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The Benefits of Mixing Regulated E-Liquid Mixtures

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E-liquid mixtures are the most recent method to experience a rich vaping experience. This article explains the advantages of making custom vape liquids.

The creation of your own flavoured e-liquid could be a creative way to circumvent the UK Government’s regulations governing the sale and use of vape and e-liquid. We look into the benefits of these e-liquid blends for vape device owners within the UK.

Important Takeaways

E-liquids are simple to make use of
Avoid homemade e-liquids
They are a great solution
You can make new flavors
They are affordable
The regulations of the government affect the sizes of bottles

Mixing E-Liquids has a warning

While e-liquids are generally easy to use, we do not recommend them without a warning. E-liquids are ethically made and correctly labeled distribution of liquids e-liquids. When we speak of the use of mixed liquids in vapes we are referring to the use of these substances. So, e-liquid mixes in this sense refer to mixing nicotine salts and shot and both long and short fill flavors.

In no way do you want to put your health at risk with vaping juices “home-made. They could cause harm to users as they aren’t controlled nor tested for user safety. The products that have essential oils, medications, THC, or other chemical substances that are not regulated, must be eliminated.

After being consulted, an assistant professor of thoracic surgery cancer at John Wayne Cancer Institute Dr Onugha told me that “Mixing vape juices you make yourself can be life-threatening. Although, it is true that the USA face far greater risks from homemade vape liquids. The FDA permits the manufacture and use of chemical substances like Vitamin E Acetate, which the UK government as well as also the European Union have discontinued for safety reasons.

The benefits of mixing E-Liquid Mixtures with a Regulated Label

If you start with controlled and safe e-liquid ingredients you can reduce the health risks of homemade vape juices. This provides a pleasant vaping experience instead of an unhealthy one.

Making your own blend of vape at home might look like this:

Utilizing a 50ml short Fill bottle filled with the menthol flavor
Mixing it 50/50 with the short fill bottle of grape flavor
Incorporate the nicotine shot of any strength you like
Mixing well the ingredients prior to conducting the test

Let’s take a look at why mixing vape juices in this manner can be so beneficial to users.

Simple to use

The vape juice mixes are easy to make. They provide clear instructions on how to mix with and how to make your own blend. To achieve the best results, mix the juices of the same manufacturer or company.

Things to think about when making your e-liquid blend include:

A ratio between PG and VG strive for similar ratios
Blends of flavours that go well together like, for instance, the combination of pear and banana could be wonderful, but banana and tobacco aren’t so good
Quantities – it is possible to record the quantities you need to make the mix again in future
Nicotine strength – Add one entire nicotine shot to guarantee even strength

Create Your Favorite Flavor

If you like sweet candy flavors or if you prefer tobacco – which is among the most sought-after electronic liquid available, you can improve it by mixing your own variants. You can mix flavours that aren’t available in the stores. You can change the flavour strength, choose to add nicotine into it, or even make an totally new flavours through mixing 3 or more different juices.

There are recipes for vape juice available online that allow you to make your favorite flavors. It’s possible that this is a more affordable alternative to buying from large brands of vape juice producers.


Users of vape devices who use more than one ten-ml bottle of juice every day can discover mixing their own juices an efficient alternative. Mixing your own blends vape juice will require you to purchase additional bottles to mix the juice and keep it in storage. You can easily make a 50ml of vape juice that you make to carry around that is made of regulated substances. This lets you take more with you but still keeping to the law of the UK laws governing size of vape bottles. It’s much easier to carry a 50ml bottle than five 10ml ones.

Is it worth the cost?

While the initial price of making the vape juices yourself could seem more expensive than purchasing the ingredients already made however, it is a cost that pays off in time. After you’ve got your VG as well as PG juices it is possible to cut and mix the flavors you wish to use as time goes on. In the end, you’ll have a variety of flavors which allow you to make diverse concoctions without spending any money or cash. While it may seem like an investment at first with, it’ll pay its own way in the end.

Mixing your own flavours of e-liquid will save you expense of purchasing branded vape juices. It’s more affordable long-term and offers a wide range of flavours to choose from. If you’re an indecisive person, or enjoy trying new flavors often creating your own blend is a fantastic option to experiment with your tastes.

Bigger Volumes

When we mix our own vape juices that we make ourselves it is possible to create greater volumes than the ones permitted by UK regulations of the government. While they limit the size of tanks however, they also limit the size of nicotine-filled bottles up to 10ml. This makes it hard for vapers who work full time to get the jolts they want from their vape without the need to carry additional items.

If you develop vape juices on your own You can store those liquids in larger containers, without violating the law. Because you didn’t purchase the bottles created this way so you don’t have to worry about negative consequences. Larger volumes means less bottles to carry during your day-to-day activities. It’s also cleaner and less prone to leakage.