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Why Switch to E-Cigs?

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E-Cigarettes offer five primary benefits over conventional cigarettes:

  1. ninety % cheaper
    The equivalent to more or less forty cigarettes (one E Cig cartridge) costs as low as 1.50. Compared to two packs of twenty cigarettes costing £18, which provides a ninety two % saving.

The Ego of ours, Evod and iTaste vapourizers are actually more affordable – a container of liquid is able to last 2 3 weeks and costs just £3 – imagine vaping for only £1/week!

  1. No burning, smoke, tar or perhaps ash
    Conventional cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals and toxins like cyanide. For every ten packs of twenty cigarettes burned, 2g – around a teaspoon – of tar (similar to road tar) continues to be in the lungs of yours. The damaging effects of smoking do not come through the tobacco or maybe nicotine itself, but from the smoke produced by burning up the tobacco.

By comparison our E Liquid and cartridges contain five main components, that are approved for human consumption – nicotine, water, vegetable glycol (used in food and a product of coconut, soya or maybe palm oil), propylene glycol (which is likewise utilized to purify air) and flavouring. Above all, since you are not burning tobacco there’s no toxic smoke and no tar.

  1. Vape practically anywhere
    Gone are actually the days of smoking in pubs, bars, casinos, public transportation, sports venues, music arenas and lots of friend’s houses and hotel rooms. But E Cigs haven’t been made illegal to use wherever! Appreciate the flexibility to take Disposable vapes nearly anywhere.
  2. No awful smell – and food will taste better
    The E Liquid of ours is actually scented so that when you vape all the senses of yours like an authentic, realistic smoking experience. Though the scent instantly disappears, leaving no horrible burning smell on you or maybe the garments of yours.

Being a result, the sense of yours of smell is going to come alive once again, providing large advantages, maybe the very best of that is food tasting considerably better.

  1. Different strengths allow you to quickly control or even reduce nicotine intake
    The range of ours of E Liquid and cartridges comes in five nicotine strengths, including zero nicotine, enabling you to select the proper level based on the desires of yours.

Change strength throughout the day – for instance lower in the early morning generally minimizes the desire of yours to smoke for the majority of the day.
Change strength for various events – for instance go for a moderate strength the majority of the time and a high (regular) strength for special events like visits and parties to the pub.
Reduce strength over time – E Cigs cannot yet be sold as smoking cessation devices, therefore we are not saying they are going to enable you to give up conventional cigarettes. But in case you are making the switch, numerous clients have written to us and told us exactly how they’ve slowly reduced the nicotine level they use, including all of the way down to zero!

How can E Cigs work?

You will find 2 E-Cig types – conventional E Cigs that are actually exactly the same size as tobacco cigarettes, and coming generation Vapourizers which are bigger, have 4x longer battery life, and make much more taste and vapour. Both work likewise with a couple of subtle differences.

Standard E-Cigs
A battery can make up the majority of the length of the E Cigarette. It’s attached to a cartomiser cartridge with the nicotine E Liquid as well as an atomizer. If you inhale, the atomizer vapourizers the E Liquid, transforming it into flavoured water vapour that contains nicotine.

You eat this particular vapour in precisely the exact same way you will smoke a conventional cigarette. It offers the total experience and satisfaction of smoking, but as there’s no burning there’s no smoke, ash or perhaps tar.