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The Best Fireworks Displays Across The Globe

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The bigger the better – however in the world of firework displays, it often is. If you’re planning an event with fireworks, perhaps even the biggest fireworks display and you’re in need of some motivation, look through these spectacular events that are part of the largest fireworks shows all over the world.

Australia Day

Just as the New Year’s Eve fireworks haze gone away, and the Australians have returned to the scene. On January 26, it will be Australia Day, and the largest celebrations take place in Sydney The most prominent of these is a massive fireworks show. A colorful boat parade occurs in the background which adds to the night’s attraction.

National Day – Singapore

A long-running tradition of annual fireworks shows on Earth Singapore’s National Day is the culmination of celebrations celebrating the independence of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965. Teams of fireworks from all over the globe display their pyrotechnics over a period of several days. You’ve probably not seen the latest Singapore National day (August 9) however if you can’t get enough fireworks ensure that you attend next year!

Mt. Rushmore Fireworks – Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

The famous Mount Rushmore is beguiling enough when it’s lit at night However, that Independence Day fireworks display that’s displayed above it elevates things to a whole new level.

New year’s firework display Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In the city where almost everything is world-class (at least in terms of size) it’s not a surprise Dubai presents an spectacular fireworks show every New Year’s Eve. Fireworks explode out of Burj Kalifa. Burj Kalifa, which is the world’s highest building and brighten up an amazing city which was only a only a fraction of its size 10 years ago.

Malta International Fireworks – Malta

For such a small and secluded island, Malta puts on a massive fireworks show each year during the final month of April. Numerous Malta’s as well as Italian fireworks teams collaborate to create this spectacle of light and sound which, having only been in operation for a couple of years has already become a global phenomenon.

Reveillon Fireworks Display – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio showed off a spectacular fireworks show to mark Rio’s spectacular fireworks display for Olympic Games opener – but this shouldn’t come as surprising considering that Rio is a fan of fireworks. The most famous display is that of Copacabana Beach every New Year’s Eve.

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Guy Fawkes Night Guy Fawkes Night United Kingdom

The list of fireworks displays is not incomplete with out Guy Fawkes Night – celebrating the capture of a certain Mr. Fawkes and thus stopping him from destroying Parliament’s Houses to the ground. With a dash to British irony, the people of the UK released thousands of fireworks which almost destroyed the mother of all parliaments.

Montreal International Fireworks Competition

Imagine a month full of fireworks! But if you’re visiting Montreal in July of the next year, you don’t have to. A variety of fireworks companies contest to win the highly sought-after Jupiter Award for Best Show. Each performer is a unique 30 minute show.

Independence Day Fireworks, Washington

The US capital can’t allow Independence Day pass without a spectacular pyrotechnic display. Many thousands of people gathered around Capitol Building Capitol Building to see the evening sky glow to commemorate the time when the US kicked the Brits out of the country in 1776.

Diwali, India

Not for the faint of heart, Diwali is an all-out assault on the senses. Fireworks play an important role during this time of year – often referred to by the name of Festival of Lights – and you’ll hear and see fireworks all over the city during the night. Safety and health aren’t so much a priority in India like they are in the UK However, this edge-of-your-seat feeling definitely makes for a great time. If you do go, make sure to find an area that is safe to gaze out over the endless speeding, banging chaos.