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Understanding Snuff

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If you use nicotine often or on a frequent routine and are thinking about taking a new approach, this guide will help you get started with the use of snuff in contemporary society.

Chances are you’ve seen snuff used in films based on historical times of long ago, but it’s a nicotine based product that has a large popularity today.

Yes, believe it or not, taking Snuff is still a favorite leisure activity even today, even though it is heavily linked to the wig-wearing aristocrats of the 17th and 18th century and its usage has increased in popularity more recently.

It is no doubt that smoking tobacco has been almost completely banned in our modern society. Not only do health-conscious people know more about the detrimental impacts of smoking tobacco on lungs, but the UK government has also stepped in too, with a ban on smoking tobacco inside enclosed public spaces.

Many people have since turned to snuff as alternative methods to get the nicotine level they’re looking for and, although vaping can be a viable alternative it is believed that snuff will be much more discreet.

What is Snuff Made Of?

If you’re trying to figure out what exactly is snuff then, simply put it’s very finely ground tobacco which comes in a tin and is taken in the nose. We only use top quality snuff. It is also able to come in a choice of flavors, like the following:

Mild Lemon

How is Snuff Used

This guide to getting started to snuff will explain what snuff means, and, if you’re contemplating making the switch You might be interested in learning what it is used for.

The ritual goes according to:

Tap the top of the tin to loosen up the snuff
Take care when opening the tin to ensure that the contents are not spilled out.
Breathe in the aroma
Take a pinch of the snuff between your thumbs and forefinger, and gently sniff (don’t make a sound)
Enjoy the experience!

Keep in mind that you only must inhale the snuff in the nostrils on the outside. If you inhale too much, you might be left with a nasty cough in the throat and/ or burning sensations in your sinuses. Start by sniffing small amounts of the herb gently beginning with, and gradually increase the dose until you discover the dose you prefer.

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