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What Do MightyJaxx Do?

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The combination of artistic talent and ingenuity has led Singaporean toy maker Mighty Jaxx toward establishing themselves as a well-known brand. The entrepreneur Jackson Aw, founder of Mighty Jaxx has turned his initial investment of $20,000 into a multi-million dollar technology-driven, lifestyle product manufacturing business , hitting every right note.

Jackson who is an avid toy lover He has always wanted pursue his interests. He took an entire month touring different factories across China to see the manufacturing process for toys, stimulating his love and enthusiasm for designer toys following the long and exhausting craftman’s work. With a fervent enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and the help of his parents initially reluctant Mighty Jaxx Australia emerged.

Each of the business concepts that are truly unique have a tough start. The initial reaction to the Mighty Jaxx’s initial creation called”Hell Lotus “Hell Lotus” developed by the well-known Singaporean artist Clogtwo didn’t signal an extremely promising beginning to the business. Invincible and driven by his determination to be successful, Jackson pressed on, having to overcome the challenges of establishing the business from beginning to finish. As the business grew, Jackson took the opportunity to gradually grow the company.

Utilizing Creativity to Make Money

With his unique background, Jackson never slowed down in his quest for creativity. He created a wide range of collectibles, ranging from classic items with a never before twist to innovative, fresh designs that were wacky bold, raw, and savage but , most importantly, that resonated with their market. Working with a variety of artists as well as designers and brands across the globe to produce limited-edition collectibles increased demand for their latest releases. Taking advantage of the momentum of the market, Jackson began expanding their distribution across the globe.

Growing into a Global Brand

In the present, Mighty Jaxx employs over 50 people , and their products are shipped to more than 60 countries, however their journey is far from being over. Jackson has done a fantastic job to steer his company to the right direction at every step. In search of taking the game to new levels, Mighty Jaxx continues to move forward, and recently secured an investment totalling SGD 6.7million to help fund the company’s future plans.

Since the beginning this year Mighty Jaxx has gradually introduced tech-enabled collectibles into every new release and is aiming at selling 5 million collectibles with tech-enabled technology worldwide by 2020. They now have the ability to authenticate their collectibles using permanent and tamper-proof digital certificates the Mighty Jaxx’s unique technology platform allows their customers to purchase the newest items with complete confidence that they are not running the risk of buying counterfeit or substandard products and a significant benefit for collectors since Mighty Jaxx collectibles can sell at up to 20 times its original value in marketplaces for second-hand items. In the near future, collectors may be looking forward to even future exciting projects due to the collaboration with top brands like Hasbro or Nickelodeon are in the working.