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What Is a Good Amazon Seller Customer Service?

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Not many subjects are provided as underserved quantity of interest as customer care with regards to thriving as an Amazon seller.

Why? Well since it can easily be boring, sometimes, or, reactive, just plain irritating. Several buyers won’t ever be satisfied, consequently why use? We have noticed many sellers tell us that.

But customer service and customer experience go beyond that single client. It visits all of the clients of yours – past, present, and long term.

Plus it is time you began investing delegated superpowers, time, or your attention into the customer support of yours, that you must have into your Amazon business strategies toolbox.

How To Talk To Amazon Customer Care – What Does Good Customer support Mean & Why Is It Important?

Amazon Seller Customer Service = Sales

In the post modern world, where experience will be the driver of our perception and truth, we love an excellent recommendation. Why? Because it means somebody we trust had an adventure worthy, and we wish to have the exact same.

Guess how people respond to very good customer experience.

Right. They find it irresistible.

Just take it from Harvard Business Review research that states that interested customers are:

At least 3 times more likely to suggest your service or product
3 times more probable to re-purchase
Less prone to look around (forty four % said they never or rarely look around) A lot less price sensitive (thirty three % said they will need a discount of more than twenty % before they’d defect).

That is 4 very, excellent reasons to work to make an engaging and positive experience for the client of yours. We will talk about How you can produce these below as well as in our’ application’ blog post. For the time being, also remember that everything you produce for the clients of yours – before, during, and also after income – will have an effect on the profits of yours.

But how about when things do not go very well? How about the occasions when a person – for good reasons known or unknown – gets a bad customer experience.

That is fine! In many instances, feedback that are bad can in fact increase sales.Yes, you hear that right – and Harvard Business Review did the analysis.

Customer care = Marketing

You are able to invest a fortune on online marketing. You are able to create a channel driving thousands to the web pages of yours and obtain a beginning increase in sales.

But in case you are selling one thing that your customers do not LOVE, the tide will turn. It’ll. People are going to see reviews that are bad and be switched off. And in case you are being offered on Amazon, your past is public. You cannot hide from your client experiences.

Therefore part of the marketing strategy of yours must be driving great customer support and experience.


Encourage happy users to keep reviews that are great, but be certain. A generally positive review loses the legs of its pretty quickly. A specific one actually helps drive sales, particularly if the particular benefit speaks to a possible customer’s pain.

But getting reviews that are good is the simple part. What about reviews that are bad?

Here is the fact. You have to react to reviews that are bad. Do not be afraid, regardless of how awful it’s. Keep in mind that this’s an element of the “marketing” procedure for the product of yours and the brand of yours.

Here is why it is essential.

Almost all customers WILL read reviews before you make a purchase. So you will have to track what is being said on there. One untouched negative review may just derail the product sales of yours and slow momentum.

If most people discover you have replied to negative feedback, that is an enormous step forward.

Though you will want to respond in the correct way.

First principle on this: do not fight with the client. the experience of theirs is their expertise, even in case they are being petty about something.

Customer care = Brand Equity

Brand equity is the worth of the brand name of yours. It is really a quantifiable thing – kind of. If a single organization is really going acquiring another business, you will find analysts that work figuring out the dollar worth of the soon-to-be-acquired brand.

Like if Nike were really going to purchase FILA, for example, they will have a look at revenue, profit margin, logistics costs and every one of all those figures. Bmost trustworthy brandsut they would likewise need to purchase the worth of the FILA brand name – for people who that way logo which visual on their clothes and shoes.

Your brand name features a value too. It may be minimal now but eventually it might be something that is worth and, as we stated earlier, it might be an important park of online marketing.

A study done lately in the restaurant business demonstrated to, “empirical evidence that customer care possesses a major beneficial impact on every one of the size of brand equity.”

Or even go from this particular FORBES post titled’ Customer Service may be the New Brand’ – Today, eighty nine % of businesses participate largely on the foundation of consumer experience – up from only thirty six % in 2010.”

It is turning into a crucial component of your brand’s identity to be preoccupied with the knowledge of the clients of yours.

So how can you ensure your brand name is determined with a stellar client experience? Or maybe one that is better compared to the competitors of yours.

Really well you practice excellent customer service. An example of accomplishing that’s understanding Service Recovery Paradox as well as just how you are able to wear it.

Service Recovery Paradox

What’s Service Recovery Paradox?

It is the paradox that after a terrible customer service experience, a person can in fact come away with a greater impression of that brand.


Well that is the healing part. View, in case you discover that a client of yours has experienced something bad and you are in a position to react favorably. You are able to enhance their satisfaction rating above the place it started.

It is real! A bad encounter combined with the correct customer service response is able to recover satisfaction ratings above exactly where they began.

By creating a service recovery, you are instilling trust in the customer of yours. And trust is a huge part of company. And so critical that probably the most recognized online business writers of all time authored an entire guide around the impact of trust in small business.

And not just any book. A book which was voted the #1 Boot To Read by hundred CEOs of several of the world’s most significant businesses.

There is a heap of wisdom in the book but very much boils right down to the point that buyers like buying from brands they trust. That is an enormous part of the importance of the brand equity of yours.

Want evidence? Check out this particular list of the world’s very best worldwide brands in 2018. And and then check out this list of the most reliable companies. Find a great deal of overlap. Nearly each and every business on the thirty most confident shows up on the “best” as well.

And you are able to say, “well these’re the largest companies”. But we do not always trust huge companies. You will find many that are quite big however, not trusted. A little gas and engine oil companies ensure it is in that list.

In either case, the brand equity of these big multinationals is enhanced by their brand name actually being trusted. It adds value to much more concrete measurements as profit and revenue.


As an Amazon seller, you are offering clients with items which you wish them to appreciate. In doing so, you are also constructing a brand.

Every aspect of the buyer experience is going to be a part of what that brand is. This includes the purchase, as well as post-sale and pre-sale.

Your objective is serving the clients of yours in a manner that they like the knowledge beyond the item. That is great customer support and also as we were at above, that is what helps draw in Sales, scale the Marketing initiatives of yours, as well as develop better Brand Equity.