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The History of the Goyard Tote

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If you’ve not been familiar with the fashionable Goyard Tote, you’re in for the ultimate treat. This coveted bag is famous as the ultimate luxury accessory and holy grail of fashion-conscious shoppers. Goyard is an old 200 years old Parisian brand that’s largely obscure — with a basis of. The reason for this is that it’s not widely known and that’s the reason why Goyard an iconic status symbol.

The desire for mystery is what drives people, and Goyard’s success is largely by word-of mouth from its influential customers and collectors. Goyard products have been seen on a variety of celebrities, such as Megan Markle, the Kardashians and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The most well-known and well-known product is that of the Goyard Tote. It does have some serious costs You should be prepared to spend at least a hefty sum.

Is it worth spending that much cash for bags? Are there alternatives that are stylish and cost lesser? To discover, I conducted my own research conducted interviews with RetailMeNot Goyard Tote owners and looked up comparison data. This is what I came across.

The Story of the Goyard Tote

To comprehend the reasons that make Goyard Australia unique You must know the company’s history. Pierre-Francois Martin founded the House of Martin in 1792. specialising in trunk-making, box-making and packing prior to what is today regarded as to be the peak of famous trunk makers of the late 19th century. House of Martin was a true trailblazer!

In 1845 in 1845, in 1845, the House of Martin and Morel hired a 17-year-old apprentice Francois Goyard. Goyard transferred the business to his nephew Edmond Goyard in 1885. Edmond transformed the iconic store located on rue Saint-Honore in Paris into an upscale shopping spot for the wealthy. Goyard, the House of Goyard was bought in 1998 by Jean Michel, who transformed the privately-owned company into a world-renowned brand. In just 10 years it was Goyard was reborn. Goyard brand was revived with timeless elegance, precision and exclusiveness.

What is the price of the Goyard Tote cost and where can you Buy It?

It’s difficult to locate the most current Goyard Tote prices online, at a minimum directly from the company. Goyard does not list these prices on its website as well as Goyard does not offer online sales. The brand does not disclose prices (via phone or email neither) in the event that you purchase in Goyard’s Paris boutique.

Therefore, the only method for consumers to acquire Bags from Goyard (if they don’t possess massive connections to the royal family like the royal family) is through the most luxurious boutiques, select department stores, or through resellers. Goyard is available in the U.S. has stores selling Goyard bags in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Beverly Hills. Prices vary across the options.

The three most well-known Goyard totes are Saint Louis, Anjou and Artois and their current prices can vary many dollars. They are available in 2 sizes: PM as well as GM PM, and GM being the bigger size and the costlier choice. The bags are also available in various colors, but all of them feature the striking design of the chevron canvas.

How can You tell if it’s a genuine Goyard Knockoff?

Since it is the case that Goyard Tote is difficult to locate and costs quite a bit There are a lot of knockoffs available and online, particularly. There are some options that appear authentic, and are great alternatives when you don’t wish to shell out a lot. However, there are knockoffs which are trying to appear as authentic, but and come with the same cost. To differentiate between a genuine Goyard Tote, there are certain things to be looking for.

Texture. Goyard bags are hand painted and leave a slightly bumpy surface of the areas that have been painted.
Resin-coated linen. The bag is lined with linen or cotton fabric. The Knockoff Goyard bags aren’t made of such costly materials, which makes them more heavy.
Packaging. Goyard bags don’t come with any type of plastic handles The handles also don’t come with any leather tags that are attached to them.
Accessibility. The purchase of Goyard products on the internet will require a significant amount of research to make sure you’re getting the genuine product. If you’ve found it for an uncharacteristically low or high cost, it’s likely that the store is selling a counterfeit.

Cost-effective alternatives to a new Goyard Tote

Where are the best locations to purchase a used Goyard Tote or a Goyard Tote knockoff?


If you’re looking to purchase an used Goyard product, I suggest visiting sites such as the RealReal, Fashionphile and What Goes Around Comes Around. Additionally, eBay Fashion is a fantastic option to buy designer bags, such as Goyard.


The websites, like Amazon offer imitation Goyard Totes, so if the price appears to be very cheap — under $1,000 , then it’s not a genuine Goyard. However, if you don’t want to own the original Goyard and simply desire the appearance and feel of a tote, these cheaper ones are great alternatives.

What do the owners of real Goyard Totes and Dupes Have to Say?

An Affordable Alternative to the Goyard Tote Review

“I came across mine via one of the Amazon seller, however the seller’s URL has changed. So be sure to read the reviews … I’m sure I only paid $35 for mine. I’m unable to tell the difference, but this is just me! I’ve never experienced a real one however, that based on my research and looking at real models, there’s not any distinction, at least as far as I can discern. The particulars of my copy specifically, and the place where the logo is painted and where it’s placed, make it appear so similar to the real thing. Anyone who’s not a bag expert would be unable to discern the differences.”

My Conclusion

After a lot of study I have compiled my thoughts on the matter. It’s a classic. Goyard Tote is durable, stylish, high-end and offers plenty of space for everything you’ll need. Additionally, it’s an iconic status symbol for fashion-conscious women all over the world. However, it’s expensive, and the straps aren’t comfortable in a bag that is large and there’s not a top zipper that can close the bag.

Personally, I’d prefer a knockoff that might not have similar durability however the style and design are similar. It does sound like the original Goyard Tote is durable, lasts for a long time and is loved by people.