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Best Reasons To Use A Mortgage Advisor In Belfast

A mortgage is among the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make, so it’s essential to do it right. A mortgage advisor can research for you and help you find the best mortgage to suit your needs.

It’s a common obligation to get mortgage guidance

Independent mortgage experts have extensive knowledge of the mortgages offered by different lenders. They are able to search the market for you and help you find the best mortgage.

To locate these deals yourself requires lots of researching and discussing your situation a number of times with various lenders.

A financial advisor may be able to locate an offer that you cannot get by yourself. They could also increase the chances of getting accepted for a mortgage because they know which lenders are the best for your specific needs.

This is especially important in the event that you don’t have significant deposit, aren’t working for your employer for a long period of time or in the case of self-employment.

Risques of not seeking advice

If you seek an approved mortgage instead of conducting your own research Your mortgage professional will suggest a suitable mortgage that is suitable for your specific needs and situation.

If the loan later proves to be insufficient for reasons of any kind, you are able to file a complaint. If needed, you could submit your complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This implies that you are automatically entitled to more rights when you seek out advice.

If you don’t seek advice from a mortgage advisor Belfast, you must take full accountability for the mortgage you choose to purchase.

If you don’t take the right advice, you may end up

by choosing the wrong mortgage for your needs, which could cost you in the end.
applying for a loan that doesn’t meet the lending criteria of the lender.

When to visit an adviser to help with mortgages

It is essential to consult an expert in mortgages prior to beginning your mortgage journey, regardless of whether you’re making your first loan, or you’re considering re-mortgaging. It can make a difference in time and effort in the end.

It’s a good idea to talk to several firms to learn more about their offerings and also to compare costs.

There are two kinds of mortgage advisors.

The mortgage advisors who are directly connected to lenders typically only suggest loans from the lender they have partnered with.

Mortgage brokers, also known as independent financial advisors, who will review various mortgages offered by diverse lenders. You can even search the entire market, offering more options.

It makes sense to pick an adviser or broker that offers the whole market service. This means they have the ability to choose from the most extensive selection of mortgages and lenders available.

However, even ‘whole market’ advisors do not cover all the bases and there are a few advantages of going directly the lender to get your mortgage. Certain lenders offer exclusive deals only when you contact them directly, which will assist you in avoiding paying any upfront fees to brokers.

Companies that offer mortgage advice have to be licensed and regulated through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The details of all firms that are regulated are kept in the FCA’s Register.

Another reason to seek out an advisor

They’ll examine your financial situation to determine if you’re likely to meet each criteria for lending and affordability of the lender.
They may have exclusive agreements with lenders that aren’t accessible.
They usually assist you in completing the forms, and the application process should be processed more quickly.
They’ll assist you in taking all costs and features of your mortgage into consideration and beyond the interest rate.
They’ll only recommend a suitable mortgage and can let you know which mortgages you’re likely to receive.


Mortgage brokers may charge for their services dependent on the type of type of product you pick or the amount of your mortgage. It could be a flat or an hourly rate or a percentage of what you are able to borrow.

Others are free to you, but they will receive a commission from the lender.

There are some who charge fees, and others receive commissions, but you must be aware of the method by which an advisor will be compensated as well as the cost in the process of providing advice.

The fee is able to be added onto the mortgage however, you must agree to it first. You have to pay the interest on this fee, as well as the remaining mortgage, until the entire mortgage is fully paid off.

When your advisor gives a recommendation, they need to present you with a mortgage example document(s).

Mortgage illustration document

A mortgage description document provides some of the information regarding the loan you’re provided. This includes:

the frequency and quantity of your installments
the fees and charges you must pay in advance in order to obtain the mortgage
the total cost of the mortgage including interest over the full time
the interest rate, also known as the Annual Percentage Rate of Cost (APRC) and the kind of interest (fixed or variable)
What happens if interest rates rise, and how it affects your payments
If there are any particular characteristics of the mortgage, like the capacity to either overpay or underpay
If you are able to make additional payments to the mortgage, and any penalty for doing this
what happens if it’s decided that you don’t need the mortgage anymore?
the duration of the reflection period (at at least seven days or more, depending on the lending institution).

This will help you know the terms of your agreement and can be a great method of directly comparing the mortgage options.