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How To Get Car Finance With A Low Credit Score

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Credit scores come in a variety of kinds and sizes, and there are a variety of factors that could decrease the score. Every person’s situation is different however we think that if you are seeking to improve your financial situation right now and in your future plans, then you must be given the chance to buy the dream car you’ve always wanted.

Here are a few factors that can affect the credit rating of yours:

Credit history is not that great (you haven’t had any loans and have always paid cash to purchase things)
Credit shared with another person who was having problems with credit and now your credit file is associated with their bad credit background
Insufficient payment on credit agreement
The CCJs of the past
Historical defaults
Credit Arrears

All of these aspects can cause credit scores change dramatically. We do not want your credit history to be the primary factor on whether or not you are approved for car financing. With a financing solution specifically designed for people with credit scores that are deemed “bad” according to the official score, we are able to help those who might be trying to be accepted for car financing from other finance firms.

Today and For The Future

Our car finance for people with bad credit firm is honest, open and totally non-judgmental; we’re committed to working with you and not against you. Cars are a major factor in the lives of people, supporting jobs, social life as well as families and hobbies every each and every day. Without a car, you’ll be severely limited, which is the reason we believe that everyone has the right to obtain car financing. To to achieve this we employ a unique approach to car loans, that takes into consideration a range of different aspects rather than simply your credit score and financial background.

How to Get Car Financing With a Low Credit Score

While it’s often called “bad credit” or “poor credit” it’s actually an unsatisfactory credit score that could have arisen due to temporary financial issues. If you have a low credit score, you might have been denied by other car finance companies We do our best to offer financing to those with bad credit because of a variety of reasons.

Our method is distinct in comparison to other finance companies and that’s why you could be accepted by us. When it comes to offering financing for a car who has poor credit score, we do not simply take a look at your credit score. Why? because credit histories are part of the past and we don’t believe it is appropriate to penalize you due to the previous credit history. We consider your current financial situation too, as it is the most important thing right now. If you’ve got the desire to make your score better and build a more secure financially secure future, it’s very likely that we can assist.

Most people who have previous credit issues will be determined to improve their credit scores. And how better to accomplish this than by utilizing car financing? Whatever the situation you can be sure we will always go over to assist you in getting the car you want.

Car Finance Without Credit History

If you find that your score isn’t high It could be due to the fact that you’ve experienced problems regarding your financial situation in the past. However, in certain cases credit scores are low because of the absence or credit record. Some lenders consider people who have zero credit histories as untrustworthy to lend money to. A lack of credit history is considered negative because of the absence of tangible evidence that the person applying for credit is able to manage their finances effectively. However, this means that the lack of prior credit history in the past could make it difficult to obtain financing for a car, however the options available to finance cars accommodate people with an absence of credit background.

Helping You Get on the Road

The decision to invest in a secure and reliable vehicle is essential however, it could also be a costly financial investment which is the reason why people prefer car financing. We are a highly experienced and well-established car finance business We have helped hundreds of people with poor credit across the nation by offering car financing options. We’ll be in close contact with you to tailor an auto finance arrangement in accordance with your financial circumstances and making sure it’s affordable for you.

The type of bad credit car finance that we provide includes HP Car Finance. The Hire Purchase (HP) is one kind of loan used to purchase cars that allows the buyer to purchase a vehicle and repay the loan by monthly installments. The price of the car is broken down into manageable chunks , with a fixed rate of interest. When the final payment is made, the vehicle is yours. This type of financing is ideal for people with poor credit scores since it’s flexible and able to be tailored to your personal budget.

Get Started

If you’re a person with a poor credit score and you are looking for car financing deals that don’t hold your previous credit history on your back, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team right now.