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Why You Should Convert Your Traditional Bicycle into a eBike

With the increasing popularity of electric bicycles, the most difficult problem for experienced bikers as well as cyclists is whether to purchase an entirely new eBike or change their standard bike to an electric. The quick answer to this question is that it’s based on your individual situation and needs, with conversion eBikes costing less money, while dedicated eBikes provide more performance. The decision of whether to save money or achieving optimal eBike performance will be based on your personal preferences for riding.

The more comprehensive answer could be that you need to consider many aspects beyond cost and performance that you should consider prior to you decide whether to convert or buy the latest eBike. To aid you in making the most informed decision, Best Electric Bikes has many important elements we suggest you take into consideration before making a decision on either way or the other. Once you’ve taken your decision, should you choose to purchase a new eBike You will discover several of our top eBike suggestions on our site that are perfect for novice and experienced cyclists alike.

Please make a comment below and ask us questions If you’re still not sure what you should do, or to know more about one of our most popular eBike models. In the meantime, here are some reasons to think about making your old bike the eBike frame:

What are the reasons to convert your traditional Bicycle to an eBike:

The reason #1 is that it is cheaper than purchasing new eBikes:

The primary reason you’ll benefit from turning your old bike to the eBike can be because it’s cheaper than having to pay to purchase a brand new eBike completely. A few of our top basic eBikes still cost more than £1,200 and a high-end and top-of-the-line conversion kit can transform an old bicycle into an eBike at under £500. If price is your primary issue it is possible to reduce your expenses simply by using the conversion kit rather than purchasing a new bike.

Second Reason: You’re familiar with your bike:

Each bike has its own unique feel and all require a distinct style of riding because of their unique features which make them distinct when it comes to riding. If you’re a devoted cyclist who’s been through months, if not years trying to get used to and become accustomed to an eBike that is specifically designed for you there’s a good chance you’ll have little to no motivation to go to the market and go through the same process again with a new bike. While an eBike conversion tool could affect the efficiency of an electric bicycle it’ll be such a familiar bike that it might be worth keeping your current bike instead of buying a brand new one because of the familiar feeling.

Third Reason: Your Converted eBike is likely to weigh less than a real eBike:

Electric bikes possess a number of great advantages over a traditional bicycle, however one area in which they’re generally less efficient is in the weight. Electric bikes rarely weigh under 50 pounds and many of the electric bikes we’ve examined often surpassing 60, 70, or even 80 pounds. Although the conversion kit for electric bikes will increase the weight of your regular bicycle, it will probably weigh less than the average electric bike.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider the conversion of a traditional bicycle to an electric bicycle. There are however several other, more performance-oriented reasons the reasons why dedicated eBikes are more efficient than a conventionally converted bicycle. The most popular reasons are listed below:

The reason you should buy an eBike Dedicated instead of converting your old Bicycle

Reason #1: Performance is optimized for Motor Utilization:

The most significant issue for conversion kits is that they don’t provide the same performance as a typical electric bike. A typical eBike conversion kit includes batteries and a motor and, in top kits, isn’t able to go more than 30 miles. It typically is rated at 40-50 Nm in torque. In contrast, many low-end eBikes come with a maximum range that ranges from 40-50 miles with motors superior at 70-80 Nm torque. If you are looking for the highest motor performance, it is best choose an exclusive eBike instead of a conversion bicycle.

The second reason is that dedicated eBikes include features that are not included in conversion kits:

One of the most appealing aspects of the latest eBikes are that they offer numerous features that you won’t discover in the most expensive conversion eBike kit. The remote locking feature, tracking and monitoring, accurate motor settings as well as odometers are some of the key features which are not even counting the other options available such as the regenerative brake and pedaling. In fact, the mobile apps that control and configure motors are far superior to those utilized for conversion kits. If you’re looking for the most recent and best in the world of eBikes and you’ll have access to the latest developments when you ride an exclusive eBike.

Third Reason: Your electronic components are more secure on an eBike:

Although traditional bicycles are more compact but one of the main reasons they’re lighter is because of a different motor and electrical wiring which typically break if you’re involved in a crash that’s serious. With an eBike it is possible to have the majority all electrical wires are incorporated within the frame and reinforced to safeguard the most vital electrical components when you pedal. Although it’s true that no eBike is impervious to damage but the possibility of causing damage to the motor or other electronic components is lower on an actual eBike when compared with a conventional to electric bicycle.

Conclusion: Look into your options and think about what you Would Like to Use an eBike For!

There are many amazing and essential benefits associated with an eBike that will help you decide which option is best for you. Are you in need of a speedy and efficient motor that can constantly help you go to work every day without sweating? Are you seeking a fun motor that may help you with difficult sections of the road and is a great alternative or backup option for when you’re starting to wear out? People who plan to only make use of their motor occasionally can benefit from an eBike converter kit whereas committed cyclists who plan to utilize their motor on a regular basis will enjoy the benefits of a committed, high-quality eBike. Whatever you choose you’ll have more fun and travelling further by using an electric bicycle motor. So don’t hesitate and get yourself an eBike solution now!