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Ways to make your home look like it was designed by a professional

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Choosing home decor could be tough. It is difficult to find the most perfect piece that captures the design of yours and can make a statement in the same.

Celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman has assisted several Hollywood stars choose statement homeware pieces for the homes of theirs, like those of Jessica Alba, Emelio Estevez, and Virginia Madsen.

Allow me to share the professional tips of her on how to buy art along with other ornamental pieces which will seamlessly tie the room of yours together.

Push yourself going larger, bolder

“I generally push the clients of mine to visit a bit of bit more compared to the comfort zones of theirs and even the things they like,” said the celebrity interior designer.

Whitman always gives the clients of her different styling books and magazines being a feeling of whatever they want and exactly where they find inspiration.

From there, she loves to push the boundaries and find out exactly where she is able to go bolder or bigger with decorative pieces. This includes brighter ornamental pieces as vases, paintings, and lamps.

Make the space of yours an expression of yourself

Although Kari Whitman’s clientele is geared more towards high end home makeovers, the designer said there is simply no cause for breaking bank when styling the home of yours.

“I think it is more crucial to look inside yourself and find out who you are,” said Whitman. “Do you like art? Would you like fabric, lighting?

Being creative in affordable ways often have great turnovers, based on Whitman. Despite a small budget you are able to really choose incredible DIYs and dupes which will fit your taste and character.

Vintage art is timeless and cost-efficient

“Art is when I tell the clients of mine to invest most money on,” said the inside designer. “There are specific things that last permanently, and art is simply among those things.”

As an extra note, Whitman likes finding vintage pieces which will keep their values. “I always think ten years down the street and [vintage art] is definitely timeless.”

Decorate around what you would like to keep

“I generally begin with nearly anything the customer would like to keep from the previous homes of theirs since I wish to ensure that it is all going to work together,” said Kari Whitman.

For Jessica Alba’s estate, there was a few seats and family pictures which the celebrity needed to continue.

Only once you realize what you would like to hold – whether it is family heirlooms or maybe statement lounge pieces – you then are able to start searching for art which will be cohesive with the space.

Concentrate on the primary key pieces

“I want individuals to go out of a house recalling a couple of items in that house,” said Whitman. “You is able to go right into a pleasant home which all works in concert, but are you going to recall anything whenever you leave?”

The inside designer suggests purchasing a few, crucial pieces that pop out and invoke some kind of emotion.

In this downtown Los Angeles loft, Whitman displayed a huge photo of Debra Harry. “Some think it is a rock n’ roll piece and also determine with it,” she said. “Others say it is cool since it is a thing they have never seen before.”