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How Does Sports Massage Help?

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The title Sports massage suggests its limited to ‘sporty’ or athletic individuals, it’s an illusion. Massage for sports targets the muscles and soft tissue within the body. It aims at reduce pain and aches, getting you to your optimal posture, and avoid injuries that could occur in the future.

A sports massage can be beneficial to all, from professionals to office employees.

Benefits of massage

Sports Massage has so many advantages for your body, helping you both physically and psychologically.

Improves range of MotionMassage can help improve the range of motion of the muscles by removing adhesions, reducing tightness in the muscles and increasing elasticity.
Increases the use of MusclesMassage is a great way to reduce tightness in the muscles as well as scar tissue & adhesions, each of which limits the muscles capabilities.
Accelerates Recovery Following Injury Massage improves blood circulation and assists in the recovery process. Eliminating waste materials from the soft tissue & replenishing the blood with oxygen and nutrients.
Reduces Scar TissueMassage is used to help realign scar tissue, diminishing its appearance and increasing the movement opportunities around the wound.
Improves Confidence- Massage can be used prior to an event to alleviate any aches and pains from training and to boost confidence in what your body is capable of.
Increases self-awareness through the touch of a massage you will be able to identify areas that are tense and tight, or weak. This in-turn will give you an understanding of the way your muscles perform and help you adjust the training you are doing.
Increases Energy Levels- Massage improves blood flow throughout the body. The blood delivers oxygen to muscles that are required for energy.
Improves Performance- As a result of all the advantages mentioned above, you will also see an improvement to your chosen field of play. Improved range of motion, improved muscular capabilities, and more conscious of whats going on in you body.
Reduces Heart Rate & Blood Pressure- Massage aids to shut off the sympathetic nervous system (flight and flight) and encourages the parasympathetic nerve system (involuntary) it triggers a resting response in the body. This reduces blood pressure and heart rate.
Increases Blood flow- Massage stimulates blood flow to muscles providing oxygen and nutrients into the tissue and eliminating waste.
Reduces Pain – Reducing tension and eliminating waste materials in the soft tissue helps to ease the discomfort temporarily. Adjusting the posture and misbalance of the body will help decrease the pain over time.
Aids Relaxation- Massage reduces muscle tension and eases muscles. This in turn helps clients to relax.
Improves MoodMassage can increase the hormones that feel good, such as oxytocin and serotonin meaning you will always feel more relaxed than when you walked in!
It reduces anxiety and stress- Massage can increase the levels of those feel good hormones. Additionally, it reduces Cortisol, a stress hormone as well as adrenaline, which can reduce stress & anxiety. When someone has a chronic issue the condition can trigger anxiety and stress, massage assists in reducing the discomfort and signs of the illness in addition to allowing relaxation reducing the anxiety associated with the illness.
Improved Sleep – By reducing the pain, anxiety and stress and giving the time to relax, massage will help you to have a restful night’s sleep.

The Importance of Assessment

Each treatment begins by assessing your body, whether it’s looking at the way you walk, your posture or flexibility of your muscles. By taking a look at your body, your registered sports massage therapist can determine any muscle imbalances in the body. They will then use techniques to address the imbalance, aiming to bring more harmony to the body.

What we are looking for

Short and strong muscles
Muscles that are weak and long

The test aids in identifying the muscles that are strong, short & working too hard, and the ones that are weaker, longer & not quite pulling their weight. In giving length to muscles with a short length and strength to weak muscles, it is possible to establish more of an even equilibrium within our body, preventing further mis-balance and potential injuries.

Home Care and Rehabilitation

The main factor in achieving results is the home care strategy. A Sports Massage is only a small period of time during your month/week, for you to experience the results last It is essential to remain on top of your home care tips.