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Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids- An Audiologist’s Review

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In August 2020, the Swiss company Phonak unveiled their newest hearing aid, the Phonak Paradise. This particular hearing aid makes several crucial changes over the Phonak Marvel line.

The Chip.

The hearing aid includes an all brand-new processor, the Real Time Intelligent Sound Management (PRISM) chip. The Phonak Marvel has two times the memory of the prior model, giving it much more Bluetooth connectivity and much more energy, without compromising on battery life.


You are able to have as much as eight Bluetooth devices attached to the Paradise and 2 of them may be attached at the very same time. The app enables the person to establish the volume level, set the bass or treble balance and switch off of noise cancellation for the listening atmosphere.

Actions Sensors

The Paradise has cutting edge integrated motion sensors offering better hearing and good direction while walking and running while having a chat with someone. This particular technology is able to detect if the wearer is moving or even standing still and detects if the hearing is now being challenged.

Faucet Control

In previous versions, a push button on the tool will let you access Bluetooth attributes including pausing streaming or even responding to a phone call. With Tap Control, Paradise goes even more. You are able to work with the hearing aid to control all your smartphone devices’voice Assistants, like Alexa, Google and Siri, most with a double tap.


Just like the various other 2 decades of Phonak hearing aids (Belong as well as Marvel), the Paradise is additionally rechargeable. You need to recognize the functions of the Motion Sensors and Tap Control are just sold in the chargeable model instead of in the higher degrees of engineering. The battery life of the aid is remarkable. The standard user is going to get no less than sixteen hours of use from a complete charge (eight hours of regular use and eight hours of streaming / television connector use). You are able to get as much as 24 hours of use without any streaming.


Overall, the Phonak Paradise is a tremendous enhancement over its predecessors. In case you’ve an enthusiastic interest in discovering a hearing aid with attributes which are cutting edge, Bluetooth connectivity as well as user friendly settings, this’s possibly the very best hearing aid for you. You will find 4 technology levels:

Phonak Audeo Paradise P30 – This’s the basic level choice for individuals who need assistance with hearing speech in peaceful cases, background noise, and watching television.

The Silver – Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 is a good option for all those people that require a little background noise assistance but are within a strict budget. Above as well as beyond this technology, movement detectors are brought into play to make the user a far more natural and focused sound.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P70 gold – the gold level of technologies has all The exact same functions as The Silver but provides a number of thrilling brand new ones. The P70 or perhaps above is the very best option in case you love the Tap Control characteristics. They’re additionally ideal for those who appreciate the open and like listening to music, since they’ve an instant music program as well as wind noise reduction.

The P90 is the roof of the number Phonak Audeo Paradise P90. it comes with a built in Dynamic Noise as well as speech Enhancer Cancellation that is ideal for individuals with hectic lifestyles.