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Statistics on firework safety in the UK

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Absolutely, having fun with fireworks is a thrilling experience. The sparkles that appear in the sky are accentuated by blasting sounds, and stunning effects leave people watching in awe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a New Year’s celebration or any other holiday occasion the fireworks display can make all the an impact at the event. However, this doesn’t mean that it should be taken in a casual manner. In order to ensure that it is properly set up as well as safe lighting and an effective display, it is essential to take care when handling it.

Statistics regarding firework safety in the UK

When handling fire, safety will always be the first priority. This is true for handling fireworks too. The last thing you’ll wish to do is cause injuries or even fatalities caused by improper handling of your fireworks. If you’re not convinced that firework safety is essential be considered, consider the following information and figures from the UK:

At least 127 fires that have been reported in our homes, which are on average triggered with fireworks each year.
The majority of accidents and injuries caused by firework happen at family gatherings or private celebrations.
A single sparkle can reach temperatures of as high as 2000 degrees Celsius – which is twenty times higher than the point at which water boils.
The throwing of fireworks in the street or in a public space without permission is a criminal crime. It could result in the prosecution of a person and an amount of fine as high as £5000.

With these numbers It is obvious that the safety of fireworks is paramount. In addition, safe handling can protect property from damage caused through fireworks. It can also safeguard and save the lives of those in the vicinity.

In the next section we will provide important rules and guidelines to follow when handling fireworks to ensure highest level of safety for your neighborhood:

If you’re planning to put on an outdoor firework display at your special occasion Here are some tips to think about and follow:

Make sure you buy fireworks that are marked BS 7114.
Make sure to store and protect all fireworks within a sealed box.
Always follow the firework safety guidelines and adhere to them.
When you light fireworks, make sure to have an empty bucket of water, fire extinguisher, or hose near.
If you are lighting, do it in a straight line using a taper.
Be sure to leave promptly after lighting the fuse.
When children of older age use fireworks, they must be supervised by an adult. Littler children should not be allowed to play with fireworks.
Light sparklers, one at a time , and wear gloves.
Keep pets in a safe place.

The Don’ts

On the other end from the spectrum: Here are the things to be aware of when dealing with fireworks:

Choose a firework that does not work and try to ignite it.
Set off a firework in the vicinity of any flammable object, like grass, dry leaves or gasoline.
Aim to light up more than one fireworks the same time.
Send a fireworks blast towards anyone.
Set off a firework inside.
Let children enjoy any type of fireworks, including sparklers.
Utilize a fireworks device when taking drugs or alcohol.


Now, you are now aware of what to do with any kind of fireworks. To ensure safety, be sure to follow the rules and don’ts earlier to be sure when you buy fireworks, that they are safe and your family and friends are secured. At the conclusion of the night security will always be top of the list!