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Why become a teacher?

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There are few things that are as satisfying as making a real difference in shaping the lives of children by inspiring and guiding them to be the most successful they could be. Below are the top motives to enter the field of teaching, along with examples of some teachers currently in the field.

1. Encourage the generation to come

When you become a teacher, you’ll enjoy a job that very few of us will ever experience. Apart from teachers, they have the greatest influence on the lives of children. The results you can see from students are sure to bring you home with a sense of accomplishment!

2. A true vocation

Similar to nurses, doctors and vets Teaching is much more than simply an occupation. It’s a real profession. There are many who work to live however the rewarding nature of teaching gives teachers satisfaction that is unrivalled by other professions!

3. Passionate about the subject

There are a few people who utilize their passions in their jobs. Teachers have the opportunity to be passionate every day, and have the chance to inspire enthusiasm in their students.

4. A clearly defined career track

If you’re seeking to advance in your career the teaching profession offers a easy path to follow. From department heads to headteachers you can climb as high as you like to.

5. Benefits from salary

Teaching is a profession that offers ample financial benefits. Teachers who have just completed their probationary year are currently with a salary of 27.498 psu* , in Scotland. Secondary teachers can earn an additional amount of PS8,000 when they wish to finish their probationary year in Scotland while primary teachers receive an extra PS6,000.

Once you’re registered, your earnings will increase in increments over the first five years, from PS32,994 up until PS41.412*. Head teachers also earn as much as PS98,808* at Scotland’s biggest schools.

6. International opportunities

Many countries are extremely supportive of Scottish teacher education and the degree you earn opens possibilities to explore the world. In Asia through North America, Australia to the Middle East, there are plenty of opportunities available to graduates, particularly after a couple of years’ of experience.

7. Security of employment

Contrary to most in the public sector the teaching profession offers excellent job security! If you’re an Scottish students, you’re guaranteed a job for a year at the Scottish college after you have graduated.

8. Great for families

Teaching is a very unique profession in many ways. If you’re a parent or are planning to have children, you’ll be sharing the same holidays with your children. It’s ideal for spending time with your children!

9. Learn to be a lifelong student

Nothing can motivate you to explore the subject better than teaching it! Children are curious, frequently asking questions that you’d never even thought of. This makes it possible to continuously discover new discoveries and new technologies for your students.