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Function Band Booking Guide

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Have you been wondering about employing a function band for private event or a party but do not know where to begin? We have compiled responses to the inquiries we pick up most often, complete with ideas and inside information from several of the best companies of ours.

When you would like an unforgettable gathering, a live band is a necessity. Imagine the joy of dancing the night out while watching amazing performers rock out on stage!

The Basics
What styles of music might a function band play?

Function bands are available in a broad range of models. Some specialise within the music of certain artists – like Beatles tribute bands – while several will perform music from the 50s to present hits.

Just how many individuals are in a characteristic band?

Band sizes begin at 3 individuals and climb from there. Almost all organizations is flexible about the size to suit the budget of yours.

What exactly are PLI and PAT and should my band ask them to?

PAT stands for portable equipment testing, and it makes sure that power equipment is good to use. PAT certificates must typically be at most twelve weeks old, to comply together with your venue’s insurance policy. You are able to learn more about PAT on this article: Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) explained.

PLI stands for Public Liability Insurance, also referred to as third party insurance. PLI covers harm to somebody else or maybe the home of theirs during your event? for instance, if one of your visitors tripped over the band’s amp, PLI would insure the.

Most professional bands needs PLI, and your venue is apt to want it. Encore bands with PLI have a badge on their profile so that you are able to confirm it easily.
Setup and equipment How much room does a feature band need?

A six-piece band will need no less than 5 x three meters. Remember it is not only the individuals? the band will in addition need to place the PA, drums, guitar amps, lighting, monitors, and keyboards.

What do I have to offer?

A power supply to connect all of the amplification equipment. They might also need chairs with no arms.
The band is going to appreciate a food as there’s typically no time for them to go out of the venue to consume.
Parking, because the band is going to have a great deal of package to transport. If there’s no parking close to the door, they should be ready to unload close to the door and after that move the automobile.

What does the band give?

Keyboard: the majority of bands are going to prefer using their own.
PA system: majority of function bands are going to bring their very own amps, though often they utilize the venue’s PA system.

Can an 80s function band play outside?

Sure, so long as the climate is hot enough and proper shelter (a gazebo or maybe marquee that completely spreads over the group) along with a power supply is provided. Make sure you tell the musicians if they’re expected to play outdoors!

Just how long will the band play for?

Bands typically play either 2 x 1 hour or maybe 3 x 40 minute sets with a fifteen? thirty minute rest between sets. Make certain never to plan your band during the dinner!

The band of yours will also require roughly an hour for soundcheck and setup.

Could the band play my favorite song?

Definitely! Bands are going to know a massive quantity of tunes, and in case they do not understand the song of yours, they could find out it. This might include an extra charge to the reservation but is worth the additional expense to pick up your favorite song played just for you.

It is well worth remembering that a band is going to know what songs maintain the dance floor packed and what songs will load vibe, so provide them with your favorite tunes and allow them to have the party buzzing.