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Are book awards a good idea?

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Springtime is book awards time. Finalists are being named; winners will be announced. Does earning an award or maybe a contest make a positive change in a writer’s career?

My basic solution is: Yes, it can make a positive change because turning into a finalist or even winning some award sets your book a single notch bigger compared to the training books which did not win. Certain Thriller book awards maintain much more pull than others, but most awards are able to really make a difference.

Winning the Genesis contest may well help you to locate an agent. Winning the Christy Award may help you to get one more contract with the publisher of yours. Winning a RITA may increase the book sales of yours. Winning a writers’ conference contest could possibly come down you an agency contract or maybe publishing contract if among the judges (an agent or even an editor) likes the submission of yours. It is difficult to anticipate what could occur, but there is certainly a advantage to winning.

The Juniper Book Awards (JBA) would be the excellent means to obtain additional pupils to examine generally and for enjoyment. Our Education Resources Librarians select 6 recently published fiction titles. Selected to appeal to and also be age appropriate for pupils in upper KS3 and KS2, they feature a selection of new writers and genres. Pupils and then read, talk about, debate and evaluate the books before voting for the favourite of theirs.

This season, due to COVID 19 restrictions, the Awards are now being run virtually and we’ve included extra tasks, prizes and resources to support you encourage staff members and pupils to participate. In addition to the identified Awards for Best Book Trailer, Best Book Reviews and Most Innovative School, the latest Creative Award is given for a slice of hard work or maybe performance inspired by among the shortlisted titles – this may be a dance or maybe drama performance, a musical composition, some poem or artwork.

How can publishing houses weigh the merit of an award?

Publishers understand how to weigh the different awards and which take the best weight. Winning some awards provides an author credibility as being a writer. The awards which keep the best importance to publishers, retailers and book buyers are usually shown on the copies of the ebook with a sticker or maybe an award logo imprinted on the lid. I think all of you’ve seen these before. Often the courses with award stickers are displayed face out there at the bookstore, that boosts the odds they’ll be bought.