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Advantages Of Learning Spanish As A Second Language

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Spanish is among the most sought-after languages to learn and master, with between 20 and 20 million students learning it in some way. It is a beautiful language and is extensively used. It also is a host of other advantages that create one of the top choices that are available. But, for those who require more convincing here are 10 good reasons to begin learning Spanish now.

Ten reasons why you should study Spanish

1. Spanish is among the languages that is spoken most frequently around the globe.

According to the majority of estimations, Spanish is the mother spoken language of more than 400 million people across the world, which amounts approximately 6 percent of the population. It is recognized as the second most spoken language by native speakers. It is above English.

It is a recognized language in 20 countries and over 500 million people can speak Spanish at least a level of proficiency. It is also the most popular second-language option for those living in the United States and is spoken as a primary or second choice by around 15 percent of residents of the European Union.

2. The Spanish language has a bright outlook

In terms of how well-known, Spanish shows no signs of slowing, with the number of people who speak Spanish growing steadily over the last decade. Why is it necessary to learn a 西班牙文 課程? A recent report released by the British Council ranked Spanish as the top second foreign language that British citizens to master and placed it above French, Arabic and Mandarin.

In addition, researchers are estimating that the Latino number in The United States will reach close to 130 million by year 2060. The forecast is to make America the U.S. the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world, surpassing Mexico as a result and further enhancing the status of Spanish in the world.

3. It can boost your employment chances

In the current global market the ability to communicate in the second language can be an enormous benefit for both for employees and employers. Modern companies are always eager to hire employees who can assist them in international trade, and the Spanish language is particularly useful in the present economic climate.

The ability to speak a second language is in itself a valuable resource for to employers as well as employees

Spanish people are an enormous segment for businesses to target and research has shown that certain Spanish spoken countries have great business opportunities. For example there is a Latin American market now has the capacity to purchase $1.5 trillion according to Forbes This is what makes Spanish people more important than before for companies.

4. Your journey experiences will be improved

Another reason to master Spanish A third reason is to travel! It is among the most enjoyable experiences you can enjoy but the quality of the experience will be greatly enhanced by your ability to communicate in Spanish. This list of nations where Spanish is the main language covers popular destinations such as Spain, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Although it is entirely feasible to go on a vacation in a country that is Spanish-speaking without having a basic understanding of Spanish, this does limit where you can travel and the people you can interact with. People who don’t have ability to speak the language are required to limit themselves to tourist destinations that often mean missing the entirety of a culture.

5. You could study or work in other countries.

Although traveling is exciting by itself, learning Spanish can also open the possibility of working in a country with a language spoken by Spanish or pursuing a degree at a Spanish-speaking educational institution. Being outside of your comfortable zone and spending extended time in a foreign country could help you grow professionally and personally.

There will be elements of the nation’s culture that can’t be fully appreciated in a brief travel, but staying in the country will give you the chance to discover the locals, talk to them and learn about the real essence of the area. Your trip abroad will give you unforgettable memories, and will improve your resume and CV in the process.

6. It will increase your options for entertainment

From ‘El Mariachi’ to The Motorcycle Diaries’ through “[Rec]’, a lot of the top feature films from the past 30 years have been made using the Spanish language. And even though they’re accessible without English subtitles, viewing the films in their original forms is the best way to appreciate these films.

Of course that some of the most popular Spanish television and films aren’t available with subtitles, and so the process of learning Spanish will open up a new world of entertainment. This same concept applies to other forms of art too as Spanish literature being among the top anywhere in the world. Spanish proficiency in the language make Hispanic musical styles more easily accessible.

7. Bilinguals enjoy a variety of health advantages

Many research studies, such as one conducted by one from the University of Ghent in Belgium studies have shown that learning an additional language may help to slow the progression in Alzheimer’s Disease and can postpone the signs of dementia. Similar research from at the University of California, San Diego discovered a link between proficiency in the language and the severity of the delay.

But the advantages of studying Spanish don’t stop there. Psychologists Ellen Bialystok and Michelle Martin-Rhee conducted a study that showed that bilingual children are more adept at solving problems than children who were monolingual. This is consistent with numerous research findings that suggest that learning a language enhances the overall cognitive function.

8. Spanish is relatively easy to master

In comparison to different languages Spanish can be fairly easy for the English user to master so long as you’re willing to work hard. It doesn’t require learners to learn a whole new alphabet, and it has less emphasis on the tone than some languages. Asian languages.

In reality, English has many words that are derived from Latin as well as Spanish that is why some words have a similarity. Most of the time, Spanish words are also written phonetically, meaning that you will not have to learn complicated as well as confusing spelling guidelines, and an improved chance of getting pronunciation correct.

9. It will help you improve your understanding of the first language.

It’s true, research has proven that learning a second language could increase a student’s understanding of their native language. If you consider this more deeply it is logical since learning a second language requires someone to be aware of the theory of language, or the rules.

For instance, when you begin to learn Spanish it is necessary be attentive to the sentence structure. What happens when you go back to your native language is usually that you will be able to write more complex and engaging sentences. It’s believed to be because of a greater focus on specifics when it comes to syntax.

10. Spanish is a great language to learn

Are you still pondering what the reason to learn Spanish? Perhaps the most greatest reason to study Spanish is because it’s fun and rewarding to be able to master it. Learning to speak Spanish fluently can give you an unmatched sense of achievement and it’s something that will prove beneficial to you for the rest of your life.