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What to Write in a Leaving Card

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We have all been there; if the huge card gets passed all over the office, it is time for you work with the imagination of yours and create an interesting comment. Fortunately we have pulled together a summary of special, classic and original things to say in a card to accompany you Leaving Gift Ideas. Whatever type of comment you are trying to find, just choose the favourite of yours from the lists of ours below.

Amusing Leaving Card Wishes

Try keeping your mouth shut and you will be OK.
Sorry to hear you are giving, I have only just come regarding you as “someone I have met”.
You do not understand who I’m, but I contributed in your leaving fund anyway.
Happy birthday, have a great body.
We have actually celebrated you making, but did not invite you – we did not believe clubbing was the sort of yours of thing.
I do not know who you’re, though good luck anyway.
You will be back… So very long, I will miss the awkward discussions of ours about the weather conditions.
Effectively done, you got out with it. I will not inform anyone.
Please do not leave me alone with such individuals.
I will always remember you [insert incorrect name].
Several of us are actually going to miss you!
You believe you are giving. But no one leaves. Ever.
You are giving? I never liked you anyhow.
Yeah, whatever…

What to Tell Colleagues (Funny)

Good luck in the brand new task. It will most likely be the same, you will not know anyone.
Making? Did not understand you would started.
I have worked with many individuals and I could honestly say you are one of them.
I heard you are being changed by a water cooler…
I cannot wait to steal the table of yours. I mean, sorry you are leaving… good results for the future.
Congratulations on the new job of yours that you most likely will not love much better.
We are all going to truly miss doing the work of yours for you.
Good luck finding better co workers than us in the new job of yours!
I do not care what everybody else says, I liked dealing with you.
Let us hope the replacement of yours in fact does the job of yours properly!
All of the very best for the future. Will I’ve the chair of yours?
I’d love tasting the cakes prior to writing anything great or even adding to the fund of yours, please.
Farewell! PS – in case you have not introduced cakes, I would like the cash of mine back!
This’s not goodbye. I’ll still be seeing you exterior office hours.

Thoughtful, Simple Messages

I have discovered lots dealing with you these past seasons. I know you will achieve success in the new place of yours. Thank you and also goodbye!
I have truly loved working with you. Good luck at the new job of yours.
Wishing you all of the very best in the following chapter of the career of yours. Good luck as well as congratulations!
Sorry you are giving. It was excellent working with you – all of the very best for the future.
All the very best for good luck and the future with your brand new chapter – always keep in touch.

Rude/Offensive Messages

Off to pastures brand new? Keep in mind, there is bad in each and every field…
Sorry you are giving. We’d some terrific times… while you are away.
I am sorry to watch the rear of you – though it is better compared to the front!
You’ll be recalled.
I always remember a facial skin, but in the case of yours, I will make an exception.
All the very best for the future and I am hoping that rash clears up shortly.
We’re truly going to avoid trying to stay away from you about here.
I would love to point out I have enjoyed helping you… all the very best.
I would love to point out it has been good working with you, but that would recommend you have in fact completed some work.

Bon Voyage

Bon voyage …. I look ahead to stalking the activities of yours on Facebook.
Take me along with you!
I will miss you unless you grow back, you should compensate for leaving by getting me amazing talents. Happy travels!
Do not worry, we will be having a lot of fun right here in the office while you are off travelling. I think you will be well jealous…
The office will not function as the same without you while you are away… we might really get some good work done!
Have fun horrifying the locals!