Europe and Australia banks are not uncommon, which means that cash payments can be made direct to your banking account without needing to be processed by an external payment processor, such as Skrill as well as PayPal.
Don’t worry about loss of your cash transaction as you would with an email gift card number.
There is no chance of getting an gift card that does not work. Cash sent through PayPal is not a fake.

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Making an PayPal payment can be more time-consuming; it could require you to spend $20 (vs 10 dollars for gift cards for instance) worth of earnings from surveys to get the PayPal money transfer or a bank.
PayPal transactions can be subject to costs; some market research firms and GPT programmes charge service charge for PayPal withdrawals. This could be anything between 1-3 percentage.
Transferring the PayPal amount to your account at a bank might result in a charge when the amount is small (refer to the fee structure of PayPal, which is available at their site).
Transfers to a bank account might require you to set an account through a third-party site as an additional step to get your money.
PayPal isn’t accessible in many small, lesser developed nations.

The sites that offer PayPal cash include PointClub along with LifePoints.

Survey sites that accept bank transfers are: Branded Surveys and Pinecone Research

Options for gift cards

In physical form or sent as a gift card Gift cards have grown in popularity in recent decades. The new options such as Rewards Link and GCodes have transformed the idea that gift cards are only able to be used at one location and some gift cards now offering the option of spending in multiple stores.

Redeeming gift cards is simple and usually very quick; Certain survey companies will issue gift cards right away in the first 48 hours after receiving your request.


It is easy to use both online and in-store. The majority of survey websites offer gift cards to stores that you are likely to visit frequently (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc. ).
Re-gifting is simple, particularly with gift cards that are physical.
Sometimes, they are issued immediately after receiving for one by a survey business.
There are no fees to pay when you request an offer from a survey firm or redeeming it.
The age of majority rules typically do not apply. Generally speaking teenagers and kids can make use of gift cards (especially at a store).


It can only be used in one shop (Reward Link cards are an exception).
The possibility of theft or loss is a real possibility.
It’s not easy to make a purchase particularly if it’s for the kind of retailer you’ve never frequent.
It can be difficult to convert into the cash equivalent or another type of gift card. Some conversion websites for gift cards aren’t able to take gift card from every retailer. Additionally, when you exchange or sell an existing gift card, some of its value may be lost.

Websites that sell gift cards include Tellwut as well as Panel Champ.

Credit cards that are pre-paid

The pre-paid credit card has existed for quite a while in physical form. However, in recent times, the digital model has seen a rise in popularity. They both Visa and Mastercard have pre-paid cards available that are available on the internet and utilized in the same way as a regular credit card is. Any store that will accept credit card payments (whether on the internet or at a store) can also accept a credit card that has been pre-paid.

With digital pre-paid credit cards, you can choose to have the physical card to be sent to you (for cost) or the card’s details (card number, expiry date date, etc.).) can be entered on an online checkout page as you would with a normal credit card.


Flexible and convenient – it is able to be utilized at virtually any retail or online retailer that will accept credit card.
Typically, surveys are awarded rapidly by survey companies.
Re-gifting is simple, particularly with pre-paid physical cards.


It can be difficult to make purchases online, especially if you are using it across several stores (i.e. irregular balance amounts may be difficult to utilize It is better to utilize the entire value at one time).
Costs associated with requesting the conversion of a digital card to a physical card.
Not suitable for people younger than the age of majority.
You must sign into Visa or Mastercard’s site in order to create an account.

Websites that provide pre-paid Visa cards include PointClub along with Univox Community.

Sweepstakes entries

Entry into sweepstakes draw draws are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes. Opinion Outpost for instance, allows new members to have a chance to win $25k in sweepstakes. Other sites such as InstaGC provide pots of points that could be won by spending a tiny amount of points to win a huge prize of points.

In general, survey websites provide sweepstakes and draws if you are disqualified from taking an online survey. In the case of LEO Surveys sweepstakes entries are usually offered along with a points reward.


There is a chance to get a prize that more than the amount of survey points that you have spent bidding for it.
It’s fun to win!
This is a great method to redeem points that isn’t enough to redeem for another reward alternative (cash or gift card etc. ).
It is a great means to possibly acquire an item of high worth, or even cash.


The sweepstakes will determine your odds of winning the prize could be extremely low.
If you do not win any prize, you’ve gained nothing of value from the spendable points.
Certain survey websites that are shady could not actually pick a winner. You should only take part in draws with winners lists publicly available!

To summarize it all

There’s no right or wrong’ choice when it comes to using your points earned by conducting legitimate online surveys, however, it’s best to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one in mind while making your decision. It’s not a good idea to watch that your initial $50 PayPal payment dwindle to just $46 after fees, or end up with an account that which you’re not using it for. If you keep the tips above at hand, you’ll get the maximum value of any reward choices you make!